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  1. I was thinking to buying 5dr Fiesta Mk6 1.6 petrol and the engine was same as Zetec S, upgrading from my Fiesta mk6 1.4 petrol (upgrading due engine is too restricted.) My Question is... Does it worthy to create increase the horsepower by adding the performance parts? I could use Zetec S only parts to fit it, since both engine is SAME.
  2. Update; It was only one passenger headlight levelling motor died, also dodgy led bulb. It all fixed, bulb downupgrade to standard and new headlight, all fixed.
  3. It was fail, only one on recently mot because; " Headlamp levelling device inoperative (4.1.5 (a)) " My MOT Tester said my LED bulb was aiming too High, and I shown him my old bulb and he letting me to pass it because I would sort out at tomorrow.
  4. They normally have ABS fitted, my 2006 Fiesta Freedom have ABS fitted, ABS ring is attach on drum but unsure where is sensor, I'm sure you got ABS fitted.
  5. Hello, I have 1.4 petrol Mk6.5 Fiesta 107k miles, and I have problem with my headlight shine wayy too high, as my MOT told me about that. My Fiesta was park and engine are running, I switch on my headlight (dip beam) then I use switch to adjust the headlight levelling (0 to 5), that can found inside of vehicle, near headlight switch. I noticed, all the numbers does do nothing, and barely movement. My headlight have running LED dip and main beam, I cannot to find any the fuse, not on the Ford manual handbook, or online information, and asking people on facebook but no replied, like it is complete lacking! My thought, it could bad motor, fuse blown, or bad switch? I haven't test left or right movement yet, but I was hoping cheaper and easy to fix. Does anyone know, what is fault could be, so I can talk with MOT to re-check levelling after it is repair, but lately I have no lucks about the problem, and I will check the problem at tomorrow.
  6. So you saying it not worth to do it? I was planned to swap dashboard to red so I could be doing it at same time Look like, I have to whole vent system swap.
  7. I'm going to swap from manual to auto climate control heater panel. I'm showing photo, what I am talking about, and my car is Fiesta 2006 1.4 petrol Freedom, A/C is currently fitted. Credit someone for the photos since they are not mine. Since my heater control is fitted manual as standard, and I was curious about what I do or what I need for swapping the heater control. I was unsure, about a air blower or another heater part may different from manual compared to an auto. What about wires loom that need to match the engine or it does don't matter? Only, I know the part that I need is; Auto heater control panel and wires loom, and anymore that I forgot something?
  8. I found it! Thanks, pauls for point out engine fuse box location! Which fuses? There 5 fuses.
  9. Was between battery and relay where silm black trucked fitted, where positive wire attach it. Got photo of battery area
  10. No? I could see is relay, where fuse, sorry sound like I'm an idiot. At near battery. Only I knew is; fuse box behind glove boy and relay. I kind stuck, and not understanding what u mean "Fuse H"? Also, currently, mine have ABS problem, engine light (possible speed data is lost), ABS and brake warning light is on.
  11. Non-power-folding version, Up, down, left, and right not working on both side mirror, and it electrical. UPDATE; Been check heated mirror fuse and seen they not blown.
  12. The problem currently, I having a problem with the mirror that cannot to adjusting the glass, My Fiesta have the electrical version, and it 56 plates (Mk6 Facelift). My brother car, have same as mine but working one, I tested my switch on his car, my switch has seen all fine. I take to look fuses area behind the glovebox, and the fuse is seen okay, no blown. I can't work out, what wrong with my mirror!!! 😡🤬 My guess; My car currently awaiting ABS control module reprogram - Could be that case my mirror stopped working? (It would not happen that, so less chance.) It has the heated mirror, could be fuse got blown and given adjustable mirror stopped working? Or, I have to buy a pair whole the heated mirror?
  13. Thanks but not right now, but I kept that my mind in future, I was thinking ST brake overall. Sadly I have to replace to my old one, I discover I bought with the broken stalk that won't turn left self cancel so I have to get money back. I have my mind to trip Crawley breaker yard, to hunt some part after the new year. Also, the coolant header tank is replaced. Still waiting to sort out my front brake.
  14. I discover Rosie have trip control but they weren't working, about 6 days ago, I push forward the stalk and press it same time then it works, however, the next day it stopped working. I went to car spare shop, and I bought used stalk for £12, and replace faulty stalk, and trip control is working, I can see LCD display changing the message from trip control stalk. All stalk now cleaned up using damp cloth and towel. Be honest, I like Info logo more than Re/Set logo. (Notice: Yellow marker stalk is the replacement, don't worry they are hidden.) Rosie needs new parts (RIP my wallet) in future. 1. Front discs below recommend minimum. Recommend Minimum - 20mm Measured N/S/F - 19mm Measured O/S/F - 18mm 2. Cracked Coolant Header but no leak (possibly damaged during cambelt changed).