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  1. Does anybody know the torques for the caliper bolts, both the caliper to carrier and carrier to hub if possible, cheers
  2. I have Autobeam LED's, never had a problem with them, I just think I need to have them adjusted as they seem a little low, never been pulled or anything, not even a flash from someone else, but Ive been told in the past you can have LED's as long as they are in a projector headlight and not just a reflector one as the light works in a different way between the two types. I only have a halogen full beam though, which I think would be classed as 'illegal' due to the type of headlight.
  3. Everything is LED on my car now apart from full beam and rear fog lamp, so yeah indicators are LED but are orange, as long as the brightness doesn’t matter I’m not bothered
  4. My main beam is what came With the car, just blue glass, but doesn't look blue when its actually on. the only thing that I've noticed is really bright are the indicators are super bright, these wouldn't be picked up for any reason would they?
  5. Well I've got the AutoBeam LED's all round now. Am I okay to have them or not as this is the first I've hear of it being a problem, so wondering whether I need to take them off or not
  6. Why would LED's fail? They're used on other cards from the factory the exact same, surely its the same as just changing a dead bulb in a car just with a high end one. They aren't a stupid colour or anything? More info would be good
  7. A little update on the lights. having some interference issues with the radio at the moment but trying ferrite coils to try and kill it. Other than that the lights are brilliant
  8. so far so good, very bright found them easy to fit, hardest were the fog lights but even that wasn't bad. just need to get a pair of LED full beam headlights as they don't do one for H1's.
  9. All ordered, will be here by the weekend, something to do over the weekend, will update when its installed
  10. Thinking of upgrading all the bulbs on my fiesta to AutoBeam LED's. anyone got them/had them before or know much about them? Cheers
  11. I have had my revs increase when I change gear, Ford had my car for a day to tell me when I picked it up that it is a feature of the car to help gear changing, which is pointless and its very annoying as it makes me look like an idiot when it revs unto about 4/5k revs
  12. When I had a black box it was stuck right at the top behind the glovebox behind another big silver pipe, it was cable tied on there and stuck on there, if it isn't there then it can sometimes be in the engine bay on the battery or fuse box and possibly behind the dashboard.