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  1. I have found a 2013/63 Fiesta st 2 at a local garage (not Ford dealer) for only £6,000. It has 78,000 miles on. Is this a good price, or should it be avoided because of the mileage. I know the early ones had problems. It only has part service history as well. If anyone has one, what are the typical running costs (service, insurance, fuel, parts etc) Thanks
  2. Also, I’m not sure what the difference in insurance would be between the 125 and 140 as I’m only 21 but it doesn’t seem that much more.
  3. The mileage is just under 20,000
  4. After searching online, I’ve found a car with the extras I wanted (city pack and 8 inch screen) but the price seems a bit lower than it should be. They have 2 18 plates that are both around £12,000 in the same spec. As this is a 2017 67 reg, are there any issues with early ones that were sorted by 2018? Is the 140 engine any good or would I be better off with the 100 or 125? Thanks
  5. I’m looking to upgrade my MK8 Zetec for a used ST-Line and most of the ones I’m seeing have the smaller 6.5 inch screen. Does anyone know if it is possible to swap the display for the 8 inch found in ones with Nav and B+O? Also, if it doesn’t have the city pack is there a way to add the power folding mirrors? Thanks
  6. Don’t get why everyone hates the looks of the new Puma. If you compare the 1998 Puma to the new one the headlights are similar and it has the same look. Then compare a 1999 Fiesta to the current one and they look nothing like each other.
  7. I wouldn’t have any idea how to do anything like that. I prefer to let the dealer do it then if it’s not done correctly it’s their fault. When you say swap the light, do you mean the bulbs or replace the whole unit?
  8. What I meant is that with my foot down I can keep up with a 140 that’s not trying and it doesn’t accelerate away.
  9. The 3 year PCP is up towards the end of the year. If they can’t sort it by then, I’m considering handing the car back rather than paying it off and buying something non-Ford
  10. No, it’s in the centre. If I get in the car and switch to off and back into centre it comes on and goes off when I start the car. If I get in and go to on then centre it comes on but stays on when I start it. if I lock the car and go in the house and come back into it within half an hour it will come on when I unlock it, if it’s any longer it doesn’t come on. I’ve had it back to the dealer about 3 times. The last time they had it 2 or 3 days and said they had stripped the roof lining back. Then they gave me it back and said that as a battery saving feature the lamp doesn’t come on when you unlock the car. It was an early model with a build date of July 2017 so that may be the cause.
  11. I think the 1.0 and 1.1 require different driving styles. With the 1.1 you have to put your foot to the floor and leave it in lower gears whereas the 1.0 I imagine you would accelerate gently and change up often. All I meant is that reviews say don’t get the 1.1 as it can’t cope with motorways but everyday I drive on 70mph roads and it copes fine.
  12. Yes, I have to drop down to 4th to overtake and stay in 3rd up to 60 mph. For slip roads I usually back off the car in front then floor it to be able to pull out. I’ve only ever had the 85bhp though so am used to it.
  13. I have the 1.1 85hp as having test drove that and the 1.0 100 it was the better of the two. It’s naturally aspirated so no turbo to worry about, great engine sounds and I’m getting better MPG than the 1.0 (mid 40s). I regularly drive on 70mph dual carriageway and can keep up with the 140 st-lines. Having gone from the 1.25 mk7 to this, it doesn’t feel any slower even though the specs say it’s nearly a second slower to 62mph.
  14. Hi, I have a latest generation Fiesta which is going to turn 3 year old this year. As I am planning on keeping the car, it will need an MOT later in the year. Ever since I got the car new, the front interior lamp has never come on when I first unlock the car. I’ve had it back to the garage several times but they are refusing to acknowledge anything is wrong. Does anyone know whether the issue would be an MOT fail or whether it would still pass despite this? Also, as the warranty is up soon, I would like to try and get it sorted while it is still covered before they can charge me to fix it.
  15. I actually prefer the new one, and it’s hybrid too.