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  1. Cleaning The Car..

    Thanks for the replies, I will have a good look around halfords when i'm next near one, and see what I can find. As to the picture, that is just a pure build up of tar and some sort of white substance.. Not quite sure what it is!
  2. Cleaning The Car..

    No, i've heard of the 2 bucket technique but never a grit guard
  3. Cleaning The Car..

    Hi, I've had my car 18months now, and over the past few times cleaning it, i've noticed a lot of swirl marks all over the car, and general small scratches which have been caused by i'd imagine inconsiderate people and things on the road flicking up at hitting the car. Has anyone got any preferences in what products to use to get rid of swirl marks, and light scratches (one's that don't go through the paint)... I have just washed my car, and used some tar remover on the door panel, which created more scratches So quickly polished them out!! <_< Also, on the bottom of the doors, there seems to be a white substance of some sort that doesn't come off, even after being cleaned. See picture My link A good polish is needed asap i think Thanks
  4. Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    Just an update, i popped into the Ford dealership today, and they were all busy so one of them is going to sit down tonight and work out figures for me, and ring me later. Basically he said, for an extra £20 a month i could have a brand new Zetec S. If not, it may be possible to swap to the same plate Zetec S. I'll let you know the news.
  5. Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    Thanks for your reply, I have looking into purcahsing the kit and adding it on myself, although this is looking at around £1200 (-front bumper) from what I found, sprayed etc, and that was from a car which was front end damaged. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, the finance deal is 'ford options' I have to pay a lump sum a the end of the 3 years, or give the car back. At this point, I would have no other option other than pay the lump sum, just giving it straight back would seem daft. I have looked at a few insurance quotes, and they are £50 more if not the same as that i'm paying now £720, which isn't really an issue. Also i'd consider a Disel, which would save me money on tax and fuel. I wouldn't say i'm bored with the car I have, i have always wanted a Zetec S about 3 months after buying mine and seeing more on the road.
  6. Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    Just been having a look at used car prices, and for my fiesta zetec 59 plate 10,000 miles, i'm looking at around £8,000 selling price, slightly less than what I hoped for! Although i did know what i was getting myself into when i took out the finance! The alternative..... Can i justify part ex'ing mine for a Zetec S, about 2 years older.. at the end of the finance then having a car thats 5 years old, not 3... Either way, i will have to keep the car, because the whole finance deal then would have been a complete waste of money! Any thoughts... I'm only 21, need some good advice! Thanks
  7. Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    I am going to arrange an appointment to see what they have to offer, this doesn't mean that i have to agree to having a new car, although it would be interesting to see what they say. In an ideal swap i'd love to swap my Zetec, for a Zetec S, even if it was a year or two older, taking into account, i DO NOT want to be paying any more than i am now.
  8. Can We Buy Your Car Back?

    Hi, I received a letter from my ford dealership yesterday saying... Can we buy your car back? We are desperation short of certain cars, and having checked our records, your car is exactly what we want to buy right now! Would you consider one of the following: Selling your car back to us? Part exchanging your car for a newer model? OR releasing your equity... Re-finance your car and we'll give you the full value in cash! .......................................................................................... Has anyone else received one of these, or can you shed any light on any previous experiences of this... is it a good idea? Thanks alot!
  9. Headlight Clip Snap

    Thanks, a picture would be good, what i've done though is used araldite to glue it back together and metal plates for support.
  10. Headlight Clip Snap

    Hi, I decided to replace my headlight bulbs again as the last lot weren't bright at all. I think its a pain in the &#33;Removed&#33; that you have to remove the whole headlight on the passenger side (due to the fuse box) just to replace a bulb. STUPID DESIGN!! So I managed to remove both headlights and unfortunately snapped one of the four white hooks on the clips, on both sides, so these could now do with replacing. I would imagine these will be cheap to pick up from Ford. So I come to replace the headlight back onto the car, and due to my stupidity didn't see that the headlight support was stuck on the frame of the car, and it snapped off!! There are 2 screws and one push in clip on the headlight, its one of the screw tabs I have snapped off! :( See pic... http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd314/rover214_lew/IMG_0116.jpg The headlight is now only screwed in by one screw and the one push in tab, therefore it is slightly loose and not a tight fit at all. I don't fancy paying £300 odd quid for a new whole headlight, but would any sort of glue fix it back together securely?! Thanks!!!
  11. Headlight Bulbs - Replacements

    Cheers!! (i think) Although now i'm even more undecided haha... Osram nightbreakers.... i think......
  12. Headlight Bulbs - Replacements

    Thanks for that!! I'm stuck between two choices, Osram nightbreakers, or Phillips blue vision, both get a good review. Just wondered if anyone has had experience of these? :)
  13. Headlight Bulbs - Replacements

    Right then, The cheap bulbs i got off ebay claimed to be 5000k, and the OSRAM cool blue are 4000k, but due to the quality would you expect them to be good? Thanks
  14. Headlight Bulbs - Replacements

    Ok thanks for that, i understand that now :) appreciated.
  15. Headlight Bulbs - Replacements

    Thanks for the replies, in this case it does seem to be the case. You get what you pay for, at least i've learned my lesson for the future! Osram cool blue sound good Can someone just alter my confusion... Are xenons (HIDS)? So the bulbs i bought were HIDS but just not very good? Thanks for the help