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  1. Hi everyone, Most of the time i am driving on the motorway, on this reason i want my fiesta 2008 doors lock automatically, i did youtube search but tyere is nothing at all, how can i program doors after x or xx speed central lock itself. Thanks.
  2. Xlasis

    Auto lock?

    You are right! I did unlock on keyfob and waited, it relocked back. Thanks for advice.
  3. I've got company car which is volswogen, and when i unlock and if dont open door etc its lock itself in 20sec. I tested this future on my fiesta waited next to car more than 2 minute nothing happen. I got keyless entry and thought maybe I'm close and its scanning I'm here that's why not locking and went far far away nothing again. How could i active auto lock? Thanks.
  4. Hi everyone I've got 58 fiesta titanium, unfortunate a month before I've order auxbeam h11 light for it, and waited for 25 days arrive from china to uk, and when i try to install it i shocked because i ordered wrong socket head which is h11 😞 now return to sender and order a new one but before that wants to make sure what is my socket model/type I did google it its saying h7 can anyine confirm that please?
  5. I want to upgrade my titanium's bulbs, which is strong, long vision white light Is there any cheap one? Any recommendation? Thanks.
  6. Would you mind if you share the sensor link with us too please.
  7. I'm quite mess to do DIY, even can't use drill properly. No skills:(
  8. 2009 titanium fiesta, i want to fit parking sensor just wondering where and how much will cost me if somebody do it?
  9. My mistake was before buy the car i have never drive or travel on passenger side, is been 3 month I'm owning fiesta its super sexy super driving but god sake super uncomfortable, if you passed small hole you can feel like that small hole is like huge all vibrating and shaking annoying!
  10. I love new 2017 2018 fiesta headlight wondering if i order from ebay and change it on my 2009 fiesta titanium will be suitable?
  11. Hmm, so i don't neet to worry, today i did double click in remote control its flashed:)))
  12. Yes i did, when i unlock its flashing, but when i lock nothing.
  13. Hi there, when i lock my car i can't see any sign (except of folding mirror) How can i setup for flashing or something like beeping etc.
  14. Could you give me a link from ebay on that range price which is able to stream music