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  1. i suppose you could be right luke. didn't really look that closely to be honest just assumed they were 16s. they could well have been the smaller alloy with the bigger tyre although some where pretty close to the arches to be fair. i'll look into it further. if i wanted to use 195'65/ i'd proberbly be better using 14 alloys
  2. yep i was thinking of getting 195/65/r16 so i could keep my aloys, but as you said, i'd need to get the speedo recalibrated to match the new size tyre. been looking at other mk6 fiestas on the road and it does seem people have the larger tyres on 16inch aloys. maybe they're not aware of the speedo difference or if they are aren't bothered that the speedo reads wrongly. not sure where i can get the recalibration done or how much it would cost though. as long as the larger tyre will fit my mk6 fiesta zetec without having to buy different sized alloys then i'm glad
  3. cheers luke. does the new tyre have to be 195? as this is the width of the wheel? could i fit 175/ 65/r16 and still keep my alloys?
  4. hi guys. want to replace my low profile tyres with normal ones on my mk6 fiesta. i've got 16inch alloys. what would be the best way of doing it? some say i'd have to change the wheels as well as the tyres is that correct? the tyres at the moment are 195/45/r16. cheers
  5. just done a bit of research (youtube) and discovered that my tint is actually tinted film. got a hair drier and a razor blade and managed to remove it on all windows even the rear window. the rear took a bit longer as i didn't want to cut into the heater elements so i took my time but it came off. i used nail varnish remover of all things to remove the glue residue and then finished off with glass cleaner to make them really sparkle. look like new windows. once again thanks to you guys for your help.
  6. cheers del thanks for saying hello
  7. cheers tom. do i give my reg over the forum or as a private post
  8. thanks for your encouraging comment. at the moment it feels strange coming from a clear glass perguet 206. but as you say, i may get used to it so i'll leave any alterations till i've had the car a while. i don't want to get rid of it just because of the tinted glass. i only paid £1900 for it last week and the milage is a very low 27000. great for a 10 year old car. even though it's only low milage would it be a good idea to get the timing belt and water pump replaced?
  9. thanks tom. i don't know it just feels a bit too dark for my tastes. the tint is more prominant from the inside at night so it looks darker outside than it really is.
  10. thanks for your reply m8. the tint is not fully dark but when i'm driving at night i find the tint in the windows is more prominant from the inside which makes it look darker than it really is, if that makes sense. pretty pricey window replacement though. how can i tell if it's factory fitted or film? thanks for searching m8 much appreciated
  11. hello guys. just bought a 2008 fiesta blue with tinted privacy glass. how can i replace this with clear glass and how much would it cost? all windows are tinted. good car by the way
  12. hello guys just bought a 2008 fiesta blue. nice car. any one have the same ?