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  1. I won't be able to help Ian, but I'm sure it would help others if we knew if it was petrol or diesel and the engine size...
  2. I'm so glad to hear that other people mix these two up - I assumed it was just me being a numpty. The way I remember now is that the rear is closer and that's the one I use more often, annoying to have to think about it though 🤔... Even though I rarely use the front one, I'd hate to have a car without it now - scraping ice of the windscreen is a PITA and so last century 😁.
  3. As in my answer above from a year ago, it's probably not easily fixable and probably not worth the effort trying... See if you can work around it by finding a brake pressure that doesn't do it, slightly less pressure in my case. Mine still does it, but I've learnt how to avoid it - treat it as a challenge 😂.
  4. I had the same last year on a 2008 at 80K miles. It sounded like something clattering in the rear over bumps, so checked the rear seats and spare tyre well etc. definitely worth checking... Changing the anti-roll bar links made it all quiet again 🙂
  5. My 2008 2.0 Titanium manual rarely does less than 36 MPG with normal brisk (but sensible) driving - I avoid very short runs though, typical trips are A road 15 miles. Heading straight out on a long journey from a full tank and zero'd mpg display, with good acceleration, 60-70 mph on A roads and 70-80 on motorways typically shows 38-40. Most I've seen is 44 mpg after about an hour on A roads. I'm surprised there would be that much difference between what are basically the same engines.
  6. I guess it depends on whether you want Android built in or want to mirror your phone with Android Auto. If it's AA, there are a number of choices from Sony, Kenwood, Pioneer, etc. they're standard Double DIN and you use a fascia adapter to convert the rounded 6000CD opening. I'm about to tackle this tomorrow morning with a Sony XAV-AX100, I *think* I've got all the bits I need :-).
  7. TBH, I've never had much luck gluing broken stuff back together, so I'd just be waiting for it to go again 🙂. The ebay one arrived a few days ago, it's a Polish pattern part, well packed and good comms from that seller - the quality, esp. the internal casting is not as good as the original and I had to do a bit of filing on the threaded inserts to get them to line up, but it's all on now, looks ok and solid. The hardest part was getting the old badge off, that was stuck on HARD đŸ˜Ŗ...
  8. That is a better option, I've ordered it, thanks. I assume it's a Chinese knockoff, but based on the seller reviews, it does the job and that's all I want. Thanks again.
  9. Me too ☚ī¸ - Shocked at the replacement price for the chrome one. It was coming away at the top, so took it off to take a closer look and all the tags on the brackets are broken at the top, tbh, I don't think it's vandals, more likely a weak spot, it's only ABS plastic and when one goes, the increased strain causes the rest to quickly follow, I reckon. So now I've back on loosely, with a cable tie around it and through the holes for one of the broken brackets. So looking for better options than ÂŖ250 for new chrome one.
  10. If the aircon gas has dropped below the minimum level, the compressor won't engage. An easy check to see if it's engaging is to watch the rev counter when you press the aircon button. Put the fan on number 1 and press the button, you should see the rev counter needle jump slightly when you turn the aircon on and when you turn it off, along with a slight change in engine note. If that's not happening, the compressor's not engaging possibly (but not necessarily) due to it needing a regas. HTH.
  11. Thanks. So. I probably would never notice the ESP side unless I got in serious trouble! Or in snowy conditions with low speed wheel spin, the ESP light will be flickering...
  12. +1 My experience exactly - it's always zero on the first dip, really strange! FYI my 2.0 used about .5L in 8,000 miles.
  13. Mine does exactly the same, an O8 Titanium - 82,000 miles, had it a bit over a year, fine in every other respect, it seems to be a 'feature'. It seems to be some sort of resonance and varies with brake pressure, my drive is slightly down hill when I back in, so I used to get it a lot, but I find if I reduce the brake pressure a smidge, I can normally avoid it. HTH Martin