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  1. Mk7 Fiesta Boot Mat

    Hi. I have one for my Zetec S. I needed it badly as my previous cars (Zetec) boot carpet was getting quite a lot of pulls in it due to the kit I had in the back moving about (Audio equipment & Large speakers). It works well and looks really nice with the Fiesta logo across the middle of it. I now don't want the mat getting ruined so I keep covering it with a blanket...kinda defeats the object but hey! I wish they could do something about the back of the rear seats though. In my last car these got really badly scratched by equipment I had in my boot, looked really bad. Since I got the Zetec S I've kept a Black blanket covering the back of them which so far has done the trick.
  2. Zetec S - Latest Car

    I've sold my Zetec back to my dealership and upgraded to the Zetec S!
  3. Fiesta St Spy Shot

    I think this one looks a little more convincing: Click Here Fiesta ST If it's real or not, it still looks impressive! :)
  4. Car!

    My new car!
  5. Mk7 Front Drivers Carpet Mat

    No it's the plastic part which is cliped in underneath the seat, then the mat connects to that to keep it in place. It snaped as i put pressure on the mat (my foot!) and slide my foot across it! It's all good now thought as i've just got off the phone to the spares & repairs at my dealership who said he can order the part in for me. It comes in a pair and cost £4.70. Bargain as it saves me pulling the mat down every so often as im driving....not safe at all!
  6. Hi there people. I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on my drivers carpet mat. The part that is attached to the car (under the seat) which clips onto the carpet mat has snaped so my mat is currently at an angle in my car! I wondered if anyone else has had the same problem and if they knew what i could possibly to to fix it? It's so annoying every time i get in my car and im having to straighten it up! Any help appreciated Thanks
  7. parking in public

    Unfortuntally i have had my door hit by another car! Soooooo god damm annoying! I dont have anyone parking alongside me at home and when i shop, i park away from everyone, im ok with that as im used to walking pretty much everywhere as i only passed in August! But.....where i work, well there a diffrent story. See i work at a conference centre based on the site of a hospital, and as it is, we have alot of medical related meetings. We had a meeting about two weeks ago where the car park was near full when i arrived, so im thinking damm iv got to park next to someone. Finally its my time to go home, as per usual im the last car in the car park. I had this really strangew feeling i had been hit, i dont no why just felt i might have. So i walk round to the passenger side and there it is, a dent in my lovely Fiesta! :( Of course i then proceded to shout all sorts of insults to the empty car park! The reason why i mention the medical meetings is that i now have found out that most of the doctors, consultants, sergeons, pharmisutical reps are all a bunch of tossers! lol, the are very rude and treat you as such! Ok there are plenty of very nice medical people out there but really they are a pain when patients arn't around! So that being said, i had a lovely silver BMW parked on my passenger side, and what do i find along with my dent, lovely silver paint! Coincidence i think not! So i guess not all people with new cars care! Or the moral is not to park next to the doctors when visiting your hospital!
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Visual Mods?

    Hi there FOC members! My first post here goes! Sorry if this has already been mentioned, i couldn't find it going through the post. I was wondering if anyone new of somwhere which sells Visual mods for the Mk7? I have had my Fiesta since Jan, but only started driving it at the eng of August once i passed my driving test (I know what a first car!)...anyway my regret was not getting the Zetec S, instead i have the Zetec which by no means is bad, its just that i like to extra touches visually on the Zetec S, The pictures of them on here are really good! Hence why i asked if anyone has brought out and kits. I suppose i could ask my dealer how much an upgrade would cost for the Zetec S kit? I wanted to make my car really Black. I have the colour and the tinted windows, theres a start! Now want maybe Black alloys with a blue or red ring around the edge and a new body kit....more for the back as the front and side already look nice, coupled with a better looking exhaust (my one at the moment is puney!) Also does anyone have any news of lexus style lights for this model? Any help on where to start would be appreciated, sorry if i sound like a noob.....first car, not sure where to look etc!
  9. Electric windows closure

    Yeah i find it annoying that my driving window is automatic, but i have to hold down the passenger side to open or close it. I wonder how much it would cost to get it re-configured?