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  1. DG97

    Mk8 Full-LED headlights replacement

    Hi, Including myself, i think quite a few people would be interested in doing this. I haven't heard of anyone having done this already but I think the amount of work included would be quite a lot. Likely that the connectors and lamps would require replacing but also the LED's are self-levelling so I am assuming that some sensors would need to be placed somewhere (my guess would be suspension). I cannot see Ford wanting to touch it (and if they do, the cost would be hefty) so there may end up being a garage or two pop up who might offer that job but as the car is still pretty new as a model, I cannot see that being any time soon. If anybody does have any info, it would be good to hear as I too wasnt able to order them as they weren't available at time of purchase.
  2. DG97

    MK8 Footwell lights

    Finally received the 2 lights from Ford and fitted them a moment ago. Once you've got the wires out, as others have said its a very quick and easy fit. In terms of the lights itself - they're spot on. Not bright enough to be distracting and just add a really nice touch to the interior.
  3. Talking of stupid stickers, cannot believe people agree/don’t take off the whopping Arnold Clark stickers from the rear window, looks absolutely hideous. Saw them selling an S Class Merc once with that sticker on the back, couldn’t believe how bad it looked haha
  4. DG97

    Fault code reader recommendations

    Thank you both, looks like that is the product I will go ahead and buy!
  5. Hi, i’m looking to invest in a fault code reader for my MK8 fiesta but i’m not really 100% sure which one to choose. Does anyone have any recommendations? I hope I won’t have to use it often so i’m looking for something that is good quality but also competitively priced rather than something outright top end. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  6. DG97

    Supagard - advice please

    As long as they haven’t done the work, you can back out without any problems 🙂
  7. DG97

    Supagard - advice please

    Hi, I think that paying for these sort of products is not a bad idea but... ideally not at the dealership you bought it from. You are better off finding a private and professional detailer in your area as he will likely charge roughly the same amount but should do his job better. In my experience, dealerships rush these sort of jobs and don’t do it as well as they could and should given they charge a high price. So doing it privately would be my advice. Also, I find that although the warranty is a 5 year one, i’m not a 100% the product applied lasts for as long as that so I wouldn’t see it as a extra long term or lifetime solution.
  8. DG97

    Mk8 LED Headlamp replacement costs?

    I don't have the LEDs on my MK8 as they werent available to order at the time but i really wish they were as they do make a good bit of difference in the dark.
  9. DG97

    Mk8 LED Headlamp replacement costs?

    That looks like the standard halogen with a LED DRL for the MK7
  10. DG97

    Mk8 LED Headlamp replacement costs?

    Had a quick look on Ebay where I found this advert: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/headlight-ford-fiesta-mk8-mk9-full-led/352548236468?hash=item5215832cb4:g:eT0AAOSwIkNb8X6A:rk:6:pf:0 It says it is a used unit but my guess would be it's technically used yet like brand new and that is £280 for the LED unit. Cannot find a new part from Ford Parts directly. It certainly looks more expensive to replace than a standard unit but I think if more time passes there will be more offers on Ebay and the price will probably get closer to £200.
  11. DG97

    MK8 Footwell lights

    Managed to remove the driver side wire after a bit of wrist breaking, I didnt think the metal bar needed removing but would have probably made it a bit easier. The worst part I thought was pulling the wire out of the connector hole. I pressed down on the clip and tried pulling the wire out but needed quite a few attempts before it finally came out.
  12. DG97

    MK8 Air Filter Location

    Thank you, much appreciated 🙂
  13. Hello, would anybody be able to point me in the direction of the air cabin filter? In my previous car it was behind the glove box that needed removing, not 100% sure if that is the case with the MK8 Fiesta too. thank you in advance 🙂
  14. DG97

    MK8 Footwell lights

    In the ST Line X and possibly other trims too, there is some ambient light in the cupholder area, am I correct thinking that the footwell lights would be switched on and work at the same time as the light in the cupholder?
  15. DG97

    Fiesta MK8 LED headlight retrofit

    Hi, unfortunately it wouldn’t be a case of plug and play, there’s more involved such as the auto levelling. I’m sure it’s possible but cannot see a dealer wanting to do a job like that and I doubt that there’s someone who’s been successful in doing such a swap on the MK8’s so far. Would be interesting to see if anyone manages to crack it as it’d be an interesting modification. I do bet it’d be a pricey mod though.