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  1. Hi folks Im Loz and drive a Focus ST mk3. Had loads of fast fords in the past but this is my first in about 15 yrs
  2. This is why im confused. Mines def got applink, which is why i thought 1.1???
  3. Ok now im confused. The apim no starts with am5t. Did sync 1 have applink vouce control etc? From everything ive read i was sure its 1.1 coz of the functionality etc??????
  4. Yeah it def shows track info when playing music of phone. Voice control is on right arm of steering wheel not below it and only has one ok button
  5. Dunno mate but its def 1.1. Ive got a 2017 card but the car wont read it. I know the cards good coz checked it on pc. Might just buy another but slightly different version see if that works. Worth a punt for 25 quid?
  6. Ive downloaded the 5.11 update file from a link on here, but when the update runs it says there is not enough space or the device is not compatible????? I only want to run the latest sat nav card
  7. I know but the site tells me no updates available, even tho its only running v3.0.6. All i want it for is so that i can use the later version of sat nav card
  8. Mines def sync 1.1 with applink mate and not retro fit.
  9. sorry didnt mean to hijack anyones thread
  10. Hi folks, Im a noob so please be gentle Ive got aa 2013 focus st with sync 1.1. I need a copy of the sync update file if anyones got it??? Has anyone successfully updated? Can dl from ford update site as it tells me no updates available, but im only running v3.0.6 Thanks in advance
  11. new member here anyone got a copy of the update file i could have please? local ford garage tried to update mine, but confirmed the update even tho it didnt, so the site says no update available. Ive got a 13 focus st with sync 1.1 tia folks
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