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  1. Hi Sharon Go here and ask your question Welcome :)
  2. Ah, ok.. thank you Sent from my Pixel C using Tapatalk
  3. Car window tinter recommendation south Manchester area? I would like the back window done. Anyone local had theirs done?
  4. is not working? Is there another link or are you not doing that now?
  5. Love videos in car while I'm driving. Only way to stop the BF backseat driving }:-( He has it turned towards him btw. I'm daft but not that daft!!
  6. I found the lock!!! People kept telling me it was that black bit in front but I've nothing there. It is the silver bit!!! Thank you so much.
  7. Locomotive Blues - On The Move by Janine Riley #Art #janineriley

  8. I'll check today. Not even looked above. Thanks for the advice about the key!
  9. Total noob query.. well two actually. I did ask these on the official Ford FB page and got crickets....... On my old car I could internally lock it, either when I was alone driving, or when I left my dogs to grab a pint of milk. On my Focus however I cannot for the life of me find out how to do it. I watched videos, read the manual (obviously) and they all say that I should be able to press a button just in front of my door handle I have a piece of plastic there and no locks. So, question... Am I looking in the right place? Is there a way (If I am) to put the lock in) I know it sounds pathetic but I do not feel safe without being able to lock myself in when in the city. ------- Secondly, does anyone have a guesstimate of how much a foldable central locking key would be? I got one with stiff buttons and it does not fold. Hate it. I do have the codes for a new one Thank you for any help and do not laugh at the silly questions TOO loud
  10. Hello. My name is Abbie and I am addicted to... wrong forum.... I have a Ford Focus Zetec 2006. This is my first Ford and, to be honest, I only got it as my last car (Skoda) was written off by someone driving into the back of me on black ice :( I really like the Focus though, I have to admit, and the suspension is better than my old Skoda LOL Anyway, that is my hello and I have a couple of issues that I understand I need to ask about elsewhere, so I am off to do that now Oh, in the real world I am an artist by profession and live in Manchester with 2 birds (feathered) two daft Alsatians and a mad BF.. not all necessarily in that order... This FOCUS ZETEC CLIMATE