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  1. Be interested to see how they replace the brackets, the mount on mine that was broke was a moulded piece that was part of the headlight. A few weeks later a new headlamp was fitted under warranty. Cheers - Paul.
  2. I had my drivers side headlight replaced under warranty after noticing a wobbly headlight washing my car. The car at the time was only 3 weeks old - took them around a month to get a new headlight at the time though!! Cheers - Paul.
  3. Just for info mine went in the other week for it's first service at 16,200 miles when the 'change engine oil' light came on. The car at the time was around 13 months old. Dealer said they have not had any reach the 18,000 mile without the oil change light coming on. Cheers - Paul.
  4. I ended up removing the bar which made it far easier - like yourself I am really pleased with the lights, a very worthwhile mod. Paul.
  5. All updated succesfully at last. The map update after unzipping leaves you with 3 Files - SyncMyRide (22.1Gb), autoinstall.lst (33Kb) and DONTINDX.MSA (0Kb). First half of the update took 30 minutes, 2nd part 38 minutes, as happened with other people no xml was generated at the end. Checked the screen after re-starting again and came up F7 as it should. Hopefully next time there is an update it might take me less time than it did this one! Thank you to DG97 for the advice again - cheers Paul.
  6. Getting there now DG97, downloaded again last night and just unzipped the main file. You are then left with one very large folder plus 2 small files. Travelling to work this morning it has done the first part of the update - upto re-start the car. Hopefully it should be fully updated when I arrive home this evening - fingers crossed! Thank you for the advice upto now - Paul.
  7. Attempted the map update last night but failed miserably, looks like I'll have to download again and try a different usb stick. The download last night included the very large file (20+gb) and three other files. One of these others was a very small zip file that could not be unzipped - guess this may be the problem! Certainly a challenge these updates and not as straightforward as the Ford instructions on the update page!! Paul.
  8. Updated my Sync 3 on Saturday, screen says it is the latest version and also managed to send the xml file back to Ford. Will check tonight to see if the Ford site says I now have the latest version and then try the map update. Just to mention the xml file was inside the folder with around 8 items inside it. My update was done using a USB stick (formatted exfat) and downloaded from Internet Explorer. Paul.
  9. Have had my headlights removed twice now (don't ask!) and once you have done it they are really straightforward. The plastic panel (between the headlights) where there are 4 - 6 screws, I wedged a screwdriver handle under the ends towards the headlights to lift it clear around 1" high. This enables more movement on the headlight. I just lifted and twisted towards the engine and they pop straight out. Before I re-fitted the headlight I smeared some silicone grease on the plastic stub that locks it in place - removing them 2nd time was very easy. Must admit the first one I re
  10. The most miles out of one tank I have had is 391 miles which was all carriageway/motorway to London and back. Mine averages between 44 - 48 mpg which is very similar to Roger's mentioned above. Mileage on mine is just under 9000 miles - yours does sound on the thirsty side hope you get it sorted. Paul.
  11. Mine was broke from brand new, the lug was snapped clean off - sounds like a common fault! Paul.
  12. Had my drivers side headlight replaced in April one week after I received the car - same problem broken lug. All done under warranty and no problems. Paul.
  13. A number of years ago where I worked we were subjected to regular car searches on leaving the factory. The security staff were allowed to look but not touch anything on or inside the car. If they required anything moving inside the car or the boot opening they would ask us to do it. If we refused they would obviously have to call the police - which I don't think they ever had to. As for security opening the boot - they could easily take something out there or even 'plant' something in there!! Hope you get it sorted either way. Paul.
  14. The same bracket was broken on my drivers side headlight - noticed a week after I had received the car. With the bonnet closed the headlight was secure, but after opening it was 'very wobbly'!! Took it back to the dealer and they ordered a new headlight. Four weeks later the new headlight was fitted. Cheers - Paul.
  15. My St Line X does this every time - not sure how to stop it! Any ideas anyone? Cheers - Paul.
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