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  1. Faulty battery or car draining the battery?

    Agreed, but some modern cars have 0.1A drain and there is nothing you can do about that... 0.1A drain means 400h of peace of mind or more than 2 weeks for a healthy 40Ah battery.
  2. Faulty battery or car draining the battery?

    0.5A is a lot! If you have a 40Ah battery then it will be completely flat after 80 hours… Just over 3 days of not using the car. The acceptable drain after the car has gone to ‘’sleep’’ mode is less than 0.1A .
  3. Faulty battery or car draining the battery?

    Hi Groot, Sadly this is a very common problem in the mk2. Mine also has it…. The micro switch in the ignition barrel is stuck and not allowing the ecu to go to sleep after the key is removed. The proper fix is to replace the ignition barrel. Until you do that, you can try to remove fuse no46 which is located under the glovebox. It has worked for me! Regards
  4. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Hi Peter, what you have suggested saddly is not a solution to the problem. However, I have now permanetely removed the fuse no46 for about 5 days and the battery is not draining overnight. The car is usable again!! I will have to find a better solution thought which is probably to change the ignition barrel. No side effects in the way the car is drining by the removal of the fuse.
  5. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Good morning Peter and thank you for your support so far. F68 removal is not making anything shut off. So there is not a simple fix… I will have to change the ignition barrel probably. If anyone know where to find a guide please point me to this direction. I have also ordered Haynes manual, so hopefully I will manage to fix the problem.
  6. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Thank you very much for the reply Peter. Just to be clear about the problem: The battery drains overnight. When I remove the key from the ignition barrel, the dash lit and the audio remain on continuously. I have tried to take out the stereo but failed and that is why I have removed the fuse. What I am thinking is to add a switch to the cable that is getting the power from the probably broken microswitch of the ignition barrel. Would that be a good idea?
  7. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    So... I have removed fuse no46 which made the cluster turn off. I have also removed fuse no58 which made the audio unit turn off. However I still have a drain of 180mA. I think that the ignition barrel doesn’t give the signal to make the ecu to go to sleep. Would it be possible to put a manual switch to shut down it? Any ideas? PS: I have a Focus 1.4 LX 2005 model with a key ignition
  8. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Thank you very much for the reply, I will try first to remove fuse 107 and check if this cures the problem.
  9. Ford Focus Mk2 Common Problems Thread

    Hi guys, I have this issue in my Focus 1.4 2005 model. Who is bbereman ? Regards, Angelos