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  1. digital aircon controls help

    success fitted air con control unit of ebay and now everything is working as it should
  2. Trip computer erratic

    mine is the same on instant fuel consumption think it may be the norm
  3. digital aircon controls help

    no the weathers not affecting it , it seems to have a mind of its own, when it works it stays on , even over bumps ,but when i turn the engine off and come back to start the car the blowers are on full but the ac control unit is dead even the heated screen buttons do nothing, i have bought a secondhand unit of ebay hopefully this will cure it or ive just wasted forty quid, fingers crossed
  4. hi hope someone can help and maybe save me some money, i have a 03 1.8tdci ghia, i seem to have a intermitent fault with my digital heater control, sometimes when i use the car the digital controls dont work, the display is blank and the buttons do nothing, but the heater fan is blowing on full , with no way of turning it down or off , the next time i use the car everything is fine? its seems pot luck if it works or not. ive checked the fuses and fiddled with the relays but still got the problem , could i be looking at a new aircon heater digital display unit? or am i missing something obvious? ive had the unit out but could find no loose wires or loose connections. i would be gratefull for any help or advice....thanks