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  1. Aye, you dont see any really up for sale, I searched for nearly a year before my st3 set turned up locally at a price too good to pass up. Added all my autobeam bulbs to foster apart from the fog lights as one had the wires pulled out in the shunt, also added my blue dials and my st line flat bottom steering wheel This wheel will be temporary as we have other plans cooking, st interior will be in by the weekend, would have been in now but I forgot to move the driver seat before starting the rear down, rear bolt next to the gearbox tunnel has the seat right over the top and the only way to get the bolt off will be to cut it off๐Ÿ˜ช Now the hunt for a nice set of 19's begins...... well, once these leather seats sell ๐Ÿ˜‰ Allan
  2. Aye well that's about the going rate for them am afraid. My st seats were out of an 18 plate hatch, straight fit no issues. Allan
  3. That would make things easier on me (not having to switch them), but we both like the st ones, they feel more supportive when cornering, not that these leathers are bad, the st's are just a little better imo. Allan
  4. Well I do have a full car of parts so tell me what you need and I'll see what I can do. As for these seats, I'm looking for ยฃ500 as they are full leather and heated (driver electric adjustment), the wheels cant go until I source replacements, not sure what there going for atm so couldnt give a price Allan
  5. Hi, yes these are/will be for sale, the seats are kind of now, the wheels when we source a nice set of 19's. I had a wee check on how close we are (according to your bio), we are about 300 miles (over 8 hours driving) apart, that would be quite a ways to go for parts. Thanks Allan
  6. Ok, hello everyone, so with the demise of kiddo, we bought her back and are stripping her as we speak, but anyway, we'd like to introduce you to Foster, a 2016 focus estate, same engine and trim level as kiddo, but Foster has had quite a few of the option boxes ticked, she has 89k on her but drives sweet as a nut. Since I bought kiddo back, the st interior, st line steering wheel and my speakers will be back in within a week or so, I have a front bilstein shock, 2 goodridge brake lines 2 buy so I can add the suspensions and st brakes to foster, we will also be looking for new alloy wheels as 2 were destroyed. So there should be fairly quick progress here, well depending on kiddos parts selling. Cheers Allan
  7. Hi all, I guess this will be the final update on kiddo, well she was classed as a cat b, so no chance of getting her back on the road, so considering she was parked up, I am uber confident that he was doing more than 30mph. Bought her back, nearly finished stripping her, so theres plenty of the mods are absolutely fine, only lost o/s front wheel, shock, brake line, n/s rear wheel, o/s headlight and fog grill. Well that is the bad news, the good news is that we now have a replacement Allow me to introduce Foster, a highly optioned 2016 titanium x 1.5tdci. So I guess I should start a new thread for the new car. See you all on the thread. Thanks all
  8. Thank you Our local village has been great with kind words and offers to check all there cctv, I have not had any update yet fae the police All my mods are on my insurance, they have said that they will take the mods into consideration when working out pre crash price, because of where she landed, they claimed it was i a dangerous place (she was) and in too dangerous of a condition to be left on the road (trying to be objective... she is), I guess it's good it happened now, as I was planning on getting a timing set for her as her engine (2nd engine) was at about 70k ish. I had between (I think) a quarter and a half tank o diesel I didnt get a chance to siphon before she went๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž Cheers bud, we have had her fae new, 115k miles, great holidays, a blown engine, the mods, my wife even named her, she was almost like another child, something "car people" will understand, but it's the joys of motoring, hopefully we get a decent payout, enough to atleast get another decent platform to start again We are planning on and are looking at other focus estates, it will have to be diesel not sure about the st, think that's out of our budget, but if you look at my plate, she had an st there all along ๐Ÿคฃ Thank you all Allan
  9. 3am she was parked outside my home, within a 30 zone, just getting set to go to bed, she got hit (way more than 30 imo though the damage seems to back up my opinion), popped trainers on grabbed ma mobile stormed outside, car as the pictures, waaaay down the street there was a 4x4 pickup, a guy got out, I started towards the guy shouted "are you ok"?, he replied yes, he then started to get back into his motor, i shouted something similar to "hey i need your details"....... He replied "sorry", then drove off, too far for number plate. So yeah,
  10. Well, this is a post I never thought I'd have to do, but....... So...... yeah..... That happened. Allan
  11. Hi, not sure what elmconfig is but I have used it with forscan and it has been fine. Hope that helps Allan
  12. Well got bored and fitted them, I still need to mod the needles and get some brighter smd's, but I'm over the moon with how they look Off And on The red and blue are not as blotchy as the camera makes them look, it's just the camera Allan
  13. That was fast, were you reading my post as I was writing it ๐Ÿ˜ Allan
  14. Hey all, next wee update comes from SAS Conversions on Facebook I'm looking forward to getting these on the car, though I think I'm gonna tweak the needles for thewe going in. Theres also another reason why I'm not fitting right now (hints in the picture ๐Ÿคซ) Allan