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  1. To echo whats been said above - I had the same problem on my last Fiesta, everything was checked over and over again. Finally realized the wheel was very slightly bucked meaning the tyre was letting air out...i ended up keeping a small pump in the boot (until someone very kindly drove into me writing the car off last year).
  2. My previous fiesta had a phone button which muted the stereo and the Aux button only switched to the aux you have one of these? It sounds like (it my very minimal knowledge) that you don't have bluetooth but DO have an aux port to connect your phone/ipod etc to play music.....have you tried plugging your device in to your aux port and playing music though it?
  3. My Dad had this in his focus. Had an issue with is which kept draining the idea what but it was a damn pain.
  4. So neither of these are my actual cars but you get the idea........ 10 years ago i was driving this little number (absolutely loved it) until a kind fella in a 4X4 rear ended it doing 60mph (he wasn't hurt alot). Now driving this Fiesta. Nothing particularly exciting but its nice to drive and im really happy with it.
  5. You wouldn't be the first to do it if this were the issue *Hides shamed face*
  6. StWou7

    Broadband help

    I'll be upgrading to SkyQ but i think i need to wait until my contract ends to get a better deal than they're offering at the moment. Sky should also be able to sell BT sport then too, the deal i get on this is possibly the only reason im still with BT but they aren't now competitive on price (No surprise im sure). Sky offered me unlimited Fiber broadband with landline for under £30 per month inc line rental (I actually think it was around £25)......i didn't think it was too bad but sometimes cheap isnt always the best particularly as i live in a pretty rural area. TV Wise, i was being offered £60 per month for SKYQ with multiroom, HD, Sports and Entertainment package - I'm not going ahead at that price as i believe i can get it better later in the year when my current contract expires.
  7. Hi All, Does anyone have Sky broadband? I'm looking to change from BT as quite frankly, they're half the price. Anyone got experiences with them (Good or bad)? Particularly in the East Midlands area (if this is relevant for Internet speeds). Thanks All!
  8. Nope, its due to the fact he's narcissistic & shouty.
  9. Tuned into Radio 2 for the first time today at the grand age of 34 😄.....actually quite like it (i had Virgin radio but cannot STAND Chris Evans so wont be listening to them anymore)
  10. I was looking into one of these last year when i was looking to replace my MK5. have to be honest, i managed to save a little extra and got a MK7.5 Fiesta and so glad i did. Im 34 and female so insurance was im sure, kinder to me than it will be you as i went for the 1.25 (I drive less than 10 miles a day through villages) out around £230 per year. The whole car feels more solid and has a much higher spec than the Seat offered (admittedly the price was slightly higher) if you have the availability to save a little extra id try and hold out.
  11. I had an issue with my 08 Fiesta shortly before i sold it and was told that it could well be a fault with a door switch which would need replacing (no idea how easy it is to get it sorted as i sold the car). Do you get the 'Driver door open' warning come on? mine was pretty temperamental and would go off when i was driving down the road causing interior light to go on but more frustratingly was trying to get the damn thing locked when i parked it anywhere.
  12. There is one spot in my local area that cuts out for me and I live in a pretty rural area too. Local stations switch between DAB and FM but national stations such as Virgin, Kisstory etc i have good coverage on. If you want to check your local area before you buy, id check this - It shows a map view but also which stations will be available in your area. - Not what the OP was asking for but hopefully useful for anyone who is considering spending the money on DAB.
  13. Only the 3 - 1.1 Ltr G Reg Mk 3 Fiesta I then went through the 'Dark years' of owning three Peugeot's (no regrets on the 106 Quiksilver but the other two......Oh Dear) Back to the Fords - 1.25 08 MK6 Fiesta and 6 months ago i purchased a 1.25 66 Reg Mk 7.5 I keep coming back to fiestas for my extremely low mileage i do (hence the small engines) and the fact i get a relatively high spec at a price im happy with - Possibly a focus next time though.
  14. StWou7

    Body shop

    Hi All, Any members from the Leicestershire area know a decent, reliable body shop that can repair a small dent on a Mini Roadster boot lid? a roof tile came off and hit the back of my mum's car, we have looked at putting through the insurance company but they wanted to send it to Sandicliffe at Loughborough who have taken so long to send the report to the insurance company we figure we may actually be quicker to find one and pay for it in cash (absolutely rubbish service in there too). Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. No idea of how much they would cost but i paid £15 for a touch up pen direct from a ford main dealer (I only had two chips and it worked a treat).