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  1. New key was dust cleaned up and no movement circuit. I just simple Ebay or Amazon type "Forscan" and there some of cable optional?
  2. My old key have movement issues. It's flip style I put circuit board on flip key from working old key. The screw is badly messed up (the head completed round) and unable to repair therefore I got new key. Old key have moving circuit board but they rarely used (All button never work). I have run check new key, takes apart (not battery or circuit board) cleaned up make sure no dusty. Still doesn't solved issues with dead lock, it work but sometime it's won't. (I pressed unlock wait till indictor flash finished then I press twice lock). I don't think it active deadlock by single pressing. How I g
  3. Hi, I currenty owned Fiesta 2006 (Mk6.5) 1.4 petrol. I have strange issues that something really new and I never seen before. When the door is locked, it doesn't automatically play unlock by themself but when I left the door are unlocked, it does sometime unlocking playing by themself but not really often (only happen when engine isn't running). I have noticed sometime it's cannot active deadlock. I just so puzzle strange issues, and it's doesn't have visible warning light active. Simplify the fault; > Only unlocking by themself when door is unlock and engine is n
  4. Look like proper pocket rocket! I'm jealous right now but I have planned getting new daily car before I'm move on project car plans
  5. My fiesta decided to given other issues, when I'm going to leaving parking spot. The squeal nosie came in when I'm turn full lock steer. Checked PAS fluid, and it's have dark red. My father expected was belt or PAS pump. Belt can be ruled out because it's was replaced few years ago. My car run A/C unit, and It's was turned off (I don't used to run A/C during cold weather so it's no point having A/C on) and both aux belt has been replaced 2 years ago. Could be just dirty fluid or more likely bad PAS pump?! I can remember when I bought my car, previous owner used garage that just topped up PAS
  6. Thanks stuggestion and my car is 1.4 16v petrol, I'm, leave standard so my dad will able to used it sometime. My plan is to save up money for St150 or rare colour 3Dr Mk6 Fiesta as project track plus show.
  7. Good thing, my gearbox oil is due anyway! It's have 111k miles on the clock.
  8. Well I mean how many per mile to change the gearbox oil? 100k? 150k? 90K?etc
  9. Does anyone know my Fiesta Mk6 facelift iB5 gearbox oil change per mile? I'm think my gearbox oil might be overdue, there no record that last time the oil was change so it's possible never change it? It's have 110k miles on clock, I need knows that informantion before it's will change the clutch.
  10. I was thinking to buying 5dr Fiesta Mk6 1.6 petrol and the engine was same as Zetec S, upgrading from my Fiesta mk6 1.4 petrol (upgrading due engine is too restricted.) My Question is... Does it worthy to create increase the horsepower by adding the performance parts? I could use Zetec S only parts to fit it, since both engine is SAME.
  11. Update; It was only one passenger headlight levelling motor died, also dodgy led bulb. It all fixed, bulb downupgrade to standard and new headlight, all fixed.
  12. It was fail, only one on recently mot because; " Headlamp levelling device inoperative (4.1.5 (a)) " My MOT Tester said my LED bulb was aiming too High, and I shown him my old bulb and he letting me to pass it because I would sort out at tomorrow.
  13. They normally have ABS fitted, my 2006 Fiesta Freedom have ABS fitted, ABS ring is attach on drum but unsure where is sensor, I'm sure you got ABS fitted.
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