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  1. Brilliant. Thank you one and all. All I could think of was it the result of air con bring on but it seemed a hell of a lot of water but you have put my mind at ease.
  2. It was very hot the other day so I fired the car up 10 mins before finishing work and put air con to max. When we came out of work I saw a puddle under the car. Can't really see anything other than what seems like clear water dripping off a piece of metal. It was a very fast drip. To late to get it into a garage so next morning I went to to up the water to go work but it only needed a drop. Can running the air con to max on a very hot day cause this much condensation? I tried running it for 10 mins yesterday with no air con and no drip. I can't find anywhere low on water so it's all I can think of.
  3. Lovely cars. When I think about how I have away my B Reg 1.6 Laser, mineral on silver..5 speed box... Very good condition...Lovely. Bet it'd be worth a decent amount now. How did I was...I just got bored of it and gave it away to some lad who'd just passed his test.
  4. Headlight bulb malfunction.... Or something like that anyway when your sidelight packs up.
  5. Many thanks. So it's working as it should then. That'll do, so long as I know nothing is faulty I'm fine with it.
  6. Hmmm, all that did was lock the windows for a few seconds then they worked same as before. Passenger side I need to hold up and down, drivers side has 1 touch (or hold if I don't press as far) down but needs to be held to close. I don't know if it makes a difference but it's only the front windows that are electric on my car...rears are manual winders.
  7. Hi all, I have a 64 plate estate. Can anyone tell me how the front windows are supposed to work please? From the switch, I have to hold the button for the passenger window to drop/ raise. The driver's side, I push the button once for it to drop right down but then had to hold it to raise it up. Is this right or should it have 1 touch close? Thank you.
  8. Cheers for that. It'll be 12.5k then. It was serviced 2 days after the oil message last time and it's booked in for Wednesday for an interim this time do all should be covered anyway.
  9. It's a 1.6 diesel. 2014 model. It might be 15k, I'm not sure without digging out the paperwork from last full service. It just seemed strange to say about oil but not service. Same as I find it mad it'll tell me I've lost pressure in a true but not which one. Obviously I can tell by checking but other cars will identify the wheel with the problem.
  10. My dash has just flashed up the Engines Oil Change Due message. Last time it did it was about a month or 2 after I had the car so I just put it in for a full service anyway. It's now about 15-20k miles later and it's flashed up again. Does this actually mean it's time for a service or simply an oil change? I'll get an interim service anyway, it just seems strange that I've seen the oil change message twice but not a "service due" or similar message. Does a mk3 even have a Service Due message? Cheers folks.
  11. Oh right, cheers. I was told it was to Demist that screen so you could see over your shoulder. Many thanks.
  12. The rear passenger side one. It's heated the same as the rear screen but isn't working. I believe most of the estate models have them.
  13. Hi, the small rear window that is supposed to demise on my mk3 estate doesn't clear. When I got the car the plug was attached but I knocked it off. I put it back on but it has never worked since. I can't be sure it worked before I unplugged it though. Is it possible I simply put the plug on the wrong way or would that blow a fuse or something? I have no idea about wiring issues so don't want to simply try turning the plug around...I don't know if that's even possible. Any suggestions where/how I could start looking for a problem? I'm assuming it works when I press the rear heated window button and that they share a fuse. The rear window works fine. Thanks folks.
  14. Oh right, that's great. Thanks for the help.
  15. Hi, my 2014 estate has just hit 104,000 so I'm suspecting I may need to look into this myself before too long. Would you be so kind as to put a link up for what you bought? Also, how will I know when it's low/run out, does it flash up on the dash? Cheers.