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  1. I find the 7.5 satnav ok but three main issues for me: 1. can't easily see an overall view of the route or alternate routes like you'd get when viewing directions via Apple/Google Maps on a smartphone 2. traffic updates only come from the TMC and no real time internet updates 3. annual (paid) road updates
  2. Just picked up yesterday, MK8 18 reg
  3. Was this the ambient lighting being mentioned for the doors? There’s blue lighting in the door pockets and footwells of my mum’s Titanium. For some reason I thought the only ambient lighting available was the cup holders.
  4. Ah, thank you. I wondered whether it was something for that but then couldn’t really think of a good reason why it would be on that side. I’m trying to find the best placement for my dashcam. The black box sensor housing is obstructing quite a bit of the view.
  5. As title. Is it light sensor for the auto headlights? Wasn’t sure if that was kept in the black box that houses the sensors for the auto wipers.
  6. Sounds like water damage to the speaker.
  7. By blank one do you mean with no hole for the key? any ideas how much it would cost to get it painted? I’ve seen a passenger side one on eBay which is tempting...not sure what I’d do though if I required key access for whatever reason. Unfortunately it seems the more common ones don’t have that groove line running through the middle.
  8. Somehow this door handle section has become chipped. I assume someone has hit with a car door but I'm not sure why the only the bottom side would get chipped. Whats the best way to go about getting this sorted out? I've been trying to search for the cover but I haven't found anything yet - will it be possible to get the just the cover and not the whole handle? Not sure there's any point to repairing the bodywork is there?
  9. It doesn’t use Linux, it runs a version of Windows Mobile.
  10. Ignore me guys, I’ve just got buyer’s remorse for getting a MK7 when the MK8 was round the corner 😉😂😭
  11. It seems the latest available update for the MFD system is listed as 2017. Any ideas when they typically release updates? I wouldn’t want to get an updated card to have the 2018 version come out not far after. I mostly use my phone anyway but I still like the idea of having an up to date system in the car.
  12. There’s a lot more on offer than just the BHP figure and if you think you’d need to “rag” it to notice the difference... 🤔😂😂
  13. Lmao. If you think the difference between an ST Line an ST boils down to a 60hp difference I’ve got a bridge to sell you 😂😂😂