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  1. So, I got the plastic sill cover off and can clearly see one of the moulded mount points has snapped. There are 9 of these along the length. I bought a bag of 10 of the required clips from ebay. The rivets TomsFocus has shown above are also needed but are different to these 9 clips. You need 6 of the plastic rivets which go in from underneath the car. Oh, and I bought the new sill cover for £56 from my Ford main dealer!
  2. Just noticed that the passenger side plastic sill in front of the rear wheel has come unclipped and won’t just push back on. Anyone else had/seen this? Is it a Ford bidy shop job or is there a self-help solution?
  3. It has front and rear sensors and the self park thingy. Appearance pack? How do I tell?
  4. The car has covered 45K miles, i’ve had it about a year I would estimate. This is not a new thing and has been present throughout my ownership. If it is driven over even the slightest uneven road surface the back end fidgets in quite an unsettling way, feels like it wants to slide out! Feels really quite disconcerting. Does anyone recognise this in their car? Ideas as to what it could be?
  5. I have a 2015 Titanium Nav 1.5 TDCI. My wife constantly forgets to lock the car when she gets out of it. Is there an auto-lock feature which can be set to kick in say, 5 minutes after all occupants leave?
  6. Hi. Anyone done this? I have a 15 plate 1.5 tdci and I think the rear drums look awful.
  7. Had my ‘15 plate done last week after 6 weeks of ownership. 37K on the clock. Car feels , well, tighter. Found it needed doing after looking on here and saw about ETIS.
  8. Is this a straight swap? I have a 2015 Titanium with the chrome ‘horizontal lines’ grille. I want to change it to the black hexagonal (still trapezoidal overall shape!) type seen in ? Sportier models.
  9. Cannot understand Ford not putting discs all round on the Focus!
  10. What are your thoughts about damage in transit?
  11. Paid and address sent. Pls let me know all is received.