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  1. Motability and new plates will certainly help tick things over - but November/December is traditionally slower for sales (my understanding at least) and I think that’s where the hit will likely come. I think Dec/Jan time will be the right time to look for a new car. Agree with the 20 plates however, seen quite an increase in those knocking about recently but that could just be the overspill of all the deliveries that happened in June/July and more people returning to the road. Noticed quite a few 68/69 plates appear in my area (admittedly a lot of Focus/Fiestas as I’m looking for them) but also A3/A Class. So I think there’s still some business going on at the minute - just can’t see it lasting for several months until the country is back on track
  2. Dealers I’ve spoken to have completed all their hand overs and new leads are starting to reduce (not just Ford). Ill let the new Focus begin to sit in stock before going back for one. Was offered a reasonable deal on the 2020.25 but wasn’t the colour or spec I wanted so decided to hold out for the new one. Might end up waiting till early 2021 but can’t see new car sales not taking a massive hit so there should in theory be some deals to be had
  3. I have done already. What I’m saying is that’s different to what the dealer told me based on the info they received this week. So I’m just asking whether ford are likely (or have in the past) changed the spec of a new model a couple of months before cars hit the road (so would assume currently in production) or more likely the dealer has it wrong
  4. It was definitely about the 2020.75 that hasn’t reached the dealerships yet - as I was talking to them about hanging on until they got those cars in stock before buying a Focus. said they didn’t know much until they got spec sheets through this week.
  5. Not sure how common it is for spec to change at this stage before release but - just spoke to a ford dealer in the midlands this morning who said they got spec details for the .75 this week and the spec they have doesn’t match the brochure on the ford website. Keyless entry was the one I remember they said didn’t come as standard - there was 1 or 2 more that were different with different models.
  6. Reassuring and scary at the same time. although can’t imagine many want to break into a house for a 1.0L ford
  7. I can’t see the 0% being there in September, and can only get the right deal on the stock cars (don’t want to be paying £350+ a month!) Didn’t realise the digital dash was coming though - that’s really tempting. @TomsFocus thanks for that link. I imagine there’s been improvement to the keyless entry now as I’ve read before there was a phase of high keyless entry thefts? EDIT: just checked and the peace of mind promotion is around until September 30th!
  8. Hi I’ve got a price on a 2020.25 MY Focus ST Line X (with convenience pack) today and before I proceed I wondered if someone could help outline the differences between this and the 2021MY (that I think is available from September?). Aside from the MHEV I’m not sure what specs come as standard, and what’s newly added as an option, and I’m trying to decide whether to pull the trigger now with the 0% deals or if it’s worth waiting 3 months for the new version
  9. I need space rather than speed
  10. Yes, no they don’t have Focus, or Focus ST Line. only Focus ST and Focus ST Estate
  11. [Deleted]. Just seen what privilege is 😂 Think I’m best waiting for a decent demo model to pop up.
  12. Just checked carwow and it only has Focus ST not the normal Focus
  13. Am I being unrealistic hoping to get into one for around £300 a month? im worried getting the fiesta at £250/month has skewed my view of what cars actually cost 😂 If I went for one up to a year old (e.g. a demo that’s already been hit by the first chunk of depreciation) id hope to pay less than 280
  14. Course, sorry. it’s a PCP. 36 months. Could do up to £2k deposit but lower the better. 6k miles pa. The value of the car was about £24k I think and he reckons my current PCP would be paid off by p/ex my car with no additional left. Didn’t expect there to be much but hoped there might be a little in that. happy to look at a pre-reg ( < 1 year old ) but not sure if the 0% deal applies to those and the difference in packs in each model (I.e. not sure if only 20 plates have the wireless charging and new sync for example)
  15. Hi all Had my 18 plate FIesta ST line X for 2 years now and hoping to upgrade into a similar spec Focus. I knew it would be expensive but have been quoted £340/month with a £250 deposit (with payment starting in Nov) and wondered if anyone had an advice/comparisons they could share to help me out? I’m currently paying £250 for the fiesta and was hoping to remain at or below the £300 mark if possible. both models are 1.0 125ps ST Line X with no further add ons and deposit is there suggestion not mine.