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  1. smax official trouble topic

    Brand new to this so hello to all! I have a (almost) 3 yr old 1.9TDI titanium which I love - there have been a few problems over the years (and thanks guys - I was able to solve one of the issues from looking at this site - after the garage - official dealer - had had it 4 times and hadn't a clue!!) - but the current one is becoming increasingly annoying. Has anyone experienced a whining / whistling when accelerating? It is really loud and sounds like I'm being followed by a police car. I can hear the car coming from quite far off!! It's happening all the time - and a friend's mondeo has recently started the same thing. All the garage says is it might be something to do with the turbo - but they don't know - and suggested what they always suggest - a software upgrade (you'll have gathered I'm not overly impressed with my local dealership!) Anyway- any suggestions would be extremely welcome. It's getting worse by the day! Thanks