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  1. Tddi Problems

    right ive had the car running with live data and iat "intake air temp sensor" is reading values of -40 degrees with only ignition on key off now i know this is probably my problem but i cant locate the sensor, ive since heard that some iat sensors are part off the maf air flow set up ???? any ideas anyone ??
  2. Tddi Problems

    Hi guys latest is ive been advised to check for circuit with mutimeter on map sensor, and maybe check voltage levels on mass sensor does any one have an idea what readings i should be expecting and with it being a 4 wire plug which wire is for what...???
  3. Tddi Problems

    hello again, i still havent got any where with this guys its doing my head in to say the least, i still havent changed air flow meter yet located to the left of the air box, what i have done is took it out and give it squirt with wd40 and to be honest it looks ok but didnt make any difference,im almost sure the car runs no different if i unplug air flow meter,
  4. Tddi Problems

    Had it plugged back in and code is still there p0110 it wont let you delete it either.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Could it be air flow meter or is there any other sensors i could start changing..
  5. Tddi Problems

    i have had a go at this today an it was the map sensor plug it had smashed and broke the prongs, how ever when i started the car afterwards it was still the same but if i turned ignition off and on again whilst driving it seemed to reset itself and drove as good as ever but as soon as i went to change gear or let off throttle it went back to sluggish mode, would it have to plugged back into computer to be reset ??.
  6. Tddi Problems

    Thanks for your reply buddy, so do you think that if the plug is damaged/wire snapped it would cause the car to run like it does, no turbo, no accelleration
  7. hello to all,,,, ive just got back from having my tddi 115 01 plate plugged in as goes in limp mode as soon as you start the car, its come back as fault code p0110 air intake wiring malfuction, as anyone had any sort of problems like this ??? After having a good look over the car and ive noticed that theres a black plug which plugs into the long black plastic intercooler hose underneath neer the radiator, im imagining that its some sort of sensor,well the wires which run ito the plug look as if they have been rubbing on the chassis and look damaged would this be anything to do with my problem ?
  8. has anybody had the same trouble has i have,with the big intercooler hose splitting on the tddi,only to find out ford dont replace that same hose so they say its got to be converted to a different type at a cost, ?????
  9. mondeo tddi

    nice one,how often to replace do ya know ?
  10. hello to all, could anybody tell me if my 2.0 tddi zetec on a y plate has a cambelt or chain,. thanks