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  1. Just got hold of garage they said yeah light just needs resetting I can bring it back over on Friday when im off work next. Might try that video now.
  2. Thanks mate. After I had it done ive seen a lot of people saying that the engine flush is a waste of money if its serviced every year?? It sounds a good idea to get the engine flushed.Doing about 11k miles per year.
  3. I was just panicking that the engine flush wernt done properly and might not have been cleaned out properly.😂
  4. Will it keep coming up everytime i start car now?? Thanks for reply too.
  5. Had my car serviced and m.o.t.'d yesterday. Full service plus engine flush and few little extras. Now today started it and its coming up on screen saying engine oil change due next service????
  6. Looking on internet to buy replacement part. Ive got the Fiesta titanium model 14 plate. Underneath the front bumper it has like a grey plastic protection each side just in front of the wheels. Seems like ive snapped one parking too close to a kirb last week.Im assuming they should just bolt/unbolt in place. Il just take them both off if cant get replacement just looks ***** at moment.
  7. Hi, whats best tyre pressures for a Fiesta Titanium 14 plate 1.4tdci?? Tyre size is 195/50/16 . So many different answers coming up on net and onviously depending on load?? Im just happy to use a happy medium rather than inflate/deflate . Mostly used for work so only me in car. Cheers.
  8. No It was set to low on outward direction not to windscreen. Well i pressed a few buttons and it seems to have worked for now. Haha It wasnt set to automatic so i dont know what I had done! Cheers for replies.
  9. Got a Fiesta titanium model 14plate, jumped in it to come home from work this morning and 20 minutes out of the 30 minute drive i was fighting with the blower controls it just keeps knocking on literally a second after I turn it back off?? Had no problems so far! Any ideas????
  10. Good spot changed it now. Its a 14 plate. Yeah just engine flush i mentioned not coolant,ah well its been done now hopefully do the car more good than bad.
  11. Hi just joined and have a query. Had my Fiesta serviced and m.o.t.'d last week, no problems flew it. Garage rung and said service advisory was to get engine flushed apparently this is needed every 2 years to suit Fords requirements or whatever? Had it done along with pollen filter changed and also brake fluid drained and renewed. Is the engine flush necessary? Read somewhere before that its not really needed these days and it could do harm to and rubber seals or whatever in engine??