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  1. I only play it loud when I'm out on the motorway or something, in villages and so on I turn it down to be respectful. I did LOL though!
  2. Thanks @tef89 - when you say you have a dodgy speaker, what do you mean? Just wondering if I might have done damage, playing it so loud. Having said that, when I bought the car I recall being told it had protections in place to stop the speakers from blowing.
  3. Had my MK8 almost exactly a year (got it last June). I've done almost 10,000 miles, am I right in saying it is now due a service?
  4. Really like my Fiesta and its audio system but I find the audio is quite poor at higher volumes (10 and above - I know that's very loud). It sounds very hollow and kind of sibilant. At lower volumes it's fine and sounds good. Also seems to change depending on how fast I'm driving. This is using Spotify via CarPlay mostly. Just wondering how others find theirs?
  5. Those on really good MPG, what revs are you changing gear up and down?
  6. @Jonson My figures are calculated from fill-ups.
  7. That’s with normal 97 unleaded BTW. Never saw any improvements from other petrol types and I’m fairly sure the average driver would see no improvement.
  8. My lowest MPG is 46, I normally get around 50-51. How people are getting so low I’m very confused! I think I’d easily get 60 if I drove on the motorway for most of my driving but I drive on a lot of hilly single/dual carriageways.
  9. Usually average around 51MPG. I'm trying BP Super Unleaded for the first time to see if it makes any difference...
  10. Just checked on the Ford SYNC site. 😮
  11. Is this separate to the Sync software or are they one and the same?
  12. Glad to say the latest SYNC update solved this problem.
  13. I mean what do you define as "ok" - anything more specific if you wouldn't mind? I might well be overreacting, it's hard to say.
  14. I've cleaned the windscreen many times with vinegar, windscreen cleaner, etc. and the problem still is present. It's not really bad as in I can't see anything but when I use the washer fluid and wipers I wish I hadn't - put it that way.
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