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  1. I have the bi xenon setup on my focus and the lights are terrible. I have also installed the osram Xenarc laser bulbs with no difference in light output. So my question is as jw1982 said these are not good and they dull over time can they be cleaned or replaced? Without having to replace the whole headlight unit Thanks in advance
  2. Hi all. My sons 2008 1.4 tdci 5th gear has failed. Thought/hoped it was just adjustment needed but after taking end housing off was welcomed with worn gears. Question is if I can source the gears can they be changed easy enough or will it need a new gearbox? Thanks in advance
  3. 2012 mk3 focus titanium x. I have keyless start but no keyless entry. Would it be possible to add keyless entry.? I know I would need new door handles with the lock button. Would this be an easy conversion or more hassle than it's worth? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Sorry Michael I cant for the life of me remember. If you have a wall to park in front of It is quite obvious as soon as you start adjusting which way is which. Then just count the turns you make an do both same. Sorry couldn't be more help.
  6. As with all bulbs, dont touch the glass an turn off your lights an ignition. I have never disconnected battery to change a bulb. An to be fair to get mine to seat properly I had the lights on so I could see the cut off. So cant see much risk of getting zapped .
  7. You do have to remove the headlights, but that is easy enough 2 screws either end of headlight. The hardest part is undoing the ring holding the light in. Theres not a lot of room to get your fingers in there. Then once out the plastic ring pulls up off the light although this can be stiff to get off. Then once new light fitted and ring locked in . As to not make same mistake I made . Park in front of a wall or fence , turn lights on and make sure you get the sharp horizontal cut off with the step down. If not aand you have a curved v shape cut off then the grab the ballast and twist in the housing till you get the flat cut off. Then as I keep doing dont forget to fit the rubber dust cap . Also as you were saying your throw wasnt very far you could also adjust lights up slightly while your there. It's the white hex nut looking at you if looking from top down. Watch your cut off against the wall / fence and 1 full turn will move it up quite a bit.
  8. Well may I say thank you to all here. 3 times I took out the bulb and refitted it. I would insert it twist till it seemed to seat then tightened ring. But alas it must have been slightly twisted wrong way. Surely would have thought there would be a guide pin or something so cant be misaligned. any way it's done and what a difference. After the originals these osrams are literally like night and day. So Michael I can recommend the osrams. I've also adjusted them up slightly so they throw a bit further down the road an nines been flashing me yet so not too high as to blind others. Thank you all again.
  9. Michael you say the beam doesn't light up road ahead. Does yours have sharp cut off as erictcleric mentions.? Because mine isn't sharp at all. The beam pattern is all over the place. No wide spread or throw, just shards of light everywhere with a great dark patch in middle of road. The side of the road is lit up more than in front. And I've put in supposedly the best bulb on the market, the osram nightbreaker laser xenarc!
  10. Hi all. Not long purchased a 2012 focus titanium x with bi xenon headlights. Live in the country side so not many street lights and noticed my headlights wasn't good at all so just purchased a set of osram nightbreaker laser xenarc in the hope they would brighten the road up a bit but no, I can see the trees and hedges at side of road fine but the beam on the road is shocking. I know it sounds like a alignment problem but I've tried adjusting them every which way. Max up and down an left an right with no joy. Also the beam pattern when against a wall doesn't look right. From what ive seen it s meant to be a straight cut off with a step down to the right but mine curls up each side from each beam . I must be doing something wrong but what ? Its driving me mad. If I could see that is . Any help please. Thank you in advance
  11. Thank you for the info. Thought I was resigned to what I have. For sure I'm wanting to go sync 3 as well as adding a subwoofer. So as for installation is it the same as sync 1 to sync 3 or is there extra wiring /looms to make that you know of.? Excited to know my system is convertible. Btw . My system does have bt/vc Thanks again . And thank you in advance for any further info anyone can share on getting a bt/vc to sync 1/2 or 3.
  12. Hi all. Sorry to jump in but couldn't see better place to ask. I have a 2012 titanium x also with the non sync sony stereo. Also without the gpsm plug behind rear view mirror cover. So I know that could rule out sat nav with sync 2. Luke Anderson mentions he upgraded a friend's non sync to sync 3. So would you or anyone know if it's even possible to upgrade mine to sync 2 with nav or even sync 3. Any help at all I would be grateful or links to resources or guides. Thank you in advance
  13. Hi all. I have a 2012 mk3 focus titanium x and I am desperate to upgrade the stereo. I have the black sony version but in the menu it says nothing about sync at so don't know what version it is. If at all. I also don't have the gpsm plug behind the rear view mirror cover so I know that rules out using sync 2 system with sat nav. So would anyone know what my options are on upgrading. Could I go straight to sync 3 or am I stuck with what I have? Thanks in advance for any help
  14. So correct me if I’m wrong but from what I’m reading the second connector is only for ford sync which my car doesn’t have. Bluetooth connects as Ford audio. So if I only used the one connection would the dab version still work ,albeit without Ford sync? would Bluetooth still work? Thanks in advance
  15. I have a 2011 pre facelift mk7 with the Sony non dab stereo with single plug at rear. I wish to upgrade to the dab version but every one I have seen for sale has 2 connectors at rear and 2 aerial sockets. Any help on what would be required to fit Sony dab stereo? Thanks in advance