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  1. Depends on the software used to map the car. Superchips/Bluefin stores the stock map. Others, you need to flash the ECU with the stock map. I don’t know for sure but I think the safest and probably one of the few ways is for a dealer to do it.
  2. £146 is a very high hourly charge but like you say it’s a plug in a usb stick sort of job, aren’t you better off doing it yourself? The Ford instructions on how to do it are fairly good.
  3. When I lost an aerial I just grabbed whatever had the correct screw to go into the base. Worked without any issues so just grab whatever fits from Halfords or eBay etc
  4. DG97


    Either way, before forking out any more money, ideally you’d want to have Mountune take a look at it imo
  5. DG97


    I’d be almost certain it’s an issue with the map. If the hardware didn’t cause any issues, there’s not much wrong with it. Can’t see a hard pipe causing so much issues as the stock isn’t exactly made with paper. I’d be putting my money on the map having ruined something but if that’s the case, i bet it will be something they’ll have to diagnose. Wonder what Ford would say if you wanted to put the stock map on, you’ll either be really lucky and they’ll do you a deal or they’ll come up with a number that’ll make your eyes water
  6. DG97


    I hope it’s something you get sorted without having to go all the way to Mountune but personally i’d be focusing on the components you put on for the remap, software included. If I read correctly, you had hardware put on first, drove briefly then had the map? If that’s correct, did you have the symptoms when driving on upgraded hardware but before the map or did it appear after the map?
  7. In short - no. You can see a 3 door’s window is larger than a 5 doors so the sizes for wind deflectors won’t match up.
  8. Yep, the oil looks correct - fully synthetic 5w-20 is the recommended oil for the Fiesta/ 1.0 Ecoboost.
  9. I’ve followed the same path, once a year or every 9,000 miles, I have the oil + oil filter changed on the Fiesta. as above, there hasn’t ever been an actual technical reason for increasing mileages between services so I assume it’s just so Ford can say it’s services every 18000 miles to get more sales.
  10. If you have a few mins spare, any chance you could grab a photo of it and the specific location? Might be tempted to have a go on mine as I have a slightly similar noise.
  11. Hello, it was actually @FiestaLes who wanted to fit these so I’ve tagged him for any possible updates. I had those options fitted on my car from factory so never had a need to pursue the topic in much more detail!
  12. Very naughty using a phone whilst driving 😉 Was that downhill or flat ground? If flat ground, that is seriously impressive, barely using any fuel at all