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  1. Thanks to both of you, I just had to double check that it was still active. Thanks Allan
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get an elm obd tool from tunnel rat electronics and was wandering if anyone has bought from them recently, I only ask as there social media buttons at the bottom of there page just take you to some "freewebbs" social pages. If it is a dead end, dose anyone suggest anywhere else to get one of these? Thanks Allan Allan
  3. Hi all, I have a service in a 1000 miles or so and been looking for a magnetic sump plug, ceuk have just released some for fords and I asked about my diesel and they said that according to there sources, the diesels come with plastic sumps, is this true? Thanks Allan
  4. Oh I've had my fair share of "genious ideas" that in the cold light of day not even a complete muppet would consider, and I'm sure they'll be more. I have days where I hate the wheels but days where I kindo like them, they'll do for now, might even treat them to a refurb soon. The thing I do like about them is that with the et of these (stock et was 50, these are et40), they sit 3.7mm further away from the shock, and poke 16mm further out so it's sort of like running 15mm spacers (atleast where the poke is concerned), without actually running spacers, As for the speedo, I'm 1.51% out so at 60mph I'm doing 60.9mph, so it's not too bad. Cheers Allan
  5. Ok, so I have been on wish, I know, but I was bored, got some door speaker adapters, and these Not really sure what their called, I think they dont look too bad, though I'm going to paint them matt black. Also some vinyl I kind of like the look, sadly the carbon vinyl was very thin and would not contour to the fascia very well, so it's off for now The matt black vinyl on the other hand was quite good, did the chrome ring round the gear gator and the U shaped piece that wraps round the lower console, mine was this gloss black slightly sparkly nonsense, the matt black suits better I think. Anyone k now where i can get pre cut window tint for a m3.5 estate, specifically it's the carbon nano (think its called)? Thanks Allan
  6. I was thinking about using the car to compress the spring, mount the strut to the hub carrier, add spring and upper bearing the Jack under the wishbone and bolt threw the top mount, but for some reason I feel like that's one of the most dodgiest things that I would ever do. As for the seal, it was a main dealer that did the work so I would assume that they would of done, though you do know what assumption is the mother of..... 🤐 l might call them and ask. Cheers Allan
  7. Thanks, where growing on me, cant complain at £90 for the set, though they do need a refurb badly. Allan
  8. As the parcel force can pulled up, I felt like a kid at Christmas, 2 nice big boxes all the way from Poland. Bilstein b12 set, b8 shocks and eibach 25mm lower springs. They look so pretty, shame they're so rarely seen when on the car, the only disappointment is that the fronts no longer come with dust covers, instructions say to cut the stock one to fit, I'm going to keep a lookout for a pair for them though as I'm thinking about just making up the front shocks, taking them down to a local garage and getting them to use there spring compressors to build them up instead of me putting a shock threw my front door trying to do strip the top mount off the stock ones with chocolate spring compressors. I will be definitely replacing the top strut bearing regardless. Will be changing these during the October holidays. As I was under kiddo trying to fix the undertray as (loose screws and large puddles) tore it up, I noticed oil on the lower gearbox mount, I found the culprit Can these seals fail within a few months? Car recently got a pair of driveshafts, near side one is fine, offside one is the bugger, guess that explains my issue with gear changes when the car is cold. To go with this, I noticed a drop link was past it as well as an inner tie rod, so 2 genuine of each courtesy of fleabay, Kiddo is less that a thousand miles off her 100k mark so rear tints and a big service kit are next up on the list. Allan
  9. She's looking pretty good bud, any tips on the rear spring change? My bilstein and eibach's have arrived. Allan
  10. Hi all, ok so my mk3.5 estate has just short of 100k and my bilstein b12 set is on it's way to me, any advice on what I would be best to replace/upgrade while I have the car up and suspension out? Thanks Allan
  11. How dark was your tail light tint? I'm kinda liking the look but I dont want to got too dark Allan
  12. Aye, well, I've been a bit of an idiot, biltsein do a b12 kit for my car, not sure why it didn't come up in my searches but yeah, guess I was distracted by other issues with me car. While I have been looking at shed loads of parts, I came across extended ball joints, apparently they are essential for getting rid of bump steer, here's a link to one of the sites that mention it http://functiontheory.com/2019/05/everything-you-need-to-know-about-extended-balljoints-including-how-to-install-them/ I didn't think they were needed, as I've never heard of anyone mention them before. Thanks Allan