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  1. Fair enough mate, thanks for the update. Appears mines not affected by this as I've just this second finished both parts of the update and uploaded my log file. Thanks all!
  2. Well..... I couldn't make this up! Less than 5 minutes after posting my above replies, I went out and tried the same stick again, which I again freshly formatted and un-zipped the files to (for the 4th time) again today, the exact same way I'd done it on my previous attempts. Didn't even start the car this time with it being so hot, just fired up the head unit, let it fully boot and inserted the stick, almost instantly got the message about a software update being detected and its now installing. Hand on heart did nothing different at all in terms of the files or the USB stick.
  3. Do you have a link for the thread? if its the same one I keep coming across on Google then yes I've read it but I didn't see anything mentioning an issue with 2018 models or anything about an fix for this during F9, is this a confirmed/acknowledged issue from Ford? Cheers Chris
  4. Thanks for the replies.... No other USB devices connected and yes, stop/start is turned off. Software version is already 18025 Root of my USB as per attachment (I know this is correct) formatted using exFAT. Re-downloaded and un-zipped the files fresh twice now. Tried on both an existing USB stick and a brand new Sandisk 64Gb one (both USB 3.0)..... I know these function fine with the car because one of them normally has all my music on (before I backed up and formatted it to exFAT) which is detected and plays without any issue. I had the exact same issues
  5. Morning all, I've been trying in vain for the last couple of days to apply the F8 map updates. Put my VIN into the Ford site, no software updates but showing a large map update (23.2gb once downloaded) Left the stick plugged in for over an hour and nothing at all is showing in the screen. Everything is correct, exfat formatted stick, 3 files etc etc. Even bought a new stick..... still nothing. No the stick is getting hot so its doing something, but this has to be the poorest user interface design I've ever seen (I work in IT!), why is there simply not a message to
  6. Hi Eric, No, I had not disabled the Stop/Start..... I can only assume because I'd only been driving for 3 mins the car hadn't warmed up enough for it to be in operation yet, I've remembered something else since which may be significant, I'd locked the doors from inside when I started to drive off (old habit)....... but this would of unlocked automatically when I got out as it always has, but some issue then caused it to re-lock. I dont know why and if this is indeed the case its a pretty big issue........ the car should never ever lock itself with the key sitting right inside the car.
  7. Morning all, Had the car since April and loved every minute of it, until this morning! On my way to work at about 7am, pulled up outside my mates house as he left his golves in there at the weekend, pulled up..... left the engine running, jumped out run the 15yds to his front door and shoved them through, get back to my car...... it's just suddenly decided to lock itself and subsequently me out of it as I'd left the keys inside, by the little storage area under the A/C controls. Now I'll admit this is my first time having a car with a 'push to start button' and am
  8. Just an update, I managed to get the update to work! finally. I decided to wash, wax and clean the inside of the car today and thought I'd give it one last try while I was out with the car anyway, stuck the USB in and forgot about it, I left the engine off but switched the radio on. First thing I noticed the the radio powered itself off (I think after 30 mins), still no update...... another 30 mins later it powered off, so I jumped in to power it back on and when it came back on I noticed the 'Updating' message....... I allowed it to finish and it went through fine. The second p
  9. Yeah I managed the update to build 18025 without issue, but for whatever reason the update just refuses to start with the map update, no message, no errors...... nothing happens at all.
  10. Nope..... no luck, thats 3 sticks I've tried now, all exFat formatted, files downloaded, copied on as per instructions, script checked to make sure its correct. I also tried extracting both the downloaded file, because you mentioned having problems extracting them (even though the document never mentions extracting the files), amended the script to reflect the new file names and tried this..... nothing. At no point have I ever received the 'Updating Software' message as displayed in the instructions, either there is a step missing here or the instructions are not quite correct?
  11. Yeah I've checked all that and used 3 different sticks (all exFat) all no different I'm afraid...... interesting though you say to extract the files, the document never mentions extracting them it just says to copy them directly into the folder.
  12. Thanks for the reply. That's the issue for me though, I don't even get the updating message at all, I'm copying the files to another USB stick incase for some reason the car isn't registering that particular stick (even though I use this stick for my music in the car which works fine) I'll try the other stick tomorrow and let you know if I have any luck. Cheers mate Chris
  13. Has anyone been able to get this to work, I've followed the instructions in the document to the letter, in both the arm rest and console USB slots and after 20 minutes or so in both I never see the "Updating system software..." message. I work in IT so I'm completely comfortable with all of the files and writing of the script file etc so I'm confident I'm not doing anything incorrectly. My sync version is 3.0 build 17276 (I did this update ok myself) and my maps are currently F6.1 Any ideas? (The links above have expired by the way) Cheers Chris
  14. I picked up these deflectors for my MK8 ST-Line last week and they fit and look great. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-mk8-5-doors-hatchback-2017-onwards-4-pc-wind-deflectors-HEKO-Tinted/183058960326?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  15. Alex, Ah......very good point! you know what I never considered that, I actually have not tested that as I only installed it yesterday and I've not taken the car out since as I'm working from home, I'll pop out at lunch time and see what happens and let you know. Cheers!
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