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  1. Please tell me the name of the garage so I can report them. That's utterly appalling. Please take the bulbs out and save everyone else from being blinded.
  2. Considering all the lower models of Focus built since July-ish now come with LED bulbs in reflectors (working up to full LED/adaptive LED in the TitX/Vignale etc), could it be worth getting onto Ford and see what their bulb cost is? Could be a straight swap?
  3. Never seen that before! Could be a Sync 3.3/3.4 thing? Interesting reading through this thread that people only seemed to be getting 2/3 years of LiveTraffic? I've got a 2017 Mk3.5 and for whatever reason my LifeTraffic subscription runs until April 2022! I'm not even the original owner of the car.
  4. Well this thread is a bit of a disappointing read. I was expecting I'd buy a Focus Vignale once I get tired of my 2017 TitX Mk3.5 but no longer getting a manual override is a big negative! I don't use it often but sometimes it's fun to go into sport manual and use the paddles to shift up and down. Very disappointed it's been dropped from 2020 onwards, as it'll likely be 2023 before I replace the car. Maybe the paddles will come back in a year at which point I'll know to look at 2021+ cars 😄
  5. The transmission control unit will be tuned for economy above performance, so realistically this will always happen. Sport mode or put it in manually for a few minutes while you sort yourself up to speed - this is a bit easier with a paddle-shift though. The 6 speed torque convertor auto I've got in the Mk3.5 isn't too bad, though sometimes at 43mph it'll change up into 6th and the car feels a bit gutless, then other times I'm accelerating on the motorway up to 70 and it'll still be hanging in 4th or 5th as I approach 70, only shifting into 6th after a few seconds at 70. Guess it depends on a lot of things these days, including accel pedal position, car tilt (incline/decline) etc. Think we're just at the mercy of the cheaper boxes we'll have by owning a Ford (I believe my 6 speed is pretty much a GM 'box as it's also in the Astra in a very, very similar configuration) compared to the ZF8s of your BMWs etc.
  6. Fair enough - hope they sort out a replacement indicator for me, but I’m afraid I could never class waiting days for a response as “really good”. Anyway, positive stuff! Upgraded my Sync 3.0 to Build 20092 yesterday and F9 maps today. Finally have a piece of road on the map where I laughably don’t even work anymore, it took them that long to sort the map 😄
  7. I've now LED'd most of the main bulbs in my car except the fogs (never use them, the halogen is fine for the once a year I'll use them) and the cornering lamps (they're H1 but they dim depending on steering angle and they fade out, so I'd need a dimmable LED which I don't think the AUtobeams are). I also had a pair of the sequential mirror indicators turn up but unfortunately one of them doesn't work. I've sent a message to Autobeam over Facebook to get a replacement but I've still not had a response over 26 hours later which is annoying. Doubly-annoying is the fact they're already out of stock again after I'd waited about 4 weeks for them to come back in in the first place, so it's probably unlikely I'll be getting a replacement unit in any time soon - that's if they ever get back to me anyway! Awful customer service so far. 😡
  8. From that forum linked above I've managed to update my Sync 3.0 to the latest 20092 build, and I'm currently downloading the maps etc to take it to F9. I'd have preferred to wait for the official Ford one but I'm also currently furloughed and impatient so I'll do them asap. Had to order a 64GB USB stick from Prime though as I didn't have anything above 16GB - d'oh!
  9. Nooooo why have they gone back to a DCT? Slushbox should be the standard on all models, with DCT reserved for only the ST models. Ugh, hopefully the Focus sticks with the 8-speed torque converter box for a few years yet, so when the time comes to replace my Mk3.5 I can get the 8-speed mated to the 1.0. I don't want a DCT.
  10. Nah it's fine in the Focus. Got it in mine with the 6-speed slushbox auto and it pulls fine. Plus because it's a torque converter auto it multiplies the torque as you pull away so even low down it pulls well until the lockup clutch kicks in and then you get direct drive so it still feels good.
  11. Just looking through the new price list and it does indeed seem the 1.5 petrol is now gone. In addition to that, the mild hybrid is only available on the manual, so if you want an auto petrol it's the 1.0 125 only. Not that it's a bad engine or anything, it just seems odd to drop a higher power variant. Direct link to PDF of price list: https://www.ford.co.uk/content/dam/guxeu/uk/documents/price-list/cars/PL-All_New_Focus.pdf
  12. Yep, last update I uploaded the XML and it said everything was a success. Currently showing everything up-to-date, so hoping it just shows up over the coming days.
  13. Just checked my 2017 and not showing up just yet, perhaps it's a phased roll-out.
  14. Oddly enough I'd prefer a digital dash as I can change it to km/h completely! 😎
  15. Thanks. I'm guessing the ST floor may be different then? Maybe I'll have to remove the ST's from the list of trims. I can see in this picture (Titanium X) that on the driver's side compartment - which isn't closed properly - you can see the jack label peeking out: