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  1. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Reason being we needed a practical 4 door hatch and the Focus was the best car we could get for the money at the time. In the fullness of time we used the Beemer less and less (it became a weekend car). Before buying the M3 I should have bought a four door in the first place but heart ruling the head etc etc! The crunch came when I took it for its MOT and saw I'd only driven it 3k miles since the last MOT the previous year! So decided to get rid as we had two other cars in the household which we made a lot more use of.
  2. Au-Revoir Focus!

    Yes quite, when I had my BMW M3 I never worried about its reliability or longevity in the way that I have nagging doubts that one day my TDCI will go wrong and cost a pitful of money to put right (even though it is a non dpf model diesel injectors and DMF's are still probleamtic). Hence why at this moment in time I would NEVER buy another diesel unless I did starship mileages.
  3. Ford 6000 Cd For Ford Sony Cd

    Yes you do need the removal keys, you just slide them in until they are firmly in place and prise the unit out. If done carefully it shouldn't cause damage to any of the surronding trim.
  4. Au-Revoir Focus!

    This seems pretty straight forward to me. Jeebowhite bought a Focus that turned out to be not very reliable and has had enough and bought a different make car. I would have done exactly the same if it was me and I don't think a petrol Kia will give you any cause for concern.
  5. Ford 6000 Cd For Ford Sony Cd

    Done exact same swap on my 05 focus-10 minute job and column stalk controls worked fine. Its just a case of removing the old stereo and pitting the new one in its place. Only complication would be if the Ford stereo you fit has a DAB radio so you would need change the aerial etc and the wiring for this.
  6. What Would You Be Driving If Not A Focus?

    Loved my E46 BMW M3 which was a fantastic car, very different to my 2.0 TDCI but being a 2 door and having 2 kids the Beemer just wasn't practical and I found myself using it less and less before eventually selling it. Thinking about buying a another beemer at the moment probably and E39 5 series with the 3.0 straight 6-classic shaped car with a beauty of an engine.
  7. Ford Focus 2.0 Tdci Diesel Review

    Interesting article. I am more taken with the eco boost engines but It will be interesting to see how how turbocharged high pressure direct injection petrol engines compare to diesel engines that use similar technology in terms of reliability. The mk3 Focus itself appears to have a boring korean/japanese exterior design and a rather fussy interior design for my liking. Still it will be a common sight on our roads and as I tend to buy cars when they are 3-4 years old I'm sure there will be plenty of choice in a few years time on the used market.
  8. Whats's Causing My Engine Problems. Help

    Maybe its a fuel delivery/fuel pick up problem. Common rail diesels do have complex fuel systems so the problem might be with that rather than the injectors. Fuel pump maybe?
  9. Need Little Help

    If you make sure the car is serviced and maintained properly it will go on for ages. At 144k its far from the end of its life. My last car was scrapped at nearly 200k (1.6 petrol)only because it failed its MOT due to its bodywork crumbling away, mechanically it probably had another 50-75k easily left in it. The petrol engine in your car is relatively simple and longgevity should not be a problem.
  10. 2010 Model 1.8 Petrol. Awful Fuel Consumption

    Was the car bought brand new? if so let the engine run in before you judge fuel economy properly. 20-21 town mpg may not be too bad depending on the commute. I work 3 miles from my home and in the evening it takes up 30 mins to get home cos of stop start nose to tail traffic and I get 25-30 mpg from a 1.6 clio which is lighter and smaller than a Focus. If you get ok motorway mpg I woult not worry too much at this stage unless you are having other probs with the car.
  11. Ford Focus Sport 07 Re-Map

    If its a petrol I wouldn't bother with a remap as you won't get much benefit unless you spend a LOT of money.
  12. Spray Painting A Door

    Tried to respray a brand new door mirror once using the right paint for my car but the finish was abysmal-on a door it would look hideous if not done correctly-get it done by a pro.
  13. Why European Drivers Like Diesel Engine

    I agree with whats been said about the 'reliability' of the modern diesel engine. However petrol engines are going the same way in terms of the technology they are employing (direct injection such as that of Ford's ecoboost engines) and it will be interesting to see if in the upcoming years we hear of a high number of problems with these engines as seen on common rail diesel technology.
  14. Side Window Rubbers Not Clearing Window

    Isn't this just a design fault as opposed to any problem with the side rubbers? None of the side rubbers on my Focus clear the windows and whilst I can see one or two of the side rubbers may be faulty, I doubt all four are.
  15. Focus 2.0 Tdci Titanium Fuel Economy

    As the car has only done 2000 miles I woudn't worry too much at this stage, it should improve as the engine loosens up.