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  1. Whirring? I wish you are lucky if just whirring, i usually have mostly irritating moaning and groaning noise - is boyfriend complaining about my driving! hihi 😁
  2. I just finish fitting towbar to my Fiesta 2014 Mk 7 with help of my next door neighbour but he say that I might need bypass relay electrics. I did not think I need as salesman told me isnt really require for any Fiesta even though is Canbus system he tell me the dangers of causing system fault are totally exaggerate. Do I need bypass relay or can I just wire to existing wires. Is there plugin module for rear electrics in boot space or do have to cut and splice wires? Dakujem¬
  3. My work man friend is good with car he help me and come with me to take car back and told me two front tyre were baldy ones and slow puncture and battery is not in a goodly way so i worry i will be strand somewhere and have to phone AA. No car mats either were given so i had to buy from Home Bargins! I just wanted reliable car i paid lots of money i didnt expect such bad service from nice man who tell me lots of not true things is like Cigany in Scotland in many places like Presov! Sigh!
  4. Thanks you for reply Nik I am not Scottish I am from Slovakia but living here is very lovely in Scotland but not Glasgow is not nice place! I am try learn car mechanics so am doing college course I am excite to use app for dashcam now and save money that is very good idea i never knew! Thank you for help i appreciate velki
  5. Thanks you Luke you are very helpful man and quick! I take car back 3 time because tire go flat and they not give me parcel shelf. Man say they change tyre but it go flat again and again 3 times - I think they think just silly woman and do nothing but i took man friend with me and he kick bottom and get man to do job properly! Now is fix but now i worry maybe car is not in a goodly way?
  6. I am just interested to be good lady mechanic so i am learn things I have started mechanics course at college and have change my first wheel yay Ďakujem veľmi peknei for reply!
  7. Wow thank you for such quick in the reply! I want be able to make car with health report and be able use web upload video thing but youtube video says you need sign up on
  8. The front small lights on car stay on until i lock car. Is this normal? Will it not be bad for battery of car? Is there any way to switch them off? The nice man at Evans Halshaw not tell me many things I am now just finding out about the car. ie. there is no spare wheel for a start or jack just some sort of aerosol and a pump in the boot. I have already had to take the car back 3 times is this normal or is Evans Halshaw a bad place to buy a car, i just avoided Arnold Clarke as I was told they are the worst but I am now wondering if Evans Halshaw are not in a goodly way?
  9. Wow i just join and have learn something new. I was looking to buying a dashcam system but will use my old smartphone and this Torque thing £2.49 wow that will save me £100 I dont have! Can you tell me please where would get the app and is difficult to set up?
  10. I just bought my first car and the nice man at Evans Halshaw told me I could sync the car with my phone using a site called but it seems to only work for USA as it asks for a US postcode and wont accept my VIN number? I know nothing about cars and am hoping to learn how to fix my car so appreciate any help!
  11. Hi my name is Lydia and I just bought my first car a Fiesta 2014 ex-demonstrator from Evans Halshaw!