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  1. That’ll explain it. Kinda sad though. I can hardly see any cars on the road past 2016 that haven’t got them. Would expect that to be standard.
  2. That’s what confused me too. The brochure is from June 2017. Mine was registered in March 2017. Maybe they added it later?
  3. That’s probably it. Doesn’t look like LED. Kinda disappointing as I was told all Titanium’s have dayltime LEDs. Not the end of the world though.
  4. Just checked. Mine says that as well. It does say though it has front and rear lamp LED. Weird
  5. Thanks for the tip. Just registered and looked it up. It says: Front and Rear Lamp LED Black headlamp bezels. I can definitely see the black bezels but Now LED lights. When I have the car on auto headlights there are no lights at all during the day.
  6. I checked again and had a close look at the headlights. No LEDs and can’t see any strips in there. I noticed I’m the only 17 plate Focus without them I could see. I found this document on the ford webpage which says I should have them as standard feature: i always have the lights on automatic and don’t have any other extra features.
  7. When I bought my 2017 focus Titanium I remember the dealer saying that another nice thing about the titanium models are the LED day lights. I never actually checked until today and couldn’t see any LED day lights. Is there anything broken or was he just wrong?
  8. I own a 1 litre 125bhp 6 speed ecoboost and drive it on the motorway to work and back every day. It’s totally fine. I drive 70mph here in the UK (when there’s no traffic) and the car does it with ease. In fact, if I didn’t know you could tell me it’s 2 litre engine and I’d believe you. They did a 100.000 km stress test on a ford 3 cylinder in Germany. They took the engine apart after the 100.000 km and fully inspected it and couldn’t find any unusual wear or faults. You can watch it on YouTube.
  9. Must be a bug in version 3.0 I’m guessing. I might take mine to the dealer and see what they say.
  10. That’s even stranger then. What version of Sync are you on?
  11. It works fine when a phone is connected. The problem happens when you have no phone connected and just use the Sync 3 voice recognition. Try it out. Leave your phone in the house and try the button. Works fine for me with Siri.
  12. It’s been happening for me 3 days in a row now. It’s not the that big of a deal as I mainly use Apple CarPlay but it’s a bit annoying. I might give Ford a call.
  13. I updated to version 3 recently and mostly use Apple CarPlay so only just realised this now. When I use Sync 3 without a phone connected and press the voice command button on the steering wheel I get this message on the screen: Voice Recognition not ready I found a few people on the internet who have the same issue but no solution apart from taking it to the dealer. Master Reset doesn't fix it.
  14. Thanks. It’s still under warranty so I’ll take it to the dealer.
  15. I have a 2017 Focus. When I engage the rear window washer the wipers don’t start. It’s just the washer squirted the soap out. I have to then press the button on the right of the leaver for the wipers to engage. Is that normal? All my others cars always wiped automatically too when I engaged the washer.