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  1. I haven’t actually used the Rain X repellant itself, just the Rain x glass cleaner which is contains the repellant so applies as you clean. I do find it leaves streaks behind so if using the repellant/glass clean mix, my advice would be to clean the windscreen with the cleaner, when clean, spray the cleaner on again wiping it around then leave to dry for 2-3 mins, grab another cloth and buff clean the windscreen - that should get rid of the streaks etc i remember the first time I applied it, the streaks were horrific but the above seemed to do the trick 🙂
  2. I’ve cleaned mine a few times during lockdown (and each time the neighbours have suggested “I do theirs next”), quite like the aqua wax from Autoglym - easy to apply, beads water quite well and seems to last for an acceptable amount of time. the rain-x glass glass cleaner isn’t a bad shout if you’re into water repellency on Windows. I didn’t really care for it before, but after applying it, it does contribute to greater visibility enough to make it worth the time and it’s not expensive either. I don’t have a high pressure washer as we don’t have a drive and where I park my car is a tad far to mess around with a hose. Would be good to see if anyone has any recommendations for a more “portable” pressure washer? Granted they’re not going to be as good as the proper thing but plenty of £100+ portable washers that on YouTube videos look like an absolute waste of cash
  3. DG97

    Lockdown MPG

    Mine has gone up a little bit to 44mpg from around 39-40. Obviously empty roads contribute to that as otherwise they were full of traffic. I think the key change is that during lockdown I’ve driven more “peacefully” and have enjoyed the more economical journeys than my usual daily driving which isn’t boy racer but it’s not conservative either. In terms of getting better mpg? If I was looking for a new car right now, I’d just buy a proper hybrid (not the mild hybrid rubbish stuck in a Puma) as I’m confident I could get 50mpg compared to the usual 39-40 I get now.
  4. Same here, doesn’t look like we’re missing much!
  5. The standard halogens are fine, but 2020 models now have LED dipped beams so can’t comment how they are. ive played around with different h7 bulbs but really, there wasn’t ever any crazy noticeable difference. I now have Autobeam led bulbs fitted, they produce a much whiter light but cover roughly the same area with the same level of brightness. I don’t think they’re bad but would advise to only fit them (and it’s a very fiddly job with an led bulb) if you want the whiter light. I certainly don’t recommend the blue coated halogens though, their output is white but also non existent in the dark and rain.
  6. Mine is an March 2018 and doesn’t have it, I think it’s around early 2019 it started showing up
  7. The car feels more mature than the mk7 Fiesta. The interior is a major design step up. The technology is far better and the car simply feels like it is a bit more grown up than the mk7. Quality for a small car isn't bad - tonnes of hard plastic about but the bits that need to be soft are. A little bit more soft touch material on the door panels wouldn't have hurt but it's really a small niggle. I have the ST-Line X and whilst quite firm (especially comparing to a softer Titanium), the ride is fairly smooth and doesn't become unsettled easily. The car all depends on your needs - my needs were a car that can carry me and very very rarely one or two other people. The rest was about a half-decent look, good equipment levels and adequate performance. I find the Fiesta is the best balanced for that when compared to competition. I did look briefly at an Ibiza FR but the car just wasn't as well equipped as the Fiesta is and you can get a Fiesta as a 3-door which seems to be a dying breed for cars!
  8. Had one as a courtesy car for a day once - don’t know if it was the 85 or 120 unfortunately. It did have a diesel like clatter to it but by no means was it overwhelming in the cabin. Economy was really good at about 55-60mpg. Would I buy one though? I dont think so. All depends on your mileage. A 125ps Ecoboost should get you a realistic 40mpg plus and is quieter, more refined and offers good performance. You’d have to cover extremely high distances to warrant the price difference and the Ecoboost is a better choice if you do short journeys all the time
  9. That’s quite interesting! Those figures are for the 6.2 standard - I do wonder if it changed for that? The paper brochure I have only states 180nm with no overboost and also Fords press materials on the technical side of things mentions nothing about it. To be fair, Fords information on their own cars is a bit inconsistent and often filled with mistakes. So it does in fact look like the stage 6.2 cars do have the overboost, whether the earlier stage 6 do? Who knows haha
  10. There’s been a bit of a discussion about this before I think but according to pretty much every single tech sheet from Ford, there is absolutely no indication that the MK8s have the overboost feature unfortunately. The MK7s do but as far as I’ve ever been able to find, the MK8s peak at 180nm and not much more!
  11. Hello, Does anyone here have any experience of using a car with the center resonator removed? What sort of noise increase did you experience, any droning in the cabin? I’m looking at a catback with no center res and a back box but haven’t really found a video that would cover a probable noise so thought to see if anyone’s done anything along those lines before?
  12. Back when getting mine, I think the difference between the 125 and 140 was £350 on a new vehicle, not that big considering the purchase pricing anyway. Not sure what the pricing is like now but I did notice a new well equipped Fiesta is quite pricey in the new pricing list with a few options ticked. Saying that if Audi can charge £30k for an A1, I’m sure Ford can charge £22k for a ST Line X with a few options ticked
  13. I was 21 when I got mine, we were talking a few quid difference 2 years ago, pretty sure things won’t be all that different now. Check out QuoteMeHappy as an insurance company, just got a new quote and cover with them and they were about £100 cheaper than the next reasonable offering
  14. No specific issues as such, the specifications and minor details did change over time but nothing between 67 plates and 18. i have the 140 engine and it’s a very good engine. As a person who drives alone most of the time, it offers very adequate performance and has so far been quite cheap overall to run and maintain. I wouldn’t recommend the 100 simply because the price differences aren’t that big between the 100 and 125 and the performance difference is kind of noticeable. Mountune do offer a remap for the 125 which brings it to 140ps and a bit more torque than an out of the factory 140 but it’s about £3-400 so you’d really have to be bothered about the extra 15ps to warrant the price. If you can get a car with what you want with the 140, then do it but otherwise, the 125 is a sweet spot of them all.
  15. I’d echo what Eric says, the UK market does get a little bit more kit “spec for spec” so an Italian Titanium could have less kit than a UK Titanium. I’d possibly expect Cruise Control to be something that gets dropped and added as an optional extra. Another example is the “X” versions of trims like Titanium X or ST Line X, pretty sure the UK is one of the few if not the only that actually got that trim level