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  1. Hi Alan. If this is the plug behind the back seats on the left then you are missing the BCM line ,the 12 volt from the central junction box and the earth line. You need to fit these wires from the plug to the camera through the tailgate door.You also have to fit another 3 wires from the screen to the camera. I'm talking about the factory camera...
  2. So...i ended up fitting a 5 inch screen and done the job perfectly. The conclusion is that you cannot retrofit a reversing camera in a 4.2 inch screen. Only if you have 4,2 inch with reversing sensors by factory like Cragrats fiesta.Thanks to Cragrat, Jonro2009, jace1969 and to all the guys here for your help!!!
  3. Hi guys. I finally decided to fit a 5 inch screen as i cannot find a solution with my 4,2 one.I want to ask if anybody knows the price of the display surround trim (new) and if i will need a support plastic (photo 2) for the screen.Thanks.
  4. Thanks Jace1969 but my problem is for factory camera with factory we are not talking about incompatibilities....i think.
  5. Unfortunately my camera function is locked and cannot be unlocked even with the ids diagnostic tool...this is what the dealership told me yesterday.Do you think fitting a 5 inch sat nav screen will solve my problem?
  6. Hello guys. Sorry for posting here as i'm an owner of a fiesta st but i need JW1982 help if it is possible.I have retrofitted the factory camera to my st 2017 model (with 4.2 inch screen) taken from a 2016 titanium.Before adding the missing cables i activated the camera and saw the screen below. After adding the cables i have the same screen with the menu working.My car doesn't have parking sensors. The FCDIM mumber is F1BT-18B955-LA. Can you think something? Wrong firmware, wrong FCDIM or anything else...Please help. Thank you.
  7. First thing i want to tell to you is that i have fitted the factory camera so i think is unnecessary to check the NTSC/PAL protocols.Secondly i've tried to change the value in the APIM like Jonro2009 told me but...nothing happened.The same situation. Then i unplugged the camera and I got a DTC saying that the system had lost communication with camera module. That means the system can see the camera but??? I also don't have parking sensors so i'm afraid that something is missing in my system. Thanks to all of you for your help.
  8. Thanks, i'll try tomorrow.
  9. Thanks Jonro2009 for your answer. My number in 7D0-01-01 is 01BF 8840 0263. So i have to change the 01BF to 02BF right?
  10. Any help guys? Cragrat is there something that you can think? Do you think i have to change my bcm?
  11. Hello again guys.I have finished putting the factory reverse camera on my st (with the cable stuff) but i cannot enable it.I 've activated the camera in configuration and programming section but i can only see a pink screen (photo below) with the choices working (zoom , guides etc).Do i have to change the APIM values? Any ideas? Thank you.
  12. Hello and happy new year. I need your help guys again... I have to know what is the type of the female pins that are in the C237 grey plugin below cd player.The car is 2017 model and as i can't find a used plug i must know the type of the pins .Any help? Thank you!!!
  13. David, thank you very much for your help...i really appreciate it.
  14. Hi David.Just a photo of the screen working with reverse...I also want to ask you what size is the cable for the 12v camera feed that you used? Thanks!!!
  15. Hello. I would like to have some advise about the specific upgrade programs for the fiesta st. In case somebody doesn't care about the car warranty which one would you prefer? mountune mp215 or peron stg1+? pros + cons...Thanks!