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  1. Got the car back from the Auto Electricians today and its fixed (£110). Turned out to be a fault with the connector that the ABS sensor wiring plugs into on its way to the ABS pump. It also had a tiny nick in the wire above the connector. Although, i got the car home locked the doors / set the alarm and a few seconds later the alarm started going off, and I have a message on the dash for an alarm service, its going back in tomorrow, hoping they have just knocked something and it can be resolved easily...
  2. Bit of an update, had the Reluctor ring checked which seemed a bit corroded ,so I got my Brother to change the wheel bearing this evening. Unfortunately, the problem is still there. Both the ABS and TCS light are still on, after fault clearing. Also, I have an Engine Management light on too. Having another look at tomorrow but it looks like the only thing left to change is the ABS pump itself.
  3. Hi Ladies and Gents I hope you are all well I have a 2007 Mondeo Titanium X 2.0 TDCI and last week my ABS and TCS lights came on at the Lights It had an MOT yesterday and the car failed, only on the fault above. I had it hooked up to the diagnostics which showed a fault with the Passenger side wheel speed sensor, which I replaced but the lights remained after fault clearing. I was then advised to replace the wiring loom above. £50 later the problem was still not resolved. The wheel was also showing to be travelling at 158MPH at a stand still on the diagnostics at this point. Today I took the car over to my brothers garage who knows a little more and He checked the wiring right through to the ABS pump itself and all volt meter reading came back fine. The only problem He could find was with the ABS pump itself. Unfortunately, He hasn't got the time to take the part out until Monday for me. The car isn't worth what Ford wants for a new pump, So a second hand pump I believe, is my only option. If anyone knows the appropriate type, model or part number I need so I can try to source a new (s/h) pump over the weekend id be really grateful. Many Thanks in advance Cheers Dave