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  1. Went to the local Ford garage today (TrustFord, Ashton Gate, Bristol) and they couldn't care less. Even if the part was confirmed as faulty they were adamant that as the car is out of warranty it's was just tough, regardless of the fact that it's a non serviceable part. I really can't be bothered to fight them so it's going back to my local trusted garage to be fixed - no way am I paying them £99 diagnostics, plus parts, plus their ridiculous labour charges to replace the part. I am really pleased I delayed my decision to swap my own Golf for a brand new ST3, and neither of our next 2 cars will be Fords - so 2 lost customers for the sake of around a couple of hundred quid.
  2. isetta, if this was a manky old car then I'd consider bodging it, but it's a second car and like new - my very first car had a number of illuminated toggle switch for various things I'd installed. As its a faulty instrument cluster it is more than likely going to affect other things so needs replacing one way or another - I've seen other reports where people have seen faint warning lights in the background. Yes I missed the tell-tale light - I checked all the actual lights were working (and the switch lights do all illuminate when the headlights are switched on, just don't change when pressed) - but switch lights rarely if ever fail on their own on modern cars as very few contain bulbs these days.
  3. Car has just failed its MOT as the fog lamp switch tell-tale wasn't showing. Local non-Ford garage doing the test have traced to a faulty instrument cluster - shorting across back of instrument panel (having used them for years I trust them implicitly). Part is in excess of £200 plus fitting and reprogramming . As car isn't old and has only done 6500 miles I'm not very happy - have had cars with massive mileage sail through MOTs. Contacted local Ford garage regarding fit for purpose out of warranty claim and they want £99 + VAT for their own diagnostic test - worse still they can't look at the car until the end of this month, which is when the MOT expires! Am going to try and speak to someone face to face to try and speed things up but would be interested to know if anyone else has had similar problems or whether this is a common Ka fault.
  4. What's you MPG???

    Zetec 1.25 done around around 500 miles of short trips on urban roads and has now crept up to 44 mpg
  5. POP!

    Front wheel drive - best tyres should always go on the back to provide stability under braking.
  6. I'm on 37.1 mpg for about the same mileage and similar daily trip on B roads. Slowly creeping upwards and still some running in to do. Would probably be content with early to mid 40's mpg in the next few months.
  7. parking in public

    Is it just me, but anyone else noticed that parking well away from everyone else usually ends up with some great 4x4 or rusting wreck parking right next to you - even when there are dozens of other spaces!!
  8. I much prefer the power socket being live all the time. On my Golf the sat nav switches off when I plug in and turn on the ignition (or later turn it off) - unless I push a button on the Garmin to keep it on. A right pain when I've set the journey before plugging it in. As regards keys, got 2 with the Zetec, but only one of them has the remote function.