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  1. Both cars that were of a time when cars all looked different, I I do have a wee soft spot for the mighty Sierra. Thanks is for sharing Allan
  2. Hey bud, your motors looking the pretty damn good. Those smoked mirror indicators, are they the ones that are floating around Ebay or are they painted ones? Thanks Allan
  3. If you don't mind me asking, what other project cars do you have? We are planning the same, have her sitting and looking right, then bring on the dirty power Allan
  4. Hi, aye the wife wants tints done asap, but with needing a pair of tyres for the Original 17's, then getting a great deal on the wheels and tyres, it's been pushed back a wee bit. We are hoping to get it done soon though. Thanks Allan
  5. A few pictures of kiddo wearing her new shoes, as said in the post above, these are 18x8 rosso rr9's 5x108 et40 wearing Goodyear Eagle f1 asymmetric 5's in 225 40 18's Started getting weird looks from people so took a couple more from home, on the plus side the rain made the car look more cleaner than it is Fills the arch nicely I think, and there is only a very minor rub on full lock, so I'll be looking into the steering lock limiter as well as dropping the car a little. Thanks
  6. Hey all, any mk3.5 focus estate owners running lowered suspension? If do, any advice on spring only or shock and spring kit? Thanks Allan
  7. Hello, while looking for help in choosing size of wheel for kiddo, I stumbled on this site, if you enter your current wheel/tyre size, offset etc and then enter the wheel/tyre size offset that tou would like to add to your car, it will work out how much closer the wheel/tyre will be to suspension than your current wheels, also tell you how much more or less the new wheel will stickout/pull in from your current setup, and as a last titbit, it will work out the dimension differences speedo error percentage etc. https://www.willtheyfit.com A few screenshots of the site Hope this might help someone Thanks Allan
  8. Hey, little update, got a great deal on a set of 8x18 inch Rosso RR9's and I'm going to marry them to 225 40 18 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5's I know there will be a discrepancy of 1.51% in the speedo, at 60 I will be doing about 60.9, acceptable I think especially considering the saving over the 235's that would be the correct dia to keep the speedo correct. I know I should get the steering lock limiters but from what I have read some 17inch wheeled cars got them as standard, is there anyway to tell without taking the boots off. Pics once fitted. Thanks Allan
  9. Pug=309 - letham, Angus (not fife)
  10. Hi, thanks for your reply, I've just bought some new 18's (well new to me) since the tyres were almost at the limit that I'm happy with using them at, I figured I'd just get some better looking wheels to go with the new tyres, plus the wheels a bargain. Guess ill find out what issues there are once the new rims are on. Thanks Allan
  11. Hey, just got a great deal on a set of 8x18 rosso rr9's for my mk3.5 focus estate, so obviously the stock nuts wont fit, I've been looking about for suitable replacements but it seems that unless you want to spend a fair amount for nuts from reputable stores, all you seem to get is the same mass produced "chinese" crap. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks Little preview Allan
  12. Hey, so recently my car had its wheels refurbished at the local Ford dealership and all was well till I noticed 1 tyre was looking a bit flat, it was barely above 20 psi, but the tpms light never came on, pumped it back up and checked the others, got in the car and reset the tpms pressure in the menu and thought nothing more of it, checked the wheel a few days later and it had dropped 5 psi and still no warning, I'm a little confused as they would normally scream at you if it detected a couple psi drop. I tried to reserve the tpms with the ignition and mashing the hazard button 6 times in 5 seconds but couldn't get it to work, so after the long story, is there anything I can do short of unbeading a wheel to confirm whether I have sensors or not. Thanks Allan
  13. Hey guys and girls, I'd like to introduce Kiddo (wife named her), shes a 1.5 tdci 120 titanium x estate in deep impact blue, has just over 92k on the clock. We have had the car from new as a motability car and bought her as she does the family job, plus we do more miles that are allowed. She had a replacement short block at 47k as the camshaft sprocket decided to splinter into 4 pieces. Ok, enough background for now, plans are to remove all chrome from the car as it ain't our cup of coffee, then the usual wheels, suspension brakes etc, some sort of rear pipe, making the full car body coloured (front balance, skirts and rear valance), tints, interior, then we can get to engine fun. Ok now for some pictures, forgive the mucky car, hides the scratches from inconsiderate people that scratch her as they walk by, already added the fake foglight grills, as you can see here, and just added the genuine black honeycomb grill but forgot to take a snap of it, i also have a complete genuine st line front valance but not the 4 brackets that as needed to fit it. She has a few miles on her And is starting show Can anyone recommend a good obd plug/software for diagnostics and possibly for changing variant configuration? Thanks