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  1. Hello, I’m completely new to this forum so please don’t be too hard on me! I have a 2006 06 Focus Zetec, which has run absolutely perfectly, until I had it serviced and MOT’d at a main dealer in April this year. Since then, there has been a recurring intermittent fault. First, the rev counter repeatedly cuts out. Initially, it will “recover” and begin working again, but after a day or so, it will cut out immediately upon starting the engine, and not work at all. At that point the engine will begin to cut out, even when travelling at speed, and after a day or so, it will not start at all. The engine management light comes on and stays on, and connecting it to a fault reader thing shows up as (I think) fault 32, faulty crank sensor. I replaced the crank sensor and cleared the fault, the first time this happened, in May 09. I have since had the car into the main dealer three times for the exact same problem. I know its not a physical problem with the crank sensor itself , because once the fault is cleared from the system, the car runs smoothly again for a period, and the fault can’t be forced to repeat. It seems to be damp-related, as it has happened every time we have had a spell of rain, but I can’t prove this. The dealer won’t even look under the bonnet, because they can’t replicate the problem, and simply tell me that even if it is a loose wire, there are miles and miles of wiring inside the engine and they can’t (won’t?) check it all. I know as soon as it starts to rain again, I will have a useless car. I have considered buying one of those code readers, so that I can clear the fault myself – would this be a good idea? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!