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  1. You've obviously become rather accomodating of the 1 hour 10 mile drive that the Circular offers motorists on their daily commutes. Hat off to you sir! I myself despise the road, never have been good in that sort of congestion, literally would have me back to smoking in about 10 minutes I reckon haha...
  2. My father-in-law taught me that... *Touch wood* I haven't actually had this sort of issue with mine as of yet. I only replaced the original battery 2 years ago.. So 6 years on the original and I believe it was one of the mid-range replacements I went for.
  3. It's the fact he mentioned North Circular. Depending on the time of day he may have literally sat still in traffic for 55 minutes of the hour.... Still should have charged though.
  4. Please make sure you've noted your insurance company though as if somehow it's logged on a sepperate database other than MID; you wouldn't want to be in the wrong. Especially when you've already had enough to deal with, Aiden.
  5. If it was at night when you overtook you'll probably still have the blemish in your eyes haha; the number plate bulbs I've currently got in are unbelievably bright lol, mixed with a well waxed rear bumper the bright reflection (as you see in my Prof Pic) is just unreal :D Where are you then bud?
  6. That is what you asked, @Michael9 - He's saying go with a Petrol based on those factors... You wrote at the bottom:
  7. Posted directly to your post bud. I'm Felixstowe/Ipswich/Stowmarket.
  8. I'll mention it over the next week or so and see if I can get any interest. For gods sake don't take less than 3k though......
  9. As @alexp999 has rightly mentioned, your Insurer will probably have an approved repairer for such damage. Give them a call and find out the next course of action, failing this or if you can't get anywhere; by all means let us know, I come from an Insurance/Financial Services background you see and have direct experience in Claims handling for numerous individuals over the years. Really sorry for the situation though, savage.
  10. You mention the Timing Belt, Ray - My understanding is that you'll have a chain on that engine so no need for that. Obviously check your pumps etc etc.. But yeah; other than that - welcome to Ford Owners Club! It's a popular car obviously so you'd like to think there'd be experienced mech's with such modifications. Cheers, Charles
  11. 24 Focus 1.6 TDCi (110PS, or was) 5 Years NCB Protected NCB £600.00 annual premium
  12. Morning bud, I'm new around here, literally signed up yesterday haha. The issues your mentioning reflect very similarly to an issue I had which was then resolved with a full service inc. Fuel Filter (sorry!) - Over and above this I then had the DPF removed, Turbo Pipes replaced as they'd all worn over time from jubilee clips pressure (only did this as a friend who'd also had a DPF removed and Stage 1 remap then had his boost pipes blow off because of the increased strain.... that would scare the life out of me... No power/ limp mode that you speak of and a hell of a lot of smoke).
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