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  1. But to add - if the Fiesta takes over the hated Corsa chavvy stereotype - i think i'll be going back to blending in with a Toyota 😛
  2. I think any car that is somewhat cheap to buy and run especially insurance costs and also looks good which the ST and ST Line do has the potential for this - VAG group cars like the Polo, Golfs, Ibiza's and the hideous Lupo. The ST's and ST-Lines become cheaper and cheaper as time goes on and are a tasty buy on the second hand market which is maybe why their popularity is increasing but in all fairness, I've been aware of the boy racer and Fiesta link for quite a while but don't think it's much different to the VAG group cars I mention. I'm of the age which could be in-line with the boy racer stereotype but do agree with you that straight through exhausts etc in most implementations are not fantastic. I like modifications that make the car better in some way be that the looks, performance or noise but a lot of the stuff that people put on just isnt my cup of tea. In accordance with the young boy racer stereotype, I did actually play around briefly with the idea of fitting a new exhaust to my MK8 but having heard some of the youtube videos I thought it sounded almost awful so decided against it. All in all I think it's just the age thing - the cars have had plenty of time to become affordable (like the Corsa's where) and there are a lot of different companies out there offering a lot of products (of varying quality) and thus there's plenty of choice that won't break the bank and achieves the desired effect - a modified (probably undeclared) vehicle which is loud and full of extra kit which some find tasteful and others don't. I suppose some may see a modification on someone's car where it looks good and think they can pull it off on their vehicle when the reality is they can't
  3. My thoughts exactly, as the trio was finally starting to gel, LeBlanc leaves, Reid gets dropped to the ExtraGear thing they do (odd choice) and they hire McGuinness and Flintoff which is just stupid. Neither have any motoring journalism experience and Flintoff played cricket, not sure how that ties into presenting top gear, they might as well just let Paul Ince or Sol Campbell do it.
  4. DG97


    As above, hub changes or adaptors or are the two choices, either that or a set of alloys that will fit
  5. Any info on the alloys? Size’s etc?
  6. To be honest, since TG has been ran by LeBlanc, Harris and Reid i’ve actually quite enjoyed it. Nice show to have alongside the Grand Tour.
  7. DG97

    Mk8 Titanium

    As per Eric's comment, there is a bit of discussion on this in the ECO mode thread but in a nutshell, Ford have streamlined the range and the dropping of the 3 door titanium is part of that. I've noticed on the configurator for the ST-Line trims there is a new colour available - Desert Island Blue - as far as blue goes, in my eyes nothing tops the Deep Impact Blue but i do wonder how this new desert island blue will look in real life.
  8. Whilst I haven't fitted any myself yet, I would have been under the assumption that it is a simple plug and play installation without any relays or modifications required. What bulb do you use?
  9. Yes, mixture of both really, some fixes and some just went away and have never returned. I think i've mentioned in this thread before but the fixes I have put in place are: 1. Sound proofing of the door panels - Have used the Skinz sound deadening mats. They have been stuck onto the inside of the door panel and have taken out most sound-related rattles. 2. Wave Diffuser - Once again a Skinz product. Fitted behind both of the speakers in the front door panels. Prevents the sound waves from travelling all across the door panel. Fitted this at the same time as the sound proofing so not sure if it's effective on it's own but as a concept, definitely worth pursuing. 3. Few felts around where the door plastic meets the metal door. Not many felts used but a couple in places where the plastic seemed to be making a little too much contact with the metal frame of the door. Not really sure this was a cause of the most annoying rattles but it's a 30 second job to stick them on. 4. Not using this anymore but I found that wedging some card (think something like a business card) in between the connection where the door bin meets the main door panel seemed to surprisingly dampen and almost eradicate quite a few rattles but not exactly what one could describe as a quality fix. 5. My passenger door bin is stuffed with a microfibre cloth thing that i sometimes use to wipe some mist from either the mirrors or the side windows so that may or may not put a bit of pressure on the panel and help dampen any noises. There are still some little ones that may come up every now and then but as I mention, I only have one left that i'd really like to get rid of, any others I'll probably just live with and blame a slightly poor interior quality in some places 😛
  10. Thank you for all your advice. I think i'll slowly start buying some LEDs in and making some replacements! I have heard the rear lights can be a bit of a pain and I actually found a video of a spanish bloke fitting them (can't tell what he's saying but can see what he's doing) and it definitely looked like a bit of a pain.
  11. Wow, that's quite mad considering how stiff it is at the moment. I will definitely ask my dealer to have another go. It's the one last rattle and the rest are gone so would be nice to get rid of it and enjoy a quiet interior 🙂
  12. Hi all, Has anybody fitted any autobeam led's to their vehicle? I'm looking at maybe fitting some myself and would be interested in any fitting advice / general opinions specifically for the following: Reverse lights Front and rear indicators Front fogs It's unlikely I will fit the LED dipped beam due to the legality/blinding others issue (though saying that I'm not sure if there are any legal concerns about the fitment of other LED lights to a non-LED lamp) but for anyone who has fitted the LED dipped beams, I assume the light is obviously going to be whiter but is the vision much better and how is it in terms of blinding other cars, is that just a bit of a myth or is it just a case with the lower-end led upgrades?
  13. Thanks for that update, i might ask my dealer to re-visit that when i next take the car in for a service (still a while away though). Nearly all the rattles and buzzes are gone aside from one coming from near this compartment in the passenger door. I was going to take the panel off myself but haven't really had much time to do so. How easy is it to take this baggage compartment from the main door panel now? I would say at the moment on mine, without snapping or breaking something, it would be impossible to remove it as it is so tightly stuck to the main door panel. Saying that though, it is interesting that the panels being stuck together so tightly would cause this rattle. I would have thought it would be the complete opposite - multiple panels being a little bit loose and vibrating when exposed to any bass.
  14. I've had a bit of a play around with it before, i'd say it's highly unlikely to change anything by accident
  15. DG97

    ECO mode

    As i mentioned, it's a case of different strokes for different folks - to me aesthetics are more important that practicality as someone who drives on his own or sporadically with another person. In the past 12 months that I've had the car, i've carried someone in the back twice so usability of the rear seats is not a major concern. I actually think the larger doors and a B pillar being a bit further back is an advantage - the side windows are bigger and offer better visibility and space permitting, you can get a bigger gap to jump into the car if necessary. Though definitely a bit of a pain in tight spaces, it's by no means an annoyance and it's something I've got used to having ran 3 door cars for around 5-6 years now. I'm not entirely sure how it makes getting long items in the boot more difficult if you're placing the item into the car via the boot but would argue it makes long items easier to carry as if needs be, you can play around with the front seat a little bit to get that extra bit of space which is something you can't really do in the 5 door. I do agree with you in that I'd probably prefer the not ST/ST-Line vehicles as a 5 door as if I was choosing the titanium or other non-sport trims, chances are my priorities would be different and would mean I'd probably be after a 5 door anyway. Saying that though, even as a 5 door, the Fiesta is still quite cramped in the back so if I really needed to carry people in the back often enough, I'd have probably looked elsewhere. Plus as Eric says, there's a price saving of around £500-600 which is a major advantage as I'm not paying more for something I wouldn't be benefitting from.