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  1. Well I did so.ethi g that I probably should of done earlier, contacted the fleebay seller, he confirmed that it was from an early 2015 focus (error in listing it as a 2016) so they are both 320mm. Now to decide on disc pad setup, any suggestions? Been looking as ebc yellowstuff Allan
  2. I have been looking at edc discs and pads, that is where I saw the different sizes, they have an 11-14 section and a 15-18 section, and the 15-18 section dose not have the 320's listed, just the 345's and 271 rears Here are the caliper and carrier numbers, I'd show pics but for some reason I keep getting a "-200" error Fleebay "2016" Caliper bv61- 2b302 Sobka on caliper and carrier Under piston sp Carrier 092 >gjs< 1096 And a number 1 under the centre bar 2013 Bv61-2b294 A426m on caliper and carrier Under piston aas Carrier 092 >gjs< 3282 Number 4 under the centre bar Thanks for the help Allan
  3. Thanks, the reason for asking, well apart from the obvious looming brake conversion, is that I bought a front "2017" caliper and bracket from fleebay and the other 3 I took off a 2013, when I was going to order discs I noticed that there was 2 different sizes available, both front carriers appear to be the same, as do both calipers, bolt holes in the same places etc, and since both share the same pad size, I'm not sure how I can tell what I've got so that I can order the right discs. Thanks Allan
  4. after doing some research, I have found that the mk3.5 dose have the bigger 335mm discs, and since the pad size for both is the Same, I'm assuming that the caliper carrier is the different part, can anyone confirm this or help with dimensions of the carriers for mk3 and mk3.5? thanks allan
  5. Hi, I asked this question elsewhere here, but maybe i should of asked here. After some research since posting this question in another section I have found out the mk3 st's had 320mm front discs and mk3.5's got 335mm, since the pads for both are the same dimensions I am assuming that the difference is the caliper carrier/bracket, can anyone confirm this? And if this is the case, how do you tell the difference between the 2? Thanks Allan
  6. Thank you for the warning, but with having a titanium x, I have sensors all round and a rear parking camera, so seeing out the back wont be much of an issue though I will be putting a slightly lighter tint on the rear window so that it should still be slightly usable. Thanks Allan
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to convert my disc/drum setup to st disc/disc, but a few sites say that the mk3 has 320mm fronts and and mk3.5 has 335mm, is this correct? Pad size seems to be the same on both (I know it could just be a different caliper barcket) and rears seem to be the same 271mm solid disc, I just would like some clarification before I buy. Thanks Allan
  8. Hows your car doing now? Allan
  9. Well, here's a quick pic of kiddo with her new shoes I'll try and get her washed but the crap weather and muddy roads (tatty season) means I dont see the point in washing her cause the tractors run right past my house right after getting out the field so she gets sprayed in much. Allan Allan
  10. So, I didn't think that my summer Goodyears grip would start to drop so soon (well it is November I guess) So we needed winters, so facebook marketplace, 4 hour drive and £325 later, we have these Em....... ignore the emblem Ok, that's better, Fox racing fx004 8x19 with 255 35 r19 dunlop winter tyres, didnt know you could get 255's on an 8 inch wide wheel, the sides are straight Left is the 255 19 inch, right is 225 18 inch. Strange eh? So they're off of a jaguar (I'm starting a trend here) xe, 42et which is less than much 18's (40) but more than the stock 17's (50). Only rub on mediumish compression at high speed and only on front inner arch plastic, I've noticed the plastic has a little "bump" that I think the wheels catching on hard compression Car will be washed tomorrow so I'll pop some picks up. And, I'm ordering some original emblems for them Allan
  11. Hi all, ok, let's talk about gloveboxes, not the fanciest mod, but with 2 kids and a dog, you need all the storage you can get. Now Ford in the infinent wisdom made the mk3.5 focus's glovebox smaller than the mk3's, ***** stupid but anyway, it's an easy fix, and luckily my local scrappy had a 62 plate zetec there, so, £20 and 10 minutes and we have this Old and new Mk3.5's empty Mk3's Job done. When I removed the mk3.5 one, there was a load of stuff we thought we lost, must of went over the upper lip of the glovebox. A few more experiments are coming soon. Allan
  12. Hey all, the 6 speaker system in my car isc in need of replacement, managed to bag 2 sets of pioneers for less than £50, so one problem sorted, the next, I would like to add them without cutting the heck out of the wiring, the front seems to has 2 pairs of signal wires at the door for mid and tweeters, where the unit only has 1 pair. Has anyone powered aftermarket components from the stock head unit threw the aftermarket crossover? I know that there going to need an amp to get the full effect of the new speakers and that is the future plan, but for now I just want them run off the head unit without cutting wires...... if possible. I have tried a search here but couldn't seem to find what I am looking for Thanks Allan
  13. Cheers 5 second timer, under my chin. Only took 5 tries. Allan
  14. Hey all, so the deed is done, the Scottish weather didnt stop me, 1 boiler suit, 3 pair of Jean's, 3 t shirts, 3 pairs of boxes, 2 pair of socks completely soaking, and 1 massively pee'd off wife. Here she is (kiddo, not the wife), a bit dirty, Here she is now after a quick clean ( all I had time for) she is a little lower, but I'm not sure its 25mm, is there a "settling" time for the springs that I need to wait for before she's at that height? Couple bonus pictures of old and new And one final picture, proof that kiddo put up quite a fight Tints be next, rally style mud flaps too, if I can find them cheap cause I'm skint as f**k 😩 Allan