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  1. It's really easy now, almost too easy. It just clicks off. If I have some rattle now, I pull it off and put it back on and it's gone. Not the whole panel goes of though, just the middle of the door where the compartment starts to hit the arm rest. And yeah, I agree. I thought that it wasn't fixed after I heard that, but it really is. Maybe it is so tight together that it doesn't have space to damp any vibrations or resonance. Hope they fix it on your car as well, I truly hated it for over a year.
  2. Oh you also have the pan roof rattle? Me too... Tried everything last year. Seems to be something with the sun though, it only rattles on warm and sunny days. Think somethings expand or touch something then. Really annoying, any info on a solution are very welcome! 🙂
  3. I just responded in the other topic on your issue @tef89; but here is probably a better place. I got totally crazy from the rattle, passenger door here. Especially during tracks with quite a lot of bass it was terrible to listen at. But... they finally fixed it! During my last service visit I asked them to take a look again. They said some parts of the door construction were under stress, they got them out and glued them back in place. I have no rattle at all anymore, can't tell you how happy I am with that. What is interesting is that I am now able to pull at the bagage compartment in the door, and it actually comes off and clicks back in. I'm wondering if that is what was wrong, and that these parts were so stuck that I wasn't able to get them apart before.
  4. Yeah you should, they fixed it on my last service after they looked at it for a second time. There were some parts "under stress" in the door, they got them loose and glued them back in. Totally rattle free now, finally able to really enjoy the B&O system. Hope they fix it for you as well!
  5. Thank @tef89! They fixed my steering wheel on the second attempt, I guess I just hated the idea of it. 😉
  6. Oh that's interesting, I have to try that. It seems to work now though, which I'm happy with. I don't really like the idea of rebooting a computer and "it works again", the root cause is still there. Ford says this Fiesta is one of the newer cars that doesn't use a resistor for controlling the blower but electronics (probably frequency controlled?), and this was quite new to them as an issue.
  7. Sorry to hear that.. I will make some photos from the fuse box tomorrow. Is that the one in the engine bay? The manual shows this too btw, maybe it shows the correct fuse? You would expect it to work, at least the other buttons. @abcdeeeeff; I will try to do that later this week, there are a lot of options but most don’t really add something unless you have the hardware. The one for the sync system is quite useful though, and let’s you add climate control or colored buttons. I will try to take some photos soon!
  8. Hi all, Unfortunately I had a new issue with the MK8 today. For some reason the blower totally stopped working, everything was controllable but no air coming in. Fuses were fine, the climate control system operated correctly, but no blower working. Brought it in at Ford, they rebooted the whole climate control system and then the blower was working again. Anyone else had this issue with the MK8? It was new for the Ford dealership. Let's hope that it was a one time failure... Maybe this information helps someone if it happens to you.
  9. It's been a while since this topic was started, any new time B&O Fiesta drivers have some new settings? Really in doubt with Surround or Stereo now, some songs sounds awesome in Surround but it increases the treble so much and radio voices sound a bit weird. Still very happy with the system!
  10. Maybe it's just a bit too safe around here, but you really should not worry about it too much. Like other said, the key will be detected in the car. It's a really tiny signal, so they would need to get the signal from your keys and get in the car. This is a very different story than the keyless entry worries that you see in the news lately, where they can just open the door and start it like it is their own car. I always had the start button on my cars the last 3 cars, and never had any issues or worries. However if they ever do I'm happy with a good insurance, I think that's the better solution with the tiny risk of someone stealing your car this way. Don't worry too much about it and enjoy the new car, good choice!
  11. Yeah, and besides that you're not really changing anything on the car which shouldn't be there. It's not like a tune for the engine, which can result in extra wear or damage to the engine. It are options that are available in the system and you just enable. I handed my Fiesta in at the dealership with the ST splash screen very clearly visible, no questions asked.. But like Dave says, if required just set the asbuilt data back and you're good. @postmanpat; Yeah I've heard about this being a Scandinavian setting, but haven't found it yet.. I really don't understand why car manufacturers decide to only run the front lights. It's so much safer to have the rears on as well. And I quite like the LED rear lights on the Fiesta, so for looks I'd prefer them too. Hopefully someone finds out how to have them always on!
  12. Yeah, you're right! It is the screen on startup on the big display. It looks really good, and is one of the easiest to change in Forscan. Can't take a picture now, but if you google (images) ST screen forscan you see it right away. And I was able to set autolock as well with the .20 update, really happy with it. Unfortunately I still can't write to IPC, but I was able to enable it in the BCM. Just one option left I would like to have, but still can't find how: the rear lights always on, now they are off in bright weather whilst the DRL's on front are active. Found some tips on setting parkings lights on, but this doesn't seem to do anything.
  13. I tried the latest version, and can confirm that they added the configuration for the BDYCM and APIM. It works really well, no more messing around with codes: you just select enable or disable for a lot of features. Unfortunately the IPC is not working, though the configuration there is also visible. It seems to be solved in the next version which can be uploaded any time, this gives you loads of parameters to play with. I found that there is an option for MyView called "Performance screen". It is the only one disabled and it sounds cool, but unfortunately it's in the IPC. Anyone knows what this screen shows? Can't really find it online. Some nice progress though, finally it's a lot more easy (and safe) to use Forscan!
  14. Absolutely great, thanks for the update! That would make it all so much more easy.