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  1. I don’t recall the name of the thread but a little while ago there was a fairly comprehensive coverage of what others have done to increase the security in their MK8’s. Worth searching the forum for it as there was a lot of good ideas discussed in there. other than that, there are some YouTube videos for the MK8 that are worth looking at. However, if you’re looking to not drill or rewire, a lot of suggestions won’t be of much use.
  2. In an expansion tank which the Fiesta has, I’ve always gone on the coolant level being perfectly fine when just above the min line when the engine is cold.
  3. I’ve done the same, 3 times in about a minutes time, just couldn’t figure out how to adjust my body to acknowledge the fact there isn’t a clutch pedal to press, such a daft feeling
  4. One correction would be that your car must meet the laws of the country you are driving in rather than the UKs. As we are (still) in the EU, the laws are fairly universal. However in some countries you need a lot more equipment on board. Even things like a fire extinguisher (in Poland). Also, winter tyres are compulsory in some countries and regions from around the 1st November. Saying all that (and despite having a set of winter tyres myself), in the current UK climate, winter tyres aren’t really needed. The temperature rarely drops below 0 and snowfall is quite rare and if it happens, it’ll usually be gone in a day or two.
  5. Not much to add to what others have said but mine hasn’t worked for a long time and the reason given is due to vehicle charging. I have assumed this is to do with the dash cam hardwired into the car which puts a small drain on the battery. I treat it not working as a positive as I wasn’t a massive fan of it.
  6. In many reviews of the ST, there’s a lot of comments saying the MK8 ST is far more comfortable than the MK7 so hopefully the comfort for a performance vehicle will be surprisingly good though obvious, I think the biggest change will be the power. Like Eric says there isnt all that much difference between an ST Line X and a ST3 (in terms of everyday usable toys) so I think you’ll see a lot more smiles each time you put your foot down
  7. Definitely not something exclusive to B&O - I’ve got that and was wondering the exact same. Most pictures I’ve seen have the icons and just cannot for the life of me figure out what enables it.
  8. At the moment I have a set of 205/45 17 Kumho Wintercraft WP71’s for my winter tyres and only one set of rims. i did look into some rims to fit the winter tyres but decided that for the potential saving in the next few years, it wouldn’t be worth the cost up front
  9. My mistake, you’re right, the convenience check is 12 months. although if combining it with an oil change it makes sense to do it at 9k so it’s an even gap between the extra oil change and the one that’ll happen during the service
  10. I used to use one that I thought could be trusted but then the quality of work turned out to be questionable at times. So it’s very difficult to get a mechanic that can be trusted, does a good job and doesn’t charge a fortune for it! started to use a Toyota main dealer in my area as that’s the car I had at the time. They proved to be really good, trustworthy and very competitive in terms of prices. Surprising combination for a main dealer Ford main dealers have proved to be a little bit hit and miss. The one I use I’m generally happy with but others on the forum have had some concerns with theirs.
  11. Think it’s time to swap your mechanic if you don’t trust them! same thing can happen for a lot of things... air filters etc - easy to check but how many people bother?
  12. Yes that’s correct however... when I replaced my oil at around 9k, the indicator was just below 50% and my journeys are a mix of start stop, dual carriageway and lots of hills. Which on paper means that it’d be due for an oil change at around 15k miles. With the service interval being set at 18k, do you just do the oil at 15 and the rest at 18, or all at 15? I find that a little bit of unnecessary confusion. Whilst definitely intelligent, at the end of the day it’s still a programmed counter to almost certainly take in the 18k set interval into consideration. As the previous interval was at 12.5k max, without anything apparent changing, it’s suddenly a variable of up to 18k which makes me think it’s more of a sales assist as they can say you need to service the car less.
  13. Nope, the checkup at 9k miles is effectively a visual review. Some members including myself ask for an oil and oil filter change at the same time. The 9k mile inspection is good if you get it at a good price, if it’s the full £100 it’s a little bit on the not worth it side even though it does give you a years worth of breakdown cover. as far as has been discussed, there aren’t any technical reasons behind the extension from 12.5 to 18k miles
  14. If this was a real danger and given 5w-20 has been used for plenty of time, I’d be sure it wouldn’t be in use and also the reliability of the Ecoboost engines would be under many questions, which it currently isn’t