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  1. Anyone know if climate control can be controlled via voice on sync 3 as looks like you can do this on new Focus & Mondeo. I am pretty sure the answer is no as cc is not on sync 3 touchscreen on the fiesta but do not understand why as ford gives us full cc but no access via sync to control it.
  2. Full key free system is a sensor on all door handles that you touch to open & close, my car definitely had this & it listed as extra in brochure. p.s I am not a woman 👹
  3. Just discovered by pure fluke that I have got full Ford keyfree system, I definitely did not spec or pay for it but not complaining as it is brilliant, no more fumbling for keys in pocket. Has anyone else that did not spec this got this feature? So far I have got seven speakers system & keyfree system as freebies, wonder if ford have chucked in extras due to delivery delays, I waited 8 months for car?
  4. Cheers guys re speakers, I have also got centre speaker
  5. What kind of floor mats should come as standard, finally got my st line x yesterday but dealer has fitted plain black mats. I thought mats were meant to be st line logo?
  6. Still waiting for my st line x, can someone confirm what the standard keyless entry is- is it just bog standard remote key for opening or is the kind where you touch the door handle & vehicle unlocks?
  7. I have same car on order, is the 125 ps responsive acceleration?
  8. Photos - Any of you guys down south got any good pics of ST line X especially want to see black one as I see orders are starting to come through now, I have had order on since Aug & hoping to receive shadow black ST line X in next 2 weeks.