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  1. I’ve came across this that could potentially do a job as a hard wire kit? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333729970117
  2. Nope, no rear 12v socket. There’s a 12v next to the gearstick, so is a USB port. There’s another USB in the armrest storage compartment. For hard wiring - what dash cam do you have? Most dash cams seem to come with a range of cable options, be that 12v sockets, usbs or hardwire kits.
  3. Seems like a winter concentrate, as above - couple of caps and plenty of water. We don’t get ridiculously cold temps in the uk so not much need to over use the concentrate
  4. Yes, I’d have thought cruise control was standard on the STs and adaptive cruise wasn’t even available as an option on the ST.
  5. DG97

    Oil life

    I think a lot of people who were planning on keeping the car for a long time were doing that anyway. My take on it is that my car is the 2018MY - meaning the 1.0 Ecoboost (as far as i'm aware) is exactly the same as what was available in the mk7.5 - absolutely no differences between the two engines yet.... the mk7.5 had intervals yearly and at around 10,000 miles (someone might be able to correct that figure if wrong), yet the mk8 jumped to 2yr/18k miles without any changes to the engine. In my opinion it was simply a marketing con for Ford to say you'll spend less on servicing. Tbh, it's an ideal solution for the very common 3 year pcp deal as you only service once rather than 2/3 times but cant imagine it does many favours for the engine longevity.
  6. From what I’ve seen in reviews etc is that the Puma is an excellent car, I’ve sat in one before and thought it was a pleasant car. One thing I didn’t like though is that as the interior is basically a copy and paste from the Fiesta’s, the arm rest and cupholders were significantly lower than in the Fiesta when considering my normal driving position. I almost felt like there was little point in the arm rest being there as it wasn’t much use
  7. DG97


    No idea but I doubt it - been using the standard stuff and never had a problem. Personally I think that putting the premium stuff in is a waste of money on a 1.0 Ecoboost but each to their own! Not sure it would even be worth doing every 1000 miles or so, in my eyes it’s a bit like having a salad for lunch one day a week and then saying you’re on a diet - not really as it’s not done often enough to have a chance to make any difference
  8. Best used as a satnav - they always knew it was the wrong turn, it’s just they tell you after you’ve made it 😄
  9. Having just completed some lengthy trips, I was having a thought on one of the return legs. my MK8 comes with the driver tiredness alert “system” that is meant to remind you to take a break based on how you’re driving etc. on one of the return legs, I was very tired to the point I was almost falling asleep (I did pull over to rest for a few hours as soon as it became possible) but at no point did the driver alert ever warn of anything. Ultimately it’s obviously the drivers responsibility to rest etc but if even during more extreme cases there isn’t any warning etc, surely this is one of the most pointless features fitted to cars in recent years?
  10. I think @Revi is referring to the halogen projector headlight units which have the led strip going around the headlight. The basic version doesn’t have that and has standard halogen bulbs as DRLs the dipped beam is a reflector rather than a projector type headlight. Quite rare in the UK as I think it was only present on the basic style trim but I think they’re more common in other European markets
  11. Have you looked at Ford’s HP deals? Not sure what things are like atm but Ford offer some good deals including 0% apr at times, worth checking that out if you’re 100% set on keeping the car.
  12. Sad to say that mine has shrank. It no longer fits properly in the top part on the hanging bracket things but sort of drops down a little bit into the arm rest storage compartment. no biggie though, guess it must have shrunk under heat or something
  13. Out of curiosity, are you looking at any other cars? I know the ST is really good but I don’t think having owned a 140ps MK8 I’d be all that bothered about getting an ST version as performance aside, it’s still the same car. Pretty much same interior (Recaro’s aside), quite small, same build quality (put together well enough but mainly with hard plastics which is a shame). I do like the MK8 because it’s good fun to drive even as a 140 st line but if I was looking for a performance boost, I’d look at something a bit different. Due to COVID, there’s plenty of bargains around and plenty of choice, Golf GTIs, i30 N’s, last gen M140i’s etc Obviously I don’t know what your budget is but the ST doesn’t seem like a car that’d be significantly cheaper to run than alternatives
  14. To be fair, Autobeam stuff is quite good quality and the service is good too. I do think some of their products are way overpriced though, especially when you factor in VAT which they conveniently add on via checkout. seems very common practice, especially in the automotive world, to list the non-vat price then add it on - presumably for trade etc but when buying light bulbs, come one stick the full price up. With the VAT added on, IMO their products do become too expensive to consider
  15. DG97

    2021 Fiesta

    Not a facelift and the car will look pretty much the exact same as before. Only things that are changing are equipment levels and engine/gearbox choices. I think this generation of Fiesta has had quite a few of the “equipment” level reshuffles ranging from a bit more kit as standard to stuff like Sync 3 versions differing, LED dipped beams being introduced etc. I imagine in a few years there’ll be quite a few potential 2nd hand buyers asking questions along the lines of “does the MK8 have...” and the answer will depend very much on what model year the car is from