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  1. If you have a mk8 Fiesta then the shark fin will definitely fit. That picture isn't the base on the UK Fiesta mk8
  2. I couldn't tell you on the DAB signal as I can't stand radio, Spotify only for me. Although I have read in other forums/review pages that others haven't noticed any difference. Paintmodz also say that they haven'y had any reports regarding signal issues. They definitely look a lot better, fairly cheap and easy to install.
  3. Removed all of the badges and also installed a shark fin aerial cover from paintmodz. Also considering a rear spoiler tip.
  4. You are an absolute star mate. Just done it and fitted the new lens. There does appear to be clips at the top however with the cover removed I poked a tool through the top of the mirror and it isn't easy to get on to them. Your way is much easier. Many thanks
  5. Still struggling. There does not appear to be any clips behind the mirror glass and I have also tried prizing the mirror apart using trim removal tools. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  6. Did they actually pull the mirror out of the housing?
  7. OK great, so just prize it apart very carefully? I am replacing the lens as I clipped the wall on my drive so all my fault, don't think Ford will cover that under warranty unfortunately and I'm not paying for them to do it. I appreciate you getting back to me with that advice, many thanks.
  8. Thanks for your response, I am going to order some trim removal tools. Could you please confirm if you need to undo clips behind the mirror or just prize it off carefully using trim removal tool? Many thanks.
  9. Ok, thanks for that advice. I am struggling to find the clips inside that the video shows behind the mirror. Are they definitely the same?
  10. Thank you for your response. I have checked the manual but it just says use something like a screwdriver to prize either side open. I have looked at doing that but I can only see that ending very badly.
  11. Help, I have cracked the wing mirror indicator lens on my MK8 Fiesta (18 Reg so latest model). I have ordered a replacement part from Ford but I can't find any information anywhere regarding the removal of the casing to be able to swap the lens. Does anyone know how to pop the cover off?
  12. If you've already removed the Ecoboost badge then I would strongly recommend that you carry on and remove the Fiesta badge and the 2 St line wing badges. I would also recommend that you take a look at some gel overlays for the Ford badges.