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  1. If you have the manual, there is a fuse chart in there. If you don’t, I believe an online copy is available via the Ford website
  2. I think the idea of fixing the car up yourself isn’t a bad one especially if it’s something you like doing. Personally, I don’t think modifications on a £450 car would increase its value significantly or even at all, it’d probably make the car look a little bit more modern but in my eyes at that price point, it’s the mechanical and bodywork condition that will dictate the price and not visual mods
  3. I'd agree with that 100%. I don't really care for them being on or off but I don't think they make much difference. Even on sharp corners, the illumination is visible but not in that improves your vision, you can just see something is lit up. I think adaptive headlights that turn with the wheel turning are a better idea. By default, the cornering lights are fog lights which project forwards, almost in line with the headlights so they don't really result in giving more "cornering" vision. When playing around with Forscan, I did see an option to change the function of the fog lights from cornering to just fogs which I assume would switch the cornering lights function off. I didn't try it as I'm not that fussed either way but for anyone that wants to give it a shot, it's just choosing a different option. Shame it can't be done easily via the vehicle settings in the trip computer display thing.
  4. DG97


    I’ve always stuck to what the manufacturer recommends. If an engine has been designed to run on a given octane rating, it’s more than adequate for the compression in the engine. I’d put in a higher octane if the engine was a higher compression but even in an ST Fiesta, I don’t think it’s necessary. I see why higher octane fuel is used in rallies, but again, all depends on the car being rallied. For normal driving, even if someone feels a difference, I’ve never thought the large difference in price was worth it. Especially as sometimes the difference can be 15-20p a litre and on a 40 litre tank for a car that doesn’t really need it and isn’t being driven heavily like in a rally etc, to me it’s just a waste of around £8 a tank
  5. I experienced the buzzing rattle when listening to loud music. You can take things apart etc but it will just keep coming back. To resolve my noise from the doors during louder music, I fitted a wave diffuser behind the front speakers and quite a bit of sound deadening material onto the entire door panels. It has helped a lot but if you try hard enough, the noise will be just about hearable in very extreme circumstances.
  6. For people who mention the rear camera is too bright - what is your display mode set to in the settings? Mine is set to auto and I can actually see the camera dimming sometimes in the dark and haven’t felt it was ever too bright
  7. I’m only going on personal experience. When I used some before, they were simply dangerous and didn’t light up the road at all in the wet and dark and not amazingly well during a dry night either. i will dig around for an article I read a while ago that compared the light output and each single bulb that had a blue filter had shocking output for heat spots which indicated minimal light being thrown out due to the blue filter
  8. As far as I recall, for the symptoms you mention, the zip-tie fix on the ventilation pipes proved to be a good fix
  9. The coloured halogens from the ebay advert wouldn’t in theory pass an MOT as at that level of tiny, they won’t have the ECE legislation so they won’t be road legal. Whether the tester will check for that is another story. I would personally very strongly advise against fitting that level of tinted halogens as they’re simply dangerous. They offer a white light but don’t light up the road in front of you well at all, especially when it’s raining. Unfortunately you can’t really have a fully white and safe halogen bulb as the two simply don’t go together. I’d agree that Nightbreakers are good though. The light is a bit whiter (though still quite clearly yellowy) but the range and brightness is really good.
  10. It's hard to get a change log for the updates (if even obtainable by a standard customer) but usually in the description it's either something for bug fixes or performance optimisation which quite often results in absolutely nothing noticable to us, though not all improvements are visible to the eye!
  11. 15 miles each way to work. Mixture of local road, hills, short stretches of dual carriageway which on the way back is usually full of traffic. My previous car got around 34 doing the same journey and considering my route and driving style, I’m content with it being at around 38! Would be nice if it was more but it’s not a figure that disappoints me. I think with a turbocharged engine and the type of route and driving style I have, to get better economy, I’d be looking at a hybrid.
  12. The MPG will improve as the engine beds in, I’d say 38MPG or higher is achievable fairly easily. Currently getting around 38 myself. it costs Ford a little bit of money but is basically a money maker. I certainly won’t be paying to renew as I don’t see the point. Could be worse though... BMW were charging for CarPlay at some point
  13. Same for apple. Usb only. No Bluetooth for CarPlay
  14. If its just water, could it have frozen up overnight?
  15. Take them out of the folder and delete the empty folder. All files should be in the root of the drive for the update to start