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  1. Maybe it’s work experience day at Ford HQ and they’ve let the students loose to play around on the website 😋
  2. Perfect, it’s a nice subtle look tbh time for me to get some decent caliper paint and crack on!
  3. Gutted the engine cover is gone, it looked well trimmed for the Fiesta so i’d have gone for that
  4. Do you have any more side shots of your car? Really like the thought/look of the red calipers but could do with seeing a bit more as I'm super tempted to get mine painted.
  5. I hate the concept of auto wipers and find the speed has rarely been spot on, most likely due to reasons that Eric mentions. Really like that we can switch auto wipers off and use the intermittent wipe ourselves, simple enough to then adjust the intermittent speed to what you want/conditions.
  6. That is bad advice actually haha, thought it was better than that in all honesty. But the video provided by Stoney seems spot on! Worth investing in a good trim removal kit. They’re max 15 quid on amazon but can replace the screwdriver in these situations and when used properly, almost certainly won’t leave any damage behind.
  7. I don’t know the exact process but did once wonder about how i’d go about it and checked the instruction manual that comes with the car, I think from what I remember, that had a fairly solid answer.
  8. I’d always say the 125bhp but... in the case of a newly qualified 17 year old driver, I would say a 100bhp would be a “better” option as it’s a little bit slower yet remains punchy enough. By no means would the 125bhp be difficult to handle or anything like that but I had a 95bhp car for my first car and felt that it was steady enough to gain driving experience and was never powerful enough to allow me to do stupid stuff which as a 17 year old - we’re all tempted to do 😉
  9. It appears that the word I used was filtered out - I referred to someone passing gas if that’s the correct forum terminology
  10. Different strokes for different folks but... I always thought that a noisy car would be cool for about 5 minutes until the loud droning noise begins to be very annoying when the novelty of it wears off and you want a peaceful drive on a motorway. Plus, people seem to fit them to engines which really aren’t great at producing a good noise. The 1.0 Ecoboosts are a prime example. Every single one I have heard or watched a YouTube clip off just sounds like a wet *****.
  11. I recommend the autobeam reverse light unit. Fitted them to mine, it’s a 5 minute job but you get rid of the creamy white light for a nice white shade which looks alright imo tried messing around with the reverse indicators to complete the full LED rear but access to the rear indicators in the MK8 is a nightmare so kind of gave in. My try again on a sunny weekend though as see how I get on
  12. I was disappointed with the h7 LEDs for the MK8 from autobeam. The plastic clip had snapped and was very fragile and despite the “ease of installation” and plug and play being advertised - it turns out that you had to remove the entire headlamp and that the domed rubber caps really needed to be squeezed in to actually fit which was less than ideal. CEUK offer installation with their products so once some reviews are out, i’ll be tempted to just let them fit the bulbs for me.
  13. The self parking is an interesting thing, would like to try it out myself. Although quite a few YouTube clips etc show that the self parking isn’t as good as it could be, parking quite a bit away from the kerb or not parking up in a straight line etc would be interesting to see if it can work well consistently or if it’s just a bit of a technological toy more than anything else
  14. Have sensors and the camera on my Fiesta, didn’t on my previous cars. wouldnt go back to not having one. Much better visibility and means I can park up without any pressure of how close I really am to whatever is behind me
  15. Sweet, thank you! Do you know where abouts the drain pipe might be on the MK8?