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  1. Well I went out to the car and did the steering wheel. I got the same amazing result as on the test wheel I did last night. I've put up a before and after. These pics were taken 5 mins apart and no real effort required. I did this using a soft piece of cotton cloth sprayed liberally with Dettol All in One Disinfectant Spray very lightly rubbed over all the leather to wet the surface and left to dry for a minute or two. Once dry the shine is gone. Looks much better IMO and 99% of the bacteria killed as a bonus . I did get the feeling that being too enthusiastic with the rubbing pressure and/or time could be detrimental so if you try this and ruin your wheel I take no responsibility.
  2. I've tried all sorts over the years to get shiny leather to look matt. The Ford leather steering wheels look fairly glossy from new compared to other marques, Audi for instance. Tonight I had a bit of a try it and see session on a spare clean 2014 Fiesta wheel with 40K miles on it. Eureka - I've found an everyday household cleaning product that does an amazing job in minutes. Tomorrow I'm going to do the wheel in my car. I'll post before and after pics and of the product used.
  3. Signed up this evening and just saying a big hello to you all. Hoping this is gonna be the start of a beautiful relationship
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    Signed up this evening after a long haul with the slow page loading. I look forward to using the site when it becomes practical speed wise. Hope it's sorted soon.