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  1. Sadly, the diagnosis was right. DMF, so all out, clutch kit, etc. The only good news was that the job was done in a day. Dropped it off this morning and just picked it up.
  2. There is a thumping to the foot and a rattling noise when I depress the clutch pedal. It was find on the commute home, then suddenly, while driving the next day, it started. The car is fine while in gears, but not while using the clutch. The clutch works fine, allowing me to change gear, but it is obviously not happy. Please would you advise me on what is likely to be the fault and the possible fixes? Also a likely cost? (whimper) Thanks, Jonathan
  3. This morning, I had to have a new battery fitted, as the old one had died. Later today, the solid engine warning light came on and is still there this evening. The card has only recently had a full service. Is this a coincidence? Could the loss of battery power explain the warning? Various other settings were lost, such as radio code, clock date/time, window buttons, etc. Please may I get your advice? Thanks, Jonathan Mondeo TDCI 1997cc diesel 58 plate
  4. Thanks to pragmatix for the clue. It turns out that the pipe to the nozzles in only 2" long, separated from the main pipe by a non-return valve. That value was completely clogged, as consists of a spring loaded mechanism inside a hard plastic tube. I now have a screen wash on the driver's side. I hope this is of use to someone else in future.
  5. Thanks pragmatix. Definitely not the nozzles, so any blockage must be must be the pipe...
  6. The screen washer works perfectly on the passenger side, but only gives a spit from the driver side jets. The rear washer works too. Suspecting a blockage, I poked a good couple of inches of thin plastic "wire" into each jet, but made no difference. The washer bottle is full. Can anyone explain proper function on one side, but nothing worth bothering with on the other? What can I do? It is a Ford Modeo Zetec 2.0L Diesel, UK built in 2009 with a 58 plate. Thanks...