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  1. I have the same car, 34mpg average for me. 40 mpg on longer journeys, motorways etc. Mine surges on tickover sometimes when I start it so ford looked at it and it seems the mpg is about it even though the official figures are way higher, joke really.
  2. Hi, Looking for advice, I bought a 3 month old 2.2 Mondeo Titanium X sport 200 a few months ago. The idle keeps dropping revs when cold to the point it stalled on one occasion. I took it back to the dealer who updated the software and said bring it back if the issues continues which it has. I haven't had time to take it back yet but the other thing about the car is the mpg imo is poor. I'm averaging 32-33 through a tank on mixed driving. If I sit bored on the motorway at 65-70 I may push 40. The urban is 36 according to Ford combined 47..I wish! I'm wondering if this is what I should expect and Ford are making the fuel figures or that the issues are all linked? I really like the car apart from these niggles. Any feedback would be appreciated
  3. Supercharger Kit Fiesta Mk7

    Do you know how much more power and when? I seriously considered the pack when I bought my car in May but thought it didnt offer enough with only 20bhp extra. Any info would be great..
  4. Ford Newbie - Which Model To Go For?!?

    Going from a mini Cooper to a 1.25 would be brutal IMO. I test drove the 1.25 and it would have bored me senseless. I went for the 1.6 petrol which still lacks a lot of oomph but does handle well. I get 35mpg in comparision to 27mpg on my last car which makes it seem good relatively speaking. longer round trips 1.6 diesel would probably be the best all rounder. Back to the first point anyone who says the 1.25 has the same peformance as the 1.6 has a 1.25 but wants the 1.6 really!
  5. Finally Here!

    I got £2750 off list and first service free.. also got good trade in on my car. Managed to let wind catch my door today and put a small crease mark in it. gutted. can just see it when lights across it. wont be the last no doubts
  6. Finally Here!

    It's been 13 weeks but finally got my Fiesta today. White 3dr 1.6 Petrol Titanium with an x pack, dress kit, bluetooth and lighting pack 2. Very happy with the car, just could do with a little more oopf but hey there's always the Mountune pack or something if I get bored I suppose! Thanks for all the help on the forums, the info I got from here lead to a good deal and a pretty smart looking car in the end.. cheerrs!
  7. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    Can you add the moutune to your finance deal? Mines still 2-3 weeks away from delivery or do you have to pay for it separately?
  8. Mountune Performance Upgrade - Fiesta

    The only thing really putting me off is the reviews , evo , car etc that say the noise is annoying and sounds silly? Is it possible to have the power increase without the exaust change?
  9. Production Date Pushed Back

    I ordered middle Feb and was told 6-8 weeks, latest is middle May for delivery. No reason given, the new date is apparently based on an out of factory date so hopefully that should pan out okay otherwise the toys are coming out of the cot!
  10. Well Here It Is

    You can add me to the list of White 3 dr Titanium with dress up kit , X pack etc - it's on order - latest guess is end April beginning May for delivery - that would be 10 weeks ish , I ordered mid Feb .. looking forward to getting it.
  11. Order-->Delivery - How Long?

    Just orderd mine, white 1.6 Petrol 3 dr Titanium with dress up kit, x pack, usb n interior 2 , told it would be factory build and available beginning of april.
  12. Has The Mk7 Model Lineup Changed?

    Ive just ordered a 1.6 Petrol Titanium with X pack so you can still get it.
  13. Help Choose New Fiesta

    Orders in, 1.6 Titanium 3 dr , titanium x pack, bluetooth usb, dress up kit, interior lighting pack 2 in frozen white. Got £2700 off plus a good trade in offer and 1 year service. Happy , should get the car early April hopefully. Thanks for all your help.
  14. Help Choose New Fiesta

    I think its looking like a 3dr Titanium with X pack , dress up kit, bluetooth in white, may try get the interior pack 2 as well if the dealer plays ball. Thanks for all the replies I cant justify losing all the kit on the titanium for slightly different seats.
  15. Help Choose New Fiesta

    Thanks , just spotted the other thread. All good info. Been offered £2400 of list which looked good till i saw 3k+ on drive the deal so may go for a bit of renegotiation now it seems ford are discounting before the dealer gets involved. May just lower the titanium after sale with new springs. cheers for the reply