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  1. Im afriad I dont know the answer to this one. Can anyone else help?
  2. Even though there hasnt been an Andriod Auto update, the Waze voice direction is back working again. Not sure if you others have found this too?
  3. No problem. Yes, the Ford Map update takes about 1.5 hours to do, so a long drive is a good idea. The onboard SatNav works quite well I find, the only added bonus with Waze is that it is more accurate with traffic conditions and where there are hold-ups or accidents, etc.
  4. Hi Tony, You arent doing anything wrong, at the moment there is a problem with Android Auto which Google are aware of and are currently trying to fix. Directions and alerts arent being heard from either Waze or Google maps, so hang in there and an update should be with us soon I hope. In the meantime, the only option is to make sure that in Waze (load up on phone), set the sound to play through phone speaker. That way, when you connect to the car, the map will be on the Sync Screen, but you will hear directions through the phone. Hope this helps for now.
  5. You dont actually need a file called "DONTINDX.MSA" for it to work But if you want to, you can just create a blank file in NOTEPAD (windows) and save it as "DONTINDX.MSA" and put it in the top directory of your USB stick
  6. @gillyallan if you press the 'speak' button on your steering wheel, you will soon know whether you need to master reset, because all that will be shown on the screen are two options, instead of all the ones regarding sat nav location address, etc. I havent been offered the 4th file - whats that one all about?
  7. Yes, I downloaded and updated the 3rd update (new voice file) and lost the use of voice commands for navigation. As you say @Daveybm the only answer was to do the update and then a master reset and it sorted it all out.
  8. Ok, here is my problem which I hope someone could help with. Using Ford Sync3 v3.0 (Build 19205), with Android Auto and Waze When ive been using Waze recently all works fine on screen, but whilst listen to the radio, I dont get any sound from Waze coming out of the speakers like it used to. When it spoke or there was a sound, the radio would mute and the sound appeared, but now it doesnt, unless I switch the sound to the Android Auto (or might be bluetooth) sound source channel. I know that I have updated both Android Auto and Waze on my phone recently, so it must be something to do with this. Has anyone else had this, and if so, how did they sort it? Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes, even though the log file application is included in the update package, it doesnt make the XLS log file on the memory stick, so I downloaded the extra utility off Ford update site to create this log file after the update. As regards to @Daz-UK - your mates SMAX should be able to update to the latest F9 maps, but not sure if you have to cycle through all the updates. Im presuming it actually is a Sync3 unit, and not a Sync 2 one??
  10. I did this via the Ford Sync update section on their website, and extracting the download to USB stick. As for having newer maps on your post MY18.5 - the F9 maps ive just updated to dont seem to be that up-to-date!!
  11. Sorry to all your Ford owners of newer cars then, its strange how they dont seem to be sorting you out?! So far for me to update my system, its taken 40 mins, then system restarts itself, then another 15 mins before it needs the complete car shut down and restart. Ive now uploaded my log file to ford and there is now another 8.1Gb file to download. There have been a better way for all this to be updated - anyhow, I feel another drive coming on. . . .
  12. I think the cost is about £1.50 per month? But like GillyAllan says, ive always found the traffic updates wrong and never actually helpful. I much prefer using Waze. Also F9 maps are now available for download from UK Ford!! So fill ya boots.
  13. Mine does that too, which is really annoying, so would be interested to know why, and what the solution could be. Its fine if you switch to a station on the same Dab 'band', ie between national BBC stations though.
  14. Ive got a 2017 Focus, and have this weekend had a similar issue (I think), when I have tried to pull away a couple of times there is a loud squealing noise when raising the clutch, and then it hasnt done it since. If I try the usual handbrake on whilst raising the clutch it doesnt happen or any signs of slipage. Anyone know what this could be? and if it is a clutch bearing, what the approx cost of repair is? Thanks
  15. I had the exact same issue with my 14 plate focus, every six or so months the valves would need replacing, even if I hadnt even touched then to put air in. I even had one replaced by the Ford dealer and a week later it had failed. (Im not entirely sure what the problem was, but it is something to do with the alloys and the valve) The people on the service desk even pre-empted what my problem was when I turned up. I did have to pay to get them replaced, but luckily I complained to Ford and managed to get a voucher for money off my next service. Fortunately I replaced the car after reaching three years old, and 'touch-wood', my newer Focus is running ok.