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  1. 1.8 16v Zetec

    i'm trying to get to the bottom of my cars high idling and want to list all the parts i need to check. Does this engine have an EGR? As i can't find it anywhere!
  2. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    New inlet manifold fitted and all vacuum hoses replaced. Problem stil there! I give up i'm buying a golf!
  3. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Theres a reciept in the service book for a VSS fitted this year so i hope its not that. I suppose its worth checking over anyway, is it attached to the gearbox?
  4. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Put on a new idle control valve yesterday then reset the ECU, still the same! I'm so close to just putting it into a garage and letting them worry about it as its doing my box in!
  5. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Ford Focus 2.0 Zetec manual 1999 - 2000 Problem: Intermittent high idle and noises. Solution: The probable cause is acoustic resonance of the IAC (Inlet Air Control) system. The problem can be rectified by fitting a new revised intake manifold, distributor vacuum hose and crankcase vacuum hose. A revised intake manifold has been fitted since 08/2000. I found this on this site http://www.bba-reman.com/content.aspx?cont...s_and_solutions They reckon the manifold was changed after 08/2000 because of this problem!
  6. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Yeah i took it off and cleaned it out, wish ii had put a new one on though as it was a pig to get at! Got a new ICV, TPS, inlet manifold and throttle body and i'm gonna go and get a few scrapper EGR valves and try them out. I will solve this!!!
  7. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Having a mare trying to get the pic the right size. I saw the same thing on the engine side of the battery box of this focus http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FOCUS-WRC-CHEAP-INS-...=item2a02e893b0 Its a bigger picture and you can clearly see the sensor!
  8. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    Anyone know what this is? I don't know how to load up a bigger pic, its the brass bit next to the battery box. You can't miss it.
  9. Focus 1.8 16v random sensor!

    I pulled that off and cleaned and refitted it on saturday, i may end up replacing it with a new one. Anyone know if that sensor is where it should be? It just doesn't look right!
  10. I've been trying to get to the bottom of my Focus 1.8 16v revving up during slowing down for junctions etc and i thought that this sensor looks as if it shouldn't be sitting out on its own. It has a thread on it so i assume it must go somewhere? Any ideas? its the brass/copper thing attached to the side of the battery housing.
  11. Changing idle control "Changing Part Tips"

    I found this to be a git to get to. If i ever do it again i'll take the inlet manifold off, it is possible from under the car but it is VERY tight in there.
  12. Newbie!

    Thanks for the quick reply mate, i'll do that once i get a key. Its away to the garage now, mechanic reckons it could be £400 for the clutch! I saw them on ebay for £60 ish so may have to look into DIYing it. Hopefully it doesn't need much more done, theres a knock from the front which he's going to look at and a major service so fingers crossed it will be all good by next week.
  13. Newbie!

    Hi ya'll! I've just picked up asilver 5 door Focus 1.8 Zetec on an S plate at the auction for 500 notes. It needs a clutch so that will be getting sorted next week. It also needs a spare key as it currently only has one! Is this going to be a simple case of buying a new fob off ebay getting it cut then programming it myself? Or am i going to need to go to ford?:( Loving the handling already!