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  1. Yeah it's the pocket compartment! I found this is what caused my rattles at "bassy" songs. I pulled it a bit apart, and it is connected with a plastic connector to the door itself. This connector breaks easily, what happened on my car, and therefore starts rattling. I opened the gap between this compartment and the door (where it closes, so say halfway at the door), and just placed some isolation foam in between. This fixed my issue. Let me know if it's not clear enough, I can try to make a photo for you. But yeah, it just shouldn't happen at all. I'm pretty amazed how many people I hear about rattles and buzzing noises, and how little I hear from it at Ford. According to my dealership it's not a common issue.
  2. Well, unfortunately it's just true. The MK8 rattles a lot. Some people seem to be lucky, I wasn't so lucky either. I fixed the speakers though, it was only on one side and it's the small compartment which rattles. You can usually stop it by stuffing it with gloves or a scarf. I fixed it by opening it as much as I could, and then push some foam material in between. I went to Ford for it two times, and they sort of tried to glue it together which didn't really help it a lot. The panoramic roof only rattles on mine when it's really hot outside and the sun has been on it for a full day, I can fix it by opening the roof for a few minutes so some parts seem to cool down. But yeah, it shouldn't be this way. Maybe it will be fixed on a MK8.5, but so far I hoped Ford would have taken it a bit more serious as we're not the only ones complaining and yours is far newer than mine. My best advice; don't be too kind for your Ford dealer. Just go back when it rattles, they should be able to fix it. And Ford needs to know something is wrong.
  3. I think a third camera is used for that, aimed specifically at the side of the road. When I look at my Fiesta, I have 3 camera's/sensors mounted. But I'm not sure so maybe you can activate it. Forscan is fun, but there are not so many things you can configure. What I did or tried: - Autolock, locking my car when I start driving. - Sync 3 splash screen, it shows the ST screen when I start the car. - Tried: rear lights always on, never got it to work.
  4. Sorry to read about this, and I agree this must be really annoying. Unfortunately I found my MK8 a huge boost in quality from the MK7, but with way too many rattles and noises. Coming from the doors, from the panoramic roof, from the engine... It just made me crazy in the beginning. I fixed most, some with some help of the dealer. Regarding the heat pipes; I had this issue as well and it is known by Ford. I found a topic which I can't find now that Ford has proposed a solution for it, but it's easy to apply it yourself. You have to tie-wrap the two heating pipes near the plastic mount which connects them. This prevents them from moving too far apart but doesn't push them together, that's where the tie-wrap comes in. Don't over tighten it, it should only put some pressure on the pipes to keep them together and change the resonance frequency of the two. Hope it helps.. But again, the MK8 is just full of sounds and rattles if you ask me. I really like the look and feel of the interior compared to the MK7, but still there is too much plastic giving rattles and ticks all throughout the car. Fix them one by one, and after about one year I found it acceptable. ;-)
  5. Anyone tested it out yet? I hope to give it a try sometime soon! Would it affect sound quality? Wouldn't really be happy ruining the B&O sound in exchange for a more sporty "engine" sound.
  6. Got the GPS issue fixed? I don't get the NO GPS icon, but I found that yesterday my GPS was about 10 meters off, showing the car off-road while I was driving on the road.. Maybe just a temporary GPS issue.
  7. Well, they fixed this issue with CarPlay! That's a big plus. I will see if I have the same issue with the GPS sign @DG97, didn't noticed it today but hopefully it's not a bug with this firmware..
  8. Don't think for too long cause I just saw it's available for download as well while this wasn't the case 5 days ago when I last checked. Downloading now, so let's see... The only thing I hope they finally fix is the wrong speed Ford provides Apple CarPlay. It always shows I'm driving 20-25 km/h more than I'm truly driving in the navigation apps I use via CarPlay, seems to be a Ford Sync 3 issue.
  9. Yeah, I think you're right. I understood it is a pipe indeed which results in some extra engine noise. However, on the F150 with Sync 3 it is a sound that goes through the speakers so it should be an option on some cars. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any way to get it to work on the ST-line.
  10. Thanks DEVSR2! Do you see the LED Night signature on all of the time in the menu somewhere? I tried it again today, but still can't manage to get it to work.. Unfortunately!
  11. It's really easy now, almost too easy. It just clicks off. If I have some rattle now, I pull it off and put it back on and it's gone. Not the whole panel goes of though, just the middle of the door where the compartment starts to hit the arm rest. And yeah, I agree. I thought that it wasn't fixed after I heard that, but it really is. Maybe it is so tight together that it doesn't have space to damp any vibrations or resonance. Hope they fix it on your car as well, I truly hated it for over a year.
  12. Oh you also have the pan roof rattle? Me too... Tried everything last year. Seems to be something with the sun though, it only rattles on warm and sunny days. Think somethings expand or touch something then. Really annoying, any info on a solution are very welcome! 🙂
  13. I just responded in the other topic on your issue @tef89; but here is probably a better place. I got totally crazy from the rattle, passenger door here. Especially during tracks with quite a lot of bass it was terrible to listen at. But... they finally fixed it! During my last service visit I asked them to take a look again. They said some parts of the door construction were under stress, they got them out and glued them back in place. I have no rattle at all anymore, can't tell you how happy I am with that. What is interesting is that I am now able to pull at the bagage compartment in the door, and it actually comes off and clicks back in. I'm wondering if that is what was wrong, and that these parts were so stuck that I wasn't able to get them apart before.
  14. Yeah you should, they fixed it on my last service after they looked at it for a second time. There were some parts "under stress" in the door, they got them loose and glued them back in. Totally rattle free now, finally able to really enjoy the B&O system. Hope they fix it for you as well!
  15. Thank @tef89! They fixed my steering wheel on the second attempt, I guess I just hated the idea of it. 😉
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