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  1. I work at a Ford dealership and the prices Ford quote through their website are sometimes cheaper than our own prices (for some reason..), you can book through Ford and it will give you a price at the "Step 2 - Dealer" stage before actually booking: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/my-vehicle/book-a-service#!/vehicle-step
  2. Have you had it serviced since you bought it? and did the place you bought it from definitely give you a service book? You might be able to swing a free replacement from them. If not they might at least be able to sell you a new one, and they might be able to give you the service history too. If you can find out where the first 3 services were done you should be able to get a new book stamped by whoever serviced it and they might be able to provide copy invoices too.
  3. Call me naive but hasn't this been the case in most cars for quite a long time now? 😂
  4. That recall is only on some 2011-2013 1.0 Ecoboosts. Worth checking on Etis just in case there is a recall for your car though: http://www.etis.ford.com/vehicleRegSelector.do Personally I wouldn't worry as long as it's between the little brackets in the middle (so 3-6 squares) - but if nothing has changed in your driving/engine behaviour I would get it checked out at a reputable garage, just for peace of mind, and because 3 squares is unsymmetrical and would drive me crazy 😂
  5. Depends on your engine - what is the registration? You can check yourself on http://www.etis.ford.com or call your local Ford Dealer (and they'll use the same system to check). They will tell you when Ford say your timing belt should be changed according to the service schedule - e.g. my Fiesta is 10 years / 112,500 miles. The water pump is up to you but it's a lot cheaper in the long run to get both done at the same time as they're located next to each other so you'll pay less labour than if you got them done separately as it's a similar job.
  6. I'm assuming you didn't test drive or view the car in person before you took delivery? If you didn't you'll have a much better argument as you're having to take what they've advertised it as being equipped with as true, so in this case would be false advertising and you could get trading standards or the motor ombudsman involved as a last resort. If the Evans Halshaw you purchased it from isn't local to where you live it might be worth asking if they can arrange for the work to be carried out at an Evans Halshaw Ford dealer closer to you, charged at their internal rate?
  7. In this case I'd say it would be up to the dealer to prove that it was fitted when they sold you the car - it's not exactly something the average motorist would likely notice without the aid of a warning light, and as you only get an MOT every 12 months the fact it was only 9 months ago is probably a good thing! It's the dealer's responsibility to check it out first, and then *hopefully* offer to rectify - if you aren't happy with their response you can always complain to the motor ombudsman: https://www.themotorombudsman.org/consumers/make-a-complaint
  8. Okay so ignore everything I said in my last reply, was talking to a friend of mine today who's a workshop controller and he told me Ford only do a major service every 36 months/37,500 miles! Crazy 😐 Most other manufacturers do a major every other so I'd always assumed Ford was the same.. the more you know.. FSH would be a minimum of the manufacturers spec as above so what you're planning is well above that 👍
  9. Certainly worth giving redex a shot, it's cheap enough if you buy it from a supermarket!
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble keeping Deep Impact Blue clean 😂 Worth it for the end result though - shame they don't do it anymore, the Blue Wave looks too green/turquoise in the flesh for my liking and the Blue Blazer is too dark and has no depth imo - would only go for "Magnetic" in the new colours, possibly Frozen White but it's very common lol.
  11. It's really up to you - Ford advise a minor service (oil and oil filter) every 12 months/12,500 miles and a major service (oil, oil/fuel/air filters, fuel treatment etc) every 24 months/25,000 miles - but there's nothing stopping you getting it serviced more frequently or getting a full service each time. If you're just wanting to maintain the service history then you only need a minor service next time if the last service was a major one.
  12. Whether or not it's covered by your warranty will depend on what's causing the squeak/rattle. If it's something mechanical or bodywork it should be covered but if it's the interior trim it most likely won't be covered. A standard 3 year manufacturer warranty would only include the trim for either the first 6 or 12 months (not 100% sure which). I'd check your warranty documents or contact Ford customer service. Also it's not something they would examine on a service, the most they would do would be to make a note of it if they noticed it during the service and unless it's something immediately obvious they would need more time to investigate it.
  13. I would definitely agree with the above - supermarket fuel can be really poor quality, especially Morrison's - stick to BP/Shell/Texaco in future but I'd put some premium fuel through it a couple of times as the additives will help clean the system out. Asda's fuel is alright but have had experience of what Morrison's fuel can do to your engine - steer well clear! Also would definitely agree with getting a major service done as it's been almost 3 years since your last - major services include fuel treatments and changing the fuel filter whereas minor ones don't - perhaps try a Ford garage for getting the service done at too - though not Evans Halshaw 😉 - some may have deals on for services with genuine parts or free breakdown cover etc. Good luck getting it sorted!