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  1. do you think it's the catch i need or something else ?
  2. hi does anybody know where to get a fiesta 2009 boot catch as my alarm keeps going off interior light comes on and off ....without paying ford prices ....I've looked on eBay but can't find any ...i live in Brighton....
  3. Thank you very helpful lol beginning to hate this car what with leak in boot and rear passenger footwell like a pond grrrrr
  4. Thank you will tell the garage this
  5. no... now the foot well of the passenger side behind driver is soaked too ....
  6. Today when driving along the road the car made a chime sound i looked on dash and no warning stopped for a bit and then did it to my destination if Tesco's did the shopping drove back to my mums and no chime sound ...any idea peeps ?
  7. I recently had the leak in the boot sort of fixed but now have water in the passenger footwell ....where is this coming from does anyone know please .....its a fiesta 2009..
  8. Hi I just had the so called leak fixed in the boot was told by garage it was coming in from roof it has rained it's wet through again it's on the right hand side of the boot ....any ideas please ....
  9. Hi I have a leak on the right hand side in the boot any ideas where it is coming from and how much will a garage charge ? I have a towel in there soaking it up due to the amount of rain we are having in Brighton . Thank you
  10. Hi I'm Sharon from Henfield Brighton and I have a Fiesta Titanium which took a while to get used to as I had a Puma for 8 years which I loved but unfortunately went to rust. That is my car in the picture and her name is Freda hahah.....
  11. I have a leak on the right hand side of the boot have put towels in to soak it up its not going into the spare wheel ....where is it coming from ?