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  1. Maybe I was a bit harsh with my evaluation... 😁 the positive core of the Fiesta is consistent in all trims imo, the good engines and driving enjoyment so I'm sure you'll enjoy your purchase! Which engine did you go for?
  2. I have the exact same issue happen every now and then. It doesn’t happen enough for me to be able to take it to my dealer and show them so I will likely bring it up when I take it for a service in a few months time but for now, absolutely no idea. I’m not really worried though, it doesn’t happen very often and the car is still under warranty so not really a stressful situation at the moment.
  3. Hope you’re enjoying your new car! Yes, that’s perfectly normal. The car won’t switch on unless you press the clutch - this prevents you from switching the car on when in gear and lurching forward
  4. Worth adding that I drove the 100 as a courtesy car and my car is the 140 - you can obviously feel the difference in performance but the gap is not actually that big in everyday driving. In a strange way, on my everyday commute, the 100 didn’t actually feel much different than the 140 until I tried to open it up on a bypass and even the the 100 wasn’t terrible
  5. The 100 will definitely be up for it but with a fully loaded car, you’d definitely appreciate the extra bit of power. By no means would you be disappointed by the 100 and if you find it offers adequate performance for your needs, then that’d be my choice. Although the 125 is often referred to as the sweet spot in the Fiesta engine range. Good performance, the prices aren’t significantly higher that the 100 and overall an excellent performer. So i’d highly recommend shopping around for a ST Line/ST Line X with the 125. Man other possibility would be buying the 100 then remapping but personally, if that’d be my other option, I’d just go out and get the 125 in the first place.
  6. I agree, it’s really at the ST-Line X where you can really get a car that is genuinely very advanced for a small car and the extra kit you get, makes it feel like a car from the class or two above
  7. Hard to say really, the ST-Line looks much better than Titanium and despite being harder, is actually still comfortable when dealing with potholes and on longer drives. The ST-Line would be and is my choice of trim. The titanium is probably going to be softer but still handle relatively fine but the looks just don’t do it for me - I think the Fiestas in a non ST-Line or Vignale trim just look like a boring pensioners car. So yeah...if your budget allows it, go for the ST-Line and don’t listen to your dealer having more Titanium’s - it’s your car and your choice not their choice because they have the car and a sale ready
  8. No complaints, the 140ps really does what you want it to do, for example a 50 to 70mph acceleration is fine and the car doesn’t feel as if it lacks power. Even in 6th gear at 60mph+ it is rare that you’ll have to change down
  9. Oh and adaptive cruise is a highly recommended option, have it on mine and it contributes to the overall motorway refinement greatly
  10. Not everyday but often enough. The car is quiet enough at 70-80mph, fairly comfortable too and the seats do a good job. Did actually do a trip through Europe in the car and it did a brilliant job, at no point was I exhausted due to the car being uncomfortable or just unpleasant to be in
  11. The differences are quite large between the x and standard - leather seats, led rear lights, traffic light recognition, tinted rear windows, auto high beam (I think), for the extra you get in the x, I do think it’s worth paying a little extra. Mine is 13 months old and at around 12,500 miles - apart from my few moans about interior quality, the car is doing very well. Good to drive and very refined especially on a motorway for a small car. MPG isn’t anything to jump about - around 38-39 in mine which is a 140ps, better than my old car at around 34 and I tend to go by if it’s better than last then it’s good enough but it would have been nice to see 40 mpg plus on the daily routine. Will probably bluefin in the next 12-18 months to breathe some new excitement into the car to stop me from swapping to something else.
  12. In all honesty, I think nowadays, if you're looking at a "small" car such as a Fiesta, A1, Polo, the quality isn't quite as good as it could be as ultimately, the cars are built to some sort of a budget which is a shame as if Ford had really just done that little bit more with plastic quality and did enough to get rid of rattles/poor finish in places, the Fiesta would genuinely be extremely difficult to fault. But saying that, the A1 with a few options can actually touch on 30k and if I was daft enough to fork that out on an A1, I'd be super annoyed to find hard plastics anywhere. Same goes for the "vignale" which for all the upmarket marketing rubbish Ford tries to flog about it, is nothing more than your average Fiesta with leather seats which come in a colour that doesnt really match the interior and a nice looking grille. Which is the same story as the A1, if the vignale can cost £23-24k, I'd expect a little bit more than a purple arm rest pad stuck onto the plastic door cards. The digital dash I like quite a lot...apart from some of the newer ones which seem to be rectangular in corners if that makes sense.... in the VW's, even though the display is digital, the dials are circular where as on some of the Seat's and Audi's, in the corners, the temperature and fuel level gauges are spread across the entire corner in an awkward to read rectangular shape which I don't like, and I do actually think that at first, the execution of the digital dials was great, as time goes on manufacturers will try and stuff more features into them and make them either really awkward to use or too cluttered. You are definitely lucky if you haven't had any rattles though 😄 just as I begin to enjoy the silence in mine, the rattle just reappears...
  13. For all it counts... sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced. In my previous experiences with service staff - it really depends on which dealer and brand you go to. Used to have a Toyota before my current car and the service staff were nothing short of amazing. Clear explanations, good technical understanding, no issues with dates etc... my current Ford dealer has been very average at best: 1. Tried booking my car for an oil/oil filter change at 9k miles (service interval is at 18k) and was told multiple times that "it doesn't need it" and "why would i do it earlier". I had valid reasons and wasn't comfortable with changing oil at 18k when Ford haven't been able to backup the increase in mileage between services with any technical developments. Pretty much out right refused to do it so had to go to a different dealer. 2. At first occurence of rattles inside the car - the rattles were acknowledged but was then told after the car was with the dealer for the full day that they "took the door panels off, nothing was loose and is all secure" so should now be fine - I then played music slightly louder than usual and the rattle was still there. 3. Wanted to find out about getting a spare tyre to my car and given that when I asked there seemed a bit of a rush and I wasn't really desperate for the wheel, I suggested they just call me back when they get 5 mins free to have a look at the total cost of the alloy and tyre - never got any info back. 4. As much as I hate to say it, depending on who the service rep I speak to is, it just seems that they repeat what they've been told by the mechanics but don't actually fully understand what it is that they are telling me which is a bit of a shame as when you have further question or aren't entirely happy - "you have to book it in again". As I say, depends on the rep and most are fine but on the odd occasion, there is a clear lack of actual technical knowledge imo which in a service department seems odd.
  14. Ford should be really disappointed with the door cards on the MK8, they rattle under acceleration, they rattle when the music is played loudly and are just generally a hard lump of plastic. Real shame as I can’t image it would have cost significantly more for slightly better quality finish especially as other brands manage to do it. Even in a “upmarket” Vignale, it’s just the lump of plastic which looks really odd as it has the purple coloured leather arm rest on it which due to the colour stands out and just looks like a stuck on accessory
  15. It beeps if you lock the door but the boot is open etc, almost certain it isn’t meant to beep for any form of locking unless there was a problem of some sort