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  1. Main earth strap is connected to the gearbox casing. Second earth strap is at the RH side. Check both. Also check local earth fort the rear lights as well ( in the bonnet, under the carpet).
  2. As per Haynes Manual looks like valves may be vertical, or pic is wrong...
  3. Get your hand behind the rear bumper light, find the wires w socket, twist CCW and pull out. Or you can try to push the complete light out from behind but be careful.
  4. Take a drive of an hour long or so, observe the temperature gauge. It should be arround 90 deg. after 25-30 minutes. If not than there is a problem.
  5. Ford service standard is a cabin filter with active charcoal. Odour plus is new improved filter type, slightly more expensive as well. Depends on how much you wish to spend.
  6. It is abnormal to have a leak during charging. Where are the puddles, all around or concentrated on few spots? If puddles are large battery may be running out of electrolyte so keeping it at charger makes no sense and may damage the battery. If you have a voltmeter check the charging voltage. Wear safety glasses!!! I had a look at the D54 data sheet and I do not see any vent plugs or to be more accurate filler plugs,this battery is sealed with vent at each end I assume, so it's difficult to asses the electrolyte level in the cells. Recheck the warranty for a possible return...
  7. No there is no fuel pump in the tank. LP fuel pump is mechanically coupled to the HP pump. Check for new fuel filter, possible leaks in the fuel pipes.
  8. I assume that new battery has no vent plugs, i.e it's sealed. There should be no leaks or puddles from it. Could it be that during transport a microcrack developed and leaks now when battery is under gas pressure from charging? Anyway, useful link for all about batteries is:
  9. What's the engine under the bonnet? This would help us help you. Could be that car just run out of fuel?!
  10. I would start with basics: - battery terminals; if these are clean, tight, have no signs of corrosion (ugly green stuff). - trace the main cables from the battery to the end points (usually starter, alternator for + and chasis/gearbox connection for - pole). Same as above, clean, tight, no signs of corrosion) Than you can go ahead with more complicated issues. Just make sure that battery is disconnected when you do anything on main cables.
  11. The real question is if you want to keep this car or not? Only you can answer it. If you start being pennywise on essentials like engine oil, filters, fluids (coolant and gear) or tires, than you really do not need a car. Any car. Get a donkey and a cart...
  12. Thanks Luke, Nick! There was a crack in the 'elbow hose' btw the ERG and the metal pipe (Ford p/n 1496238). With help of a friend I kept engine running at 3krpm, found the split quickly. Hose replaced, now all is fine. Let's hope it stay like that!!!
  13. Happened recently, when car is running over 2k rpm and I'm accelerating (gas pedal pressed) a strange noise, like a deflating balloon appears from the ventilation grille. Tried with the car at standstill but all runs fine. Did check the ventilation ducts for any obstructions, engine hoses for a possible crack but all is fine. Noise appears only when driving, over 2 k revs, ventilation and AC status makes no difference. Any ideas what to look for next please?!?!
  14. brembo pads are really good on low dust but they squeeeeeel!!! Horrible sound, not sure if I'm going to use them again.
  15. The best diesel additive for 1.8tdci engine is NONE. There is no improvement in using it, so it's a waste of time and money. Myself rather replace a fuel filter every 15 k miles (filter with declared filtering of 4-5 microns, like Delphi, Clean Filter, Mahle or Mann).