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  1. I thought I should also add that I had exactly the same problem with the battery in that after having left the car over the weekend - a cold one at that, when I came to start it on Monday it was totally dead. Anyhow I thought no problem I will call out roadside assistance, however it had lapsed, despite the car only being bought only 16 months ago. Apparently according to my nearest Ford dealer ( the one I bought the car from has ceased trading) I have to ask to have it renewed and they have been told by Ford it must not be offered!! This should have happened at the 12 month free inspection at the beginning of October 2018. So once the car was finally recovered to my local garage with the flat battery, another problem turned up in that a check on the computer revealed that the car was almost 27 months old at this point, having spent the best part of 10 months sat outside at a storage facility in Canada! So to sum up it has been a rather expensive February: 1. Paid £90 to have full recovery insurance through my insurer - at least it includes European recovery! 2. Paid £224 for a new Ford battery as when tested it looked like there was an intermittent problem with one or more of the cells and I wasn't about to risk it failing again.Perhaps 10 months stored in Canada didn't help the battery situation! I have also had the rear discs changed under warranty in October last year as they were badly scored, the comment at the time from the dealer being that this was due to incorrect storage - whatever this means!! 3. Had a first service done at 11000 miles, including oil change as by this stage the oil had been in the engine for 27 months - very miss-leading on the part of Ford to infer it has a two year service interval when as a purchaser with what I would describe as reasonable level of common sense(!) would rightly conclude - in the absence of the dealer saying "by the way we thought we should tell you that your new car is in fact nearly 11 months old" - that the two year clock started from the day I bought it. Anyhow service parts cost £97 plus £150 for labour including the battery testing and replacement. On balance I still like the car, though I am far less enamoured with Ford, particularly their customer service who really didn't even show any sympathy or concern at my situation and who's closing comment was you will just need to contact the AA and pay for cover!
  2. I have just come back onto the group, following a flat battery issue that has been reported by others on the group - seems the power drain from all the heated bits in the car has been too much for the battery! Anyhow apologies to @Edge of Reason as I didn't respond to his post from April 2018. The LED DRLs have remained perfectly seated for the last 11 months with no problems whatsoever. I was a little concerned at the time that they didn't seem to click into place quite as I thought they would, but they have not moved. I still have to get used to hearing the LED cooling fans running when I step out of the car, but you can't hear them when you are driving. I have also not been flashed by anybody and the beam pattern seems very effective on unlit roads. All in all a good change!!
  3. So here are a few photos - not very scientific, but you should hopefully see the difference! The first one is with one LED DRL and one Candle DRL.....hopefully you can see the difference! The second one is with the new LED DRLs. The third one is with dipped beams and the last one is with main beams as well as the LED fog lamps on. Certainly looks much better!
  4. Thanks Hamster! I actually realised that once I had the whole O/S headlamp out to re-seat the H15 LED bulb I could see the back of the fog lamps beneath. I was therefore able to change the fog lamp bulbs without having to remove the units:-) I also found that by wrapping a large rubber band around the cooling fan on the back of the H15 LED bulb I was able to exert enough grip to twist it fully into the mounting ring. Still not easy, but it feels like it is properly seated now - fingers crossed!
  5. ...unfortunately I didn't take any before pictures as there was insufficient light being produced by the original lights to stop the camera flash going off!! Seriously though as I have to remove one of the H15 LEDs today to get the bulb seated properly in the housing I will put back the original H15 light and take a picture of the DRLs - one side LED and the other candle rated! To be honest the DRLs were as much of an embarrassment to me ( need all the credibility help I can get these days ) as the original dipped beams were both embarrassing and dangerous in equal measures!
  6. Well as the owner of an LED'less Edge Sport that is now 6 months old I have to say that on balance I am quite attached to it! My experiences broadly echo those covered on this forum, including mediocre fuel consumption and an odd rattling noise from the injectors at light throttle settings - it seems I am apparently waiting for the engine management system to learn my driving style according to the dealer, at which point it will hopefully stop sounding like a bag of nails! As for the headlights, what were Ford thinking? This is the first car I have owned without HID lights since I had a Seat Leon between 2004 and 2007! As many have already mentioned the standard lights are bordering on dangerous, especially on unlit roads and I end up driving with the front fog lights on to at least get some definition to the edge of the road. All this on a £40k car quite frankly beggars belief! I therefore decided to take the plunge and fit LED bulbs, having read Hamster's experiences with LED replacement bulbs. I have fitted TXVSO8 H15 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits for the DRL and main beams (£34.99 from Amazon) and TXVSO8 H7 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits for the dipped beams (£23.99 from Amazon). I have also ordered H11 Twenty20 Cree LED 12V Canbus Foglight Bulbs, but have not been able to fit them yet despite Hamster's instructions: "Easy one to start with, Front Fogs, carefully pull of the fog lamp cover towards the front of the vehicle, undo two small Torx screws and replace with LED H11" Maybe it is me but I still can't work out out to remove the fog lamps, other than I seem to be able to get most of the chrome trim off, but that is about it!! Any guidance here much appreciated..... Anyhow the advice about removing the headlamp units and fitting the new LED bulbs away from the car was spot on! There was no room to replace the bulbs with the headlamps still on the car. It was still very fiddly, more so as I have large hands and made worse by having to file the edges of the location lugs on one of the H15 bulbs so it would lock into place on the housing. Someone also mentioned problems with the retaining spring on the dipped beams - spot on, it was really awkward and I ended up having to remove the spring and re-fit it with it wrapped around the base of the new H7 LED bulb and then re-insert both ends of the spring back into the lugs. Lost count of the number of times the spring shot off into the headlamp housing and then having to shake the unit with it upside down to get the spring out! All four flexible covers fitted back on the headlamps perfectly and there appears to be sufficient clearance from the back of the LED bulbs / cooling fans. The results are staggering and I can actually see where I am going at night! The beam pattern seems fine and nobody has flashed me so far. The DLRs now actually look like proper lights, although one seems a little temperamental and I had to wiggle the black connector in the housing to get it to work. I suspect the LED lamp is not fully locked in place and I will probably remove the headlamp unit again to ensure it is rotated as far as it will go.