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  1. How can i find out what optional extras my car has on it now days
  2. What is the arrow on top of my mk4 2.5t oil filter housing telling me is it telling me which way to get it off or too put it back on 😕 as i can't move it
  3. Yes , send them the photos and tell them that they don't fit
  4. How old are you .Thought i was the only one to remember them without the mask
  5. when i open the car door, Then when i shut the Door,, its is showing the msg . on the dash saying key not found If re open the car again press the start button ,But do not need to start the car i can then lock the car and the msg has gone.,what happened last time when i just left the car with the msg still showing when locking was a flat battery. I have replaced the remotes batteries as well
  6. i brought this up many years ago and still getting the same thing apparently ford fitted some trim later on that stopped this happening
  7. i know its been a long time .But did the sensor sort out the problem
  8. Dash shows most of the time after stopping Remote not detected and car will not lock. I have to turn the ignition on and off again, Then it will lock .I have also changed the batteries in the key fobs
  9. Hi All i am mark and drive a Mondeo mk4 07 2.5 t