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  1. I have connected the wires with those of the reverse bulb and of course the camera turns on only when you go in reverse. I don't know how it is set the original camera, they are just "suppositions" :D
  2. if this is the cable that arrives at the screen, I think that the central wire is the video wire, and there is an outer mesh that is the black. but I think there is someone who knows more
  3. I connected the normal rca cable to this fakra (back of the screen) : top right with black rca wire and bottom left with the video wire (yellow in my rca cable). you have the cable already in the tailgate, so I think with a new fakra plug you are able to make the connection .
  4. hi, I have a fiesta st-line 2017, there is only the drink holders red light and white standard bulb on footwell, but there are all the predispositions. So I put the the T10 led ice blue bulb in the footwell and first a led strip (it was too bright at night, first img with standard footwel light), than an ice blue el-wire strip on glove box (behind you can find the blug).
  5. hi, I have a fiesta ST-line (2016), with FORScan and a ELM327 modified with HS/MS CAN switch I activated global closing (you can close or open the windows with the remote) and auto lock speed (door lock at 30km/h). My fiesta has only the front windows electric with one touch function.
  6. nothing found behind the boot trim, no free wires nor green (or other color) plug. so I decided to pass the cables and connect a 'chinese' retrocamera. the hardest thing was to remove the the boot and screen trim (maledette clip!!)...and even pass the cables in the tailgate. with the cable behind the glove compartment I disconnected the original cable and used a new fakra plug. everithing ok at the first try!
  7. I'll look better in the next days, but, although there is the fakra cable behind the screen, I think that no camera cable arrives in the tailgate. thankyou for now
  8. sorry for my english...maybe I'm not clear enough :( I have same number of wires, both side. Not all the connector's "holes" are with a wire in it
  9. but, if present, where I could find the end of the cable for the camera? removing the tailgate handle?
  10. so...I think that not all the wires/pins are present (there are some empty pins), but all the wires on colored side are present on black side.
  11. Hi, I'm interested in this procedure, I have a fiesta ST-line (not the new one, but bought in 2017) with sat nav. "Now at this stage you should see a big grey connector block near the seat belt mechanism": there are 11 wires on both side (black up and multicolors down) if liamstears or anyone else can help me, thanks a lot!!