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  1. Thanks Lads, Will look online for spray and that. cheers for advice. thanks Ben.
  2. Hello Lads. Anyone know where I can get my Brake Callipers sprayed I'm struggling to find someone near where I live so has anyone got and suggestions that live in Kent as well. Thanks Ben
  3. Thanks mate, ill keep them options in mind and have a look.:) I have 16" alloys just didn't know what size would look decent. thanks Ben
  4. Ben Wade

    IMG 1841

    Where did you get this strip lights from pal? Also how you fit them? thanks Ben
  5. Hello Lads. I have a Focus 1.6 TDCI Titanium 2013 I've had it 3 years now and currently getting bored of the bog standard look. Would like you guys to give me a little advice, I'm newly signed up on this club hoping I can get some idea's and help?. I want to change the look on my car what body modifications would you recommend, also any performance idea's??. Thanks Ben